English movie stars died at 34

Here are 2 famous actors from England died at 34:

Mark Frankel

Mark Frankel (June 13, 1962 Surrey-September 24, 1996 Chiswick) also known as Mark D.Frankel was an English actor. His children are called Fabien Frankel and Max Frankel.

He died caused by injuries suffered following motorbike accident.

Mark Frankel was trained at the Guildford School of Acting and started his acting career in the early 1990s. He was best known for his role as Simon Doyle in the 1993 film adaptation of Agatha Christie's novel "Death on the Nile". He also starred in the television series "The Trial of the Moke" and "Cadfael".

In addition to his acting work, Frankel was also an accomplished musician and songwriter. He played guitar and sang in a band called "The Memepunks".

Frankel's death at the age of 34 was a shock to the entertainment industry and his fans. He was survived by his two young sons and his partner, Caroline. His legacy lives on through his work in film and television.

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Darien Angadi

Darien Angadi (March 19, 1949 Stoke Newington-January 12, 1984) was an English singer and actor.

He died in suicide.

Darien Angadi was known for his work in various stage productions and film projects. He began his career as a singer in the late 1960s, performing in local clubs in London. He later transitioned to acting, and landed roles in several television series and films, including "The Professionals" and "The Sweeney". Angadi was also an accomplished stage actor, appearing in productions such as "West Side Story" and "Jesus Christ Superstar". Despite his success, Angadi struggled with depression and substance abuse, and ultimately took his own life in 1984 at the age of 34. His death was widely mourned in the entertainment industry, and he is remembered as a talented performer with a promising career cut tragically short.

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