Egyptian actresses who were born in 1938

Here are 5 famous actresses from Egypt were born in 1938:

Nadia Lutfi

Nadia Lutfi (January 3, 1938 Sohag-) also known as Paula Mohamed Mostafa Shafiq, Paula Mohamed Mostafa Shafik, Nadia Lofti or Nadia Lotfy is an Egyptian actor. She has one child, Ahmad Adel Beshare.

Leila Fahmi

Leila Fahmi (June 11, 1938 Mansoura, Egypt-June 4, 2003 Cairo) otherwise known as Thanaa Mahmoud Abdullah was an Egyptian actor.

Ragaa Al-Giddawy

Ragaa Al-Giddawy (September 6, 1938 Ismailia Governorate-) a.k.a. Ragaa El Geddawy, Raga El Geddaoui or Nagat Ali Hassan Al-Giddawy is an Egyptian actor and model. Her child is called Amira Hassan Mokhtar.

Nagat Al-Saghira

Nagat Al-Saghira (August 11, 1938 Cairo-) also known as Nagat el Saghira, Najat Al Saghira, Nagat ElSaghira, ElSaghira, Nagat, Nagat, Najat or Al-Saghira, Nagat is an Egyptian singer, actor and film score composer.

Sherifa Fadel

Sherifa Fadel (January 7, 1938 Cairo-) is an Egyptian singer and actor. She has one child, Sayed Bedeir.

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