Egyptian actors who were born in 1972

Here are 5 famous actors from Egypt were born in 1972:

Ash Atalla

Ash Atalla (June 18, 1972 Egypt-) is an Egyptian actor, television producer and screenwriter.

Atalla immigrated to the United Kingdom with his family at a young age and was raised in London. He began his career in the entertainment industry as a comedy writer for BBC Radio 4 before moving into television production.

Atalla is best known for producing hit comedy shows such as "The Office" and "The IT Crowd" through his production company, Roughcut TV. He has also produced and developed shows such as "Man Stroke Woman", "The Kevin Bishop Show", "Cuckoo" and "People Just Do Nothing".

In addition to his work in television, Atalla has acted in a few films and television shows as well. He played the character of Pakistani cab driver Asif in the British comedy film "Ali G Indahouse" and appeared in a few episodes of the acclaimed TV show "The IT Crowd".

Atalla has won several awards for his work in the television industry, including a BAFTA for Best Situation Comedy for "The Office". He is known for promoting diversity in the industry and supporting up-and-coming talent.

Amr Waked

Amr Waked (August 7, 1972 Cairo-) is an Egyptian actor and film producer.

He studied economics and theatre in college and started his acting career appearing in Egyptian and international films. Some of his notable performances include his portrayal of Sheik Muhammad in the film Salmon Fishing in the Yemen and his role as the Egyptian political activist Ahmad in the film Syriana.

Waked has also produced several films, including the critically acclaimed film Eshtebak in 2016. He has been recognized for his talent as an actor and won the Best Actor Award at the Abu Dhabi Film Festival in 2013 for his role in the film Rattle the Cage.

Aside from his acting career, Waked is also known for his activism and outspokenness on political issues in Egypt. He has been a vocal advocate for democracy and human rights, and often uses his social media platforms to express his views.

Tamer El Said

Tamer El Said (August 14, 1972 Cairo-) is an Egyptian film producer, film director, actor and screenwriter.

Tamer El Said started his filmmaking career in the early 2000s with various short films and documentaries. His feature film debut, In the Last Days of the City, premiered in 2016 at the Berlin Film Festival and was hailed by critics as a groundbreaking work of Arab cinema. The film won several awards at international film festivals and was screened in cinemas worldwide.

Aside from his filmmaking work, Tamer El Said is also a cultural activist and co-founder of various independent art spaces, including CIC-Contemporary Image Collective in Cairo. He has also served as a mentor and teacher for young filmmakers in Egypt and beyond, supporting the growth and development of emerging talents in the region.

El Said's second feature film, 'Let's Talk' premiered at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival's virtual platform 'Cannes Premieres and In Competition' category. The film tells the story of a film producer named Marwan, who is grappling with a personal crisis while trying to navigate the precarious reality of the Egyptian film industry.

Gamal Hegazi

Gamal Hegazi (December 3, 1972-) is an Egyptian actor.

He was born in Cairo, Egypt and studied at the Faculty of Arts at Cairo University, majoring in English Language and Literature. Hegazi began his acting career in 1997 with a minor role in the TV series "El-Qahira El-Yawm" and went on to appear in numerous films and TV shows. He gained recognition for his roles in the films "The Yacoubian Building" and "After the Battle". Hegazi is also known for his work in theatre, having performed in several productions throughout Egypt. In addition to acting, he is a talented painter and photographer. Hegazi is married and has two children.


Edward (April 15, 1972 Cairo-) is an Egyptian actor and singer.

He started his career as a singer in the early 2000s, releasing several successful albums and becoming known for his romantic ballads. He later transitioned into acting, starring in numerous Egyptian films and television series. Edward has received several accolades throughout his career, including the Best Actor award at the Dubai International Film Festival for his role in the film "Haflat Samara". He is also a goodwill ambassador for the United Nations Development Programme, where he advocates for gender equality and youth empowerment. In addition to his artistic pursuits and advocacy work, Edward is passionate about sports and has participated in several endurance races, including marathons and triathlons.

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