English movie stars born in 1912

Here are 14 famous actors from England were born in 1912:

Christopher Hassall

Christopher Hassall (March 24, 1912 London-April 25, 1963 Rochester) a.k.a. Christopher Vernon Hassall was an English actor, poet, playwright, librettist and lyricist. His child is called Imogen Hassall.

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Nigel Patrick

Nigel Patrick (May 2, 1912 Clapham-September 21, 1981 London) also known as Nigel Dennis Wemyss, Nigel Dennis Patrick Wemyss-Gorman or Nigel Dennis Wemyss Patrick was an English actor, film director, stage manager and screenwriter.

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John Bailey

John Bailey (June 26, 1912 New Cross, London, England-February 18, 1989 London) a.k.a. John Albert Bailey was an English actor.

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Preston Lockwood

Preston Lockwood (October 30, 1912 West Ham-April 24, 1996 Middlesex) otherwise known as Reginald H. Lockwood or Reginald Herbert Lockwood was an English actor.

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Richard Wattis

Richard Wattis (February 25, 1912 Wednesbury-February 1, 1975 Kensington) also known as Richard Cameron Wattis was an English actor.

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Eric Barker

Eric Barker (February 12, 1912 Thornton Heath-June 1, 1990 Faversham) also known as Eric Leslie Barker was an English actor and writer. He had one child, Petronella Barker.

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Toke Townley

Toke Townley (November 6, 1912 Great Dunmow-September 27, 1984 Leeds) also known as Toke Antony Townley, John Townley or John Antony Townley was an English actor.

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Frith Banbury

Frith Banbury (May 4, 1912 Plymouth-May 14, 2008 London) a.k.a. Frederick Harold Frith Banbury was an English actor.

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Peter Bull

Peter Bull (March 21, 1912 London-May 20, 1984 London) also known as Peter Cecil Bull, Peter Dull or Peter Cecil Bull, DSC was an English actor and author.

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Mickey Brantford

Mickey Brantford (March 26, 1912 London-October 1, 1984 Buckinghamshire) also known as Michael Richard Henry Comerford, Michael Brantford or Micky Brantford was an English actor.

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Patrick Holt

Patrick Holt (January 31, 1912 Cheltenham-October 12, 1993 London) also known as Patrick G. Parsons, Patrick Parsons, Pat Holt or Pat Parsons was an English actor.

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Robert Flemyng

Robert Flemyng (January 3, 1912 Liverpool-May 22, 1995 London) also known as Benjamin Arthur Flemyng or Robert Flemyng OBE, MC was an English actor and military officer.

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Stuart Latham

Stuart Latham (July 11, 1912 Kingston upon Thames-August 31, 1993 London) otherwise known as Harry Stuart Latham was an English television producer, television director and actor.

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Christopher Casson

Christopher Casson (March 20, 1912 Manchester-July 9, 1996 Dublin) also known as Casson, Christopher was an English actor, singer and harpist. He had one child, Glynis Casson.

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