Egyptian musicians died because of Surgical complications

Here are 1 famous musicians from Egypt died in Surgical complications:

Hamza El Din

Hamza El Din (July 10, 1929 Egypt-May 22, 2006 Berkeley) was an Egyptian composer and singer.

Discography: Al Oud, Eclipse, Escalay (The Water Wheel), Muwashshah, A Wish and Lily of the Nile.

He was born in Toshka, a small village in southern Egypt, and grew up along the Nile River. El Din was known for his distinctive style of music that combined traditional Arabic melodies with the sounds of the oud, a Middle Eastern lute, and the tar, a long-necked instrument that resembles a cross between a tambourine and a guitar. He toured widely throughout the Middle East and Europe, and his music gained a devoted following in the United States in the 1960s and 1970s, when he became associated with the American counterculture. He settled in California in the 1970s, and continued to perform and teach music until his death in 2006. In addition to his music, El Din was an advocate for the cultural traditions of Egypt and other Middle Eastern countries, and he worked to preserve and promote the music of his homeland throughout his career.

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