Ecuadorean musicians died when they were 80

Here are 3 famous musicians from Ecuador died at 80:

Galo Plaza

Galo Plaza (February 17, 1906 New York City-January 22, 1987 Quito) otherwise known as Galo Plaza Lasso was an Ecuadorean personality.

He served as the President of Ecuador from 1948 to 1952 and later appointed as the Assistant-Secretary-General of the United Nations in 1953. Galo Plaza was instrumental in promoting economic growth and social reforms within the country during his presidency. He was also known for his anti-communist stance and worked towards maintaining a democracy in Ecuador. After his stint as Assistant-Secretary-General of the UN, he returned to Ecuador and was elected as the Mayor of Quito in 1960. He also served as the President of the Inter-American Development Bank from 1968 until 1970. Galo Plaza was a highly respected figure in Ecuador and was known for his commitment to public service and international diplomacy.

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Benjamín Carrión

Benjamín Carrión (April 20, 1898 Loja-March 9, 1979 Quito) also known as Benjamin Carrion was an Ecuadorean writer and politician.

He was a prominent figure in Ecuadorian culture and literature, and played a key role in promoting and preserving indigenous and Afro-Ecuadorian arts and traditions. Carrión was a founder of the Ecuadorian House of Culture, a government organization dedicated to the promotion and preservation of Ecuadorian culture. He was also involved in politics, serving as a congressman and as Ecuador's ambassador to several countries. Carrión is considered to be one of the most important Ecuadorian writers of the 20th century, and his works often dealt with themes of identity and social justice. He was awarded numerous literary awards throughout his career, and his legacy continues to influence Ecuadorian culture and literature to this day.

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Víctor Manuel Rendón

Víctor Manuel Rendón (December 5, 1859 Guayaquil-October 9, 1940 Guayaquil) was an Ecuadorean diplomat and writer.

He served as the Ecuadorian ambassador to the United States and also held positions as Consul General in Paris and Rome. Apart from his diplomatic work, Rendón was also a prolific writer and is considered one of the most significant literary figures in Ecuadorian history. He wrote in a range of genres, including history, philosophy, and fiction, and his work often focused on themes of national identity and the history of Latin America. His best-known works include "La culpa del otro" and "Juan Montalvo: semblanza literaria", a biography of another famous Ecuadorian writer. In recognition of his literary accomplishments, Rendón was appointed to the prestigious Ecuadorian Academy of the Language.

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