English movie stars died at 75

Here are 20 famous actors from England died at 75:

Frankie Howerd

Frankie Howerd (March 6, 1917 York-April 19, 1992 Fulham) a.k.a. Francis Alick Howard, Ronnie Ordex, Frankie Howerd O.B.E., Francis Alick "Frankie" Howerd OBE or Frankie Howard was an English actor, screenwriter and comedian.

He died in heart failure.

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Peter Pears

Peter Pears (June 22, 1910 Farnham-April 3, 1986 Aldeburgh) a.k.a. Peter Neville Luard Pears or Sir Peter Neville Luard Pears was an English opera singer, librettist, singer, actor and screenwriter.

He died caused by cardiovascular disease.

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Donald Pleasence

Donald Pleasence (October 5, 1919 Worksop-February 2, 1995 Saint Paul de Vence) also known as Donald Henry Pleasence, Donald Pleasance, Don Pleasence, Donald Henry Pleasence, OBE or Donald Plesance was an English actor, soldier and voice actor. He had five children, Angela Pleasence, Miranda Pleasence, Lucy Pleasance, Polly Jo Pleasence and Jean Pleasence.

He died in surgical complications.

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Bob Monkhouse

Bob Monkhouse (June 1, 1928 Beckenham-December 29, 2003 Eggington) a.k.a. Robert Alan Monkhouse, Bob, Bob Monkhouse OBE, Robert Alan 'Bob' Monkhouse OBE or Robert Alan 'Bob' Monkhouse was an English presenter, comedian, actor, writer, author and voice actor. He had three children, Abigail Williams, Gary Alan Monkhouse and Simon Monkhouse.

He died caused by prostate cancer.

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Arthur English

Arthur English (May 9, 1919 Aldershot-April 16, 1995 Frimley Park Hospital) a.k.a. Arthur Leslie Norman English was an English comedian and actor. He had one child, Clare-Louise English.

He died as a result of emphysema.

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John Bardon

John Bardon (August 25, 1939 Brentford-September 12, 2014 Collier Row) otherwise known as John Michael Jones or John Barton was an English actor.

He died as a result of disease.

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Martyn Green

Martyn Green (April 22, 1899 London-February 8, 1975 Hollywood) also known as William Martyn-Green was an English singer and actor. He had one child, Pamela Green.

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Reginald Denny

Reginald Denny (November 20, 1891 Richmond-June 16, 1967 Richmond) also known as Reginald Leigh Dugmore or Leigh Denny was an English pilot, actor, businessperson and screenwriter. He had one child, Barbara Denny.

He died as a result of stroke.

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Paul Daneman

Paul Daneman (October 29, 1925 Islington-April 28, 2001 London) also known as Paul F Daneman or Paul Frederick Daneman was an English actor and voice actor.

He died as a result of myocardial infarction.

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Teddy Turner

Teddy Turner (June 13, 1917 Yorkshire-August 29, 1992 Horsforth) was an English actor and comedian.

He died caused by cancer.

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Harold Kasket

Harold Kasket (July 26, 1926 London-January 20, 2002 London) a.k.a. Harold Kaskett or Harold Gasket was an English actor.

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Sidney De Gray

Sidney De Gray (June 16, 1866 England-June 30, 1941 Los Angeles) also known as Sydney De Gray, Sidney De Grey, Sydney De Grey, Sydney D. Grey, Sydney dé Grey or Syd de Grey was an English actor and film director.

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Peter Dennis

Peter Dennis (October 25, 1933 Dorking-April 18, 2009 Shadow Hills) otherwise known as Peter John Dennis was an English actor and voice actor. His child is called Shane Dennis.

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Ronald Long

Ronald Long (January 30, 1911 London-October 23, 1986 Burbank) also known as Roland Long was an English actor.

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Harold Huth

Harold Huth (January 20, 1892 Huddersfield-October 26, 1967 London) was an English film director, actor, film producer, television producer and television director. His child is Angela Huth.

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Jack Birkett

Jack Birkett (June 11, 1934 Leeds-May 10, 2010 London) also known as The Incredible Orlando, El Increíble Orlando or Orlando was an English actor, singer, mime artist and ballet dancer.

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Charles Brabin

Charles Brabin (April 17, 1882 Liverpool-November 3, 1957 Santa Monica) also known as Charles J. Brabin or Charles R. Brabin was an English screenwriter, film director and actor.

He died as a result of myocardial infarction.

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Louis Hayward

Louis Hayward (March 19, 1909 Johannesburg-February 21, 1985 Palm Springs) a.k.a. Louis Charles Hayward was an English actor. He had one child, Dana Hayward.

He died in lung cancer.

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Thomas King

Thomas King (August 20, 1730 Hanover Square, London-December 11, 1805) was an English actor.

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Terry Gill

Terry Gill (October 25, 1939 England-February 25, 2015) a.k.a. Terrence Gill was an English actor and performer.

He died as a result of lung cancer.

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