English actors who died due to Diabetes mellitus

Here are 2 famous actors from England died in Diabetes mellitus:

Sydney Greenstreet

Sydney Greenstreet (December 27, 1879 Sandwich-January 18, 1954 Hollywood) a.k.a. Sydney Hughes Greenstreet was an English actor. He had one child, John Ogden Greenstreet.

Greenstreet started his career as a businessman and didn't delve into acting until later in life. He made his stage debut in 1902 and his film debut in 1941 at the age of 61. Despite his late start, Greenstreet appeared in over 20 films throughout the 1940s, including "The Maltese Falcon" (1941), "Casablanca" (1942), and "The Mask of Dimitrios" (1944). He was known for his distinctive voice and imposing presence on screen. Greenstreet's performances earned him critical acclaim and he was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role in "The Maltese Falcon."

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Christopher Hewett

Christopher Hewett (April 5, 1921 Worthing-August 3, 2001 Los Angeles) also known as Christopher Michael Hewett was an English actor and theatre director.

He began his career in the theater before transitioning to television and film. In the 1950s, he directed productions at the Bristol Old Vic and the Cambridge Theatre in London. He later appeared in numerous television shows, including "The Twilight Zone" and "The Love Boat," and he became particularly well-known for his role as Mr. Belvedere in the 1980s sitcom of the same name. Hewett also lent his voice to several animated series, such as "The Great Mouse Detective" and "The Red Shoes." He passed away in 2001 due to complications from diabetes.

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