English movie stars died at 32

Here are 3 famous actors from England died at 32:

Brian Epstein

Brian Epstein (September 19, 1934 Liverpool-August 27, 1967 London) a.k.a. Brian Samuel Epstein, Epstein, Brian or Eppie was an English talent manager, businessperson, actor and impresario.

He died as a result of drug overdose.

Brian Epstein is best known for being the manager of the Beatles from 1962 until his death in 1967. He was also instrumental in helping the Beatles secure their recording contract with EMI and in guiding their image and career decisions. Epstein was a key figure in the "Merseybeat" music scene of the early 1960s in Liverpool, and he also managed other successful acts such as Gerry and the Pacemakers and Cilla Black. In addition to his work in the music industry, Epstein was also involved in theater production and owned a successful record store in Liverpool called NEMS. Epstein was openly gay at a time when homosexuality was illegal in the UK, and his personal struggles with his sexuality and drug addiction were a source of great difficulty for him throughout his life. However, his legacy as a pioneering talent manager and impresario in the music industry is still widely recognized and celebrated today.

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John Rudling

John Rudling (April 5, 2015 England-April 5, 1983) was an English actor.

He began his career in theater, and later transitioned to film and television. Rudling is best known for his roles in classic British films such as "The Lavender Hill Mob" and "Kind Hearts and Coronets." He also appeared in television shows like "The Avengers" and "Z-Cars." In addition to his acting career, Rudling was also a well-respected theater director and teacher. He founded the John Rudling Young Players in 1949, which aimed to encourage young people to get involved in theater. Rudling continued to work in the entertainment industry until his untimely death in 1983 at the age of 68.

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Thomas Henty

Thomas Henty (January 19, 1956-August 13, 1988 Charing Cross Hospital) also known as Thomas John Cooper was an English actor. He had one child, Tam Henty.

He died caused by hematemesis.

Thomas Henty was best known for his starring role in the British television series, "The Bill" from 1984 to 1988. He also played supporting roles in several other television shows and films. Prior to his career in acting, Henty worked as a model and appeared in advertisements for famous brands such as Levi's and Benson & Hedges. During his career, he struggled with drug addiction and entered rehab several times. He tragically passed away from complications related to alcoholism at the young age of 32.

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