English movie stars born in 1931

Here are 11 famous actors from England were born in 1931:

David Swift

David Swift (April 3, 1931 Liverpool-) is an English actor. He has one child, Julia Swift.

David Swift is widely recognized for his extensive work in a variety of well-known British television shows and films. He began his acting career in the early 1960s, appearing in several episodes of the popular television series "The Avengers." Throughout the following decades, he went on to land roles in many other popular shows, including "Doctor Who," "Coronation Street," and "Z-Cars."

Swift also achieved success as a film actor, notably appearing in the 1975 science fiction film "The Land That Time Forgot," and the 1982 British comedy "There Goes the Bride." In addition to his acting work, Swift has also worked extensively behind the scenes in British theatre and television, directing numerous productions and winning several prestigious awards for his work.

Despite being a familiar face to many British audiences, Swift has largely avoided the limelight throughout his long career, preferring to focus on his work rather than seeking publicity. He continues to work in the entertainment industry, and is widely regarded as one of England's most talented and respected actors.

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Robert Stephens

Robert Stephens (July 14, 1931 Shirehampton-November 12, 1995 London) also known as Sir Robert Stephens, Sir Robert Graham Stephens or Robert Graham Stephens was an English actor. He had four children, Chris Larkin, Toby Stephens, Michael Stephens and Lucy Dilon.

Stephens began his career in the Royal Shakespeare Company and quickly gained recognition for his outstanding stage presence, winning critical acclaim for his performances in a number of productions including Hamlet, Macbeth, and Romeo and Juliet. He also appeared in dozens of films, television shows, and radio dramas, including the popular British sitcom, "The Avengers". Stephens was known for his deep, resonant voice and his ability to convey complex emotions with ease. He was knighted in 1995, just months before his death from cancer. Despite his success on stage and screen, Stephens remained humble and dedicated to his craft throughout his career, and is remembered as one of the greatest British actors of his generation.

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Don Henderson

Don Henderson (November 10, 1931 Leytonstone-June 22, 1997 Warwick) a.k.a. Donald Francis Henderson was an English actor. He had two children, Mimi Helen Henderson and John James Henderson.

Henderson began his acting career in the 1950s and appeared in numerous films, including "The Sandwich Man," "Kes," and "The Dirty Dozen." He also had a successful television career, most notably in the show "The Bill" where he played the character of Detective Sergeant George 'Tiger' Smith. Henderson was known for his rugged, no-nonsense demeanor on screen and was often cast in military or police roles. He was also an accomplished stage actor and appeared in numerous productions in London's West End. In addition to his acting career, Henderson was a talented singer and even released several albums throughout his lifetime. Despite his success, Henderson was a private person and preferred to keep his personal life out of the public eye.

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Bryan Mosley

Bryan Mosley (August 25, 1931 Leeds-February 9, 1999 Shipley) a.k.a. Buddy Windrush or Bryan Mosley O.B.E. was an English actor. He had six children, Jaquline Mosley, Simone Mosley, Helen Mosley, Jonathan Mosley, Bernard Mosley and Leonard Mosley.

Mosley was best known for his role as Alf Roberts, a character he played for 26 years in the long-running British soap opera, Coronation Street. Mosley was initially brought on as a guest star but became a fan favorite and was eventually given a regular role on the show. Besides his work on Coronation Street, Mosley had a successful stage career and appeared in numerous television dramas and films in the UK, including "The Bill" and "Heartbeat." In 1993, he was awarded an Order of the British Empire for his services to drama. Sadly, Mosley passed away in 1999 from a heart attack.

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Mike Pratt

Mike Pratt (June 7, 1931 London-July 10, 1976 Chichester) also known as Michael Pratt or Michael John Pratt was an English screenwriter, actor and songwriter. His child is called Guy Pratt.

Mike Pratt is best known for his portrayal of Jeff Randall in the popular British TV series Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased), which aired from 1969 to 1970. He also played supporting roles in several films, including The Dirty Dozen (1967) and Battle of Britain (1969). Aside from acting, Pratt was also a prolific songwriter, co-writing hits such as Nancy Sinatra's "These Boots Are Made for Walkin'" and Elvis Presley's "Kiss Me Quick". Pratt passed away in 1976 at the age of 45 due to lung cancer.

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Ian Hendry

Ian Hendry (January 13, 1931 Ipswich-December 24, 1984 London) also known as Ian Mackendrick Hendry was an English actor. His children are called Corrie Hendry, Emma Hendry and Sally Hendry.

Hendry was best known for his work on British television during the 1950s-1970s, including the series The Avengers and The Lotus Eaters. He began his acting career on stage before moving into film, appearing in movies such as The Hill and Repulsion. He was also a founding member of the Everyman Theatre in Liverpool. In addition to his acting work, Hendry was known for his love of horse racing and owned several racehorses throughout his lifetime. Hendry passed away at the age of 53 from an alcohol-related liver disease.

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Alfred Lynch

Alfred Lynch (January 26, 1931 Whitechapel-December 16, 2003) also known as Alfie Lynch or Alfred Cornelius Lynch was an English actor.

Lynch attended St Mary's College in Crosby and started his acting career in the 1950s. He was known for his work in stage productions including John Osborne's "The Entertainer" and Harold Pinter's "The Birthday Party." Lynch also appeared in several films such as "The Hill" and "Two Living, One Dead" as well as television shows including "Z-Cars" and "The Sweeney." He won a BAFTA award for his role in the 1961 film "The Criminal." Despite his success, Lynch struggled with alcoholism and died in 2003 at the age of 72.

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Chris Wiggins

Chris Wiggins (January 13, 1931 Blackpool-) is an English actor, voice actor, banker, writer, screenwriter and playwright.

He is best known for his stage work, including performances in Shakespeare plays and other classic productions. Wiggins has also appeared in numerous television shows and films, often in supporting roles. As a voice actor, he lent his voice to several animated series, including "The Care Bears" and "The Adventures of Tintin." In addition to his acting career, Wiggins worked for many years in finance and banking, and also wrote several plays and screenplays. He has received critical acclaim for his work in all of these fields and is considered one of the most versatile and talented performers of his generation.

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Brian O'Shaughnessy

Brian O'Shaughnessy (June 5, 1931 Aldershot-June 19, 2001 Cape Town) also known as Brian O'Shaunessy or Brian O'Shaunnessy was an English actor.

He was born in Aldershot, Hampshire, England and trained at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London. O'Shaughnessy made his television debut in the popular British spy series, "The Avengers" in 1961. He also appeared in numerous films including "The Italian Job" (1969) and "The Bunker" (1981), as well as the television series "The Professionals" and "Doctor Who". O'Shaughnessy was also a stage actor, performing for the Royal Shakespeare Company and the National Theatre. After his acting career, he moved to South Africa and worked as a teacher and director of plays. He passed away in Cape Town at the age of 70.

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Humphrey Burton

Humphrey Burton (March 25, 1931 Trowbridge-) otherwise known as Humphrey McGuire Burton or Humphrey Burton, CBE is an English film director, film producer, television producer, presenter, television director, teacher, biographer, broadcaster, television editor, writer, impresario, actor and author. He has one child, Clemency Burton-Hill.

Burton studied at Cambridge University and began his career as a producer for the BBC's music and arts programming. He went on to become the head of music and arts at the BBC, overseeing programs such as "Young Musician of the Year" and "Last Night of the Proms." He continued his work in television production, directing and producing documentaries about classical music and musicians, including Leonard Bernstein and Benjamin Britten.

As an author, Burton has written biographies of a number of musicians, including Yehudi Menuhin, William Walton, and Leonard Bernstein. He has also worked as an impresario, co-founding the Aldeburgh Festival with Britten and Peter Pears. Burton has received numerous awards for his contributions to the arts, including being appointed a Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) in 1996.

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Donal Donnelly

Donal Donnelly (July 6, 1931 Bradford-January 4, 2010 Chicago) a.k.a. Donal Donelly or Donald Donnelly was an English actor. He had three children, Jonathan Donnelly, Damian Donnelly and Maryanne Donnelly.

Donal Donnelly was known for his work in both stage and film. He started his career in the 1950s with the Royal Shakespeare Company and later performed on Broadway. He was nominated for a Tony Award for his role in "The Incomparable Max" in 1971. Some of his notable film roles include "The Godfather Part II," "The Dead," and "The Knack... and How to Get It." Donnelly was also a writer and director, and his play "Conversations in Connemara" was produced off-Broadway in 2004.

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