English movie stars died in 1958

Here are 4 famous actors from England died in 1958:

Robert Donat

Robert Donat (March 18, 1905 Withington-June 9, 1958 London) otherwise known as Friedrich Robert Donath, Don or Fritz was an English actor. He had three children, Joanna Donat, John Donat and Brian Donat.

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Harry Revel

Harry Revel (December 21, 1905 London-November 3, 1958 New York City) was an English composer, film score composer and actor.

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Albert E. Smith

Albert E. Smith (June 4, 1875 Faversham-August 1, 1958 Hollywood) a.k.a. Albert Edward Smith, A.E. or Albert Smith was an English cinematographer, film producer, film director, screenwriter, presenter and actor.

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Wilfred Walter

Wilfred Walter (March 2, 1882 Ripon-July 9, 1958 Ashtead) also known as Wilfrid Walter was an English actor, soldier and playwright.

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