English movie stars died at 46

Here are 3 famous actors from England died at 46:

Challis Sanderson

Challis Sanderson (April 5, 1899 London-December 20, 1945 Hammersmith) also known as Challis N. Sanderson was an English film director, film editor, screenwriter, film producer and actor.

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Freddie Mills

Freddie Mills (June 26, 1919 Parkstone-July 25, 1965 London) also known as Freddie Mills Former Light Heavyweight Champion of the World, Fearless Freddie or Frederick Percival Mills was an English professional boxer and actor.

He died as a result of suicide.

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Victor Stanley

Victor Stanley (February 17, 1892 Shropshire-January 29, 1939 London) also known as S. Victor Stanley was an English actor.

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