English movie stars born in 1937

Here are 18 famous actors from England were born in 1937:

Pat Roach

Pat Roach (May 19, 1937 Birmingham-July 17, 2004 Bromsgrove) a.k.a. Francis Patrick Roach, Bomber, Francis Patrick "Pat" Roach, 'Big' Pat Roach, 'Bomber' Pat Roach, Pat 'Bomber' Roach, Pat, "Bomber" Pat Roach, "Big" Pat Roach or "Bomber" Busbridge was an English actor, businessperson, author and wrestler.

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Kenneth Colley

Kenneth Colley (December 7, 1937 Manchester-) otherwise known as Ken Colley or Kenneth Cooley is an English actor, film director, screenwriter and film producer.

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Brian Hall

Brian Hall (November 20, 1937 Brighton-September 17, 1997 Worthing) also known as Brian Charles Hall was an English actor.

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John Normington

John Normington (January 28, 1937 Dukinfield-July 26, 2007 Kensington) was an English actor.

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Derek Fowlds

Derek Fowlds (September 2, 1937 Wandsworth-) is an English presenter and actor. He has one child, Jeremy Fowlds.

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Tony Caunter

Tony Caunter (September 22, 1937 Southampton-) also known as Anthony Patrick "Tony" Caunter is an English actor. He has four children, Nicholas Caunter, Sarah Caunter, James Caunter and William Caunter.

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Freddie Davies

Freddie Davies (July 21, 1937 Brixton-) also known as Parrot Face, Fred Davies or Parrot Face Davies is an English comedian and actor.

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Cliff Twemlow

Cliff Twemlow (October 14, 1937 Hulme-May 9, 1993 Manchester) was an English actor.

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Barry Howard

Barry Howard (July 9, 1937 Nottingham-) is an English actor.

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Alan Rothwell

Alan Rothwell (February 9, 1937 Oldham-) is an English presenter and actor.

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Roger McGough

Roger McGough (November 9, 1937 Litherland-) also known as McGough, Roger Joseph McGough or The Scaffold is an English poet, lyricist, actor and screenwriter.

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Rodney Bewes

Rodney Bewes (November 27, 1937 Bingley-) also known as Bewes, Rodney or R. Bewes is an English actor, writer, screenwriter and television producer. He has four children, Daisy Bewes, Tom Bewes, Billy Bewes and Joe Bewes.

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Peter Cook

Peter Cook (November 17, 1937 Torquay-January 9, 1995 Hampstead) also known as Peter Edward Cook was an English comedian, actor, screenwriter and satirist. He had two children, Daisy Cook and Lucy Cook.

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Chris Blackwell

Chris Blackwell (June 22, 1937 Westminster-) also known as Blackwell, Chris, Christopher Percy Gordon Blackwell, Christopher Percy Gordon "Chris" Blackwell or Chris is an English businessperson, record producer, film producer, actor, film score composer and television producer. He has two children, Jake Blackwell and Ollie Blackwell.

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Richard Kay

Richard Kay (March 16, 1937 Newcastle upon Tyne-November 27, 1985 England) was an English actor. He had two children, Barnaby Kay and Adam Kay.

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Hugh Futcher

Hugh Futcher (October 29, 1937 Portsmouth-) also known as Hugh Fletcher is an English actor.

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Terrence Scammell

Terrence Scammell (March 1, 1937 London-) also known as Terence Scammel, Terrance Scammel, Terrence Scammel, Terry Scammel, Terence Scammell, Terrance Scammell, Terry Scammell or Terrence Seammell is an English actor, casting director and voice actor.

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Frank Ifield

Frank Ifield (November 30, 1937 Coundon-) a.k.a. Francis Edward Ifield or Ifield, Frank is an English singer and actor.

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