English movie stars died at 66

Here are 12 famous actors from England died at 66:

Richard Greene

Richard Greene (August 25, 1918 Plymouth-June 1, 1985 Norfolk) otherwise known as Richard Marius Joseph Greene was an English actor.

He died caused by cardiac arrest.

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Lacy Ryan

Lacy Ryan (April 5, 1694-April 5, 1760) was an English actor.

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Vic Oliver

Vic Oliver (July 8, 1898 Vienna-August 15, 1964 Johannesburg) also known as Viktor Oliver Von Samek was an English comedian, actor and violinist.

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Richard Morant

Richard Morant (October 30, 1945 Shipston-on-Stour-November 9, 2011 Richmond, London) otherwise known as Richard Lindon Harvey Morant was an English actor.

He died as a result of aneurysm.

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Montagu Love

Montagu Love (March 15, 1877 Portsmouth-May 17, 1943 Beverly Hills) also known as Montague Love or Harry Montague Love was an English actor, vaudeville performer, cartoonist and illustrator.

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Frank Stanmore

Frank Stanmore (March 10, 1877 London-August 15, 1943 Gravesend) a.k.a. Francis Henry Pink was an English actor.

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George Woodbridge

George Woodbridge (February 16, 1907 Exeter-March 31, 1973 London) was an English actor.

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Campbell Singer

Campbell Singer (March 16, 1909 London-March 1, 1976 London) a.k.a. Jacob Kobel Singer was an English actor and screenwriter.

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Frank Birch

Frank Birch (December 5, 1889 London-February 14, 1956 London) also known as Francis Lyall Birch was an English actor.

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George Thorne

George Thorne (January 6, 1856 Chertsey-July 24, 1922) also known as George Tyrell was an English singer and actor.

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Morris Harvey

Morris Harvey (September 25, 1877 London-August 24, 1944 Glasgow) also known as Harvey Morris was an English actor.

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Jack Raymond

Jack Raymond (April 5, 1886 Wimborne Minster-March 20, 1953 London) also known as John Caines was an English film director, actor and film producer.

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