English movie stars born in 1903

Here are 6 famous actresses from England were born in 1903:

Gloria Holden

Gloria Holden (September 5, 1903 London-March 22, 1991 Redlands) also known as Anje Berens or Gloria Anna Holden was an English actor. She had two children, Christopher Hoyt and Glen Corbett.

Holden started her career as a theatre actor in London before moving to Hollywood in the 1930s. She became known for her role as Countess Marya Zaleska in the 1936 film "Dracula's Daughter." Her performance was critically acclaimed, and the film has since become a cult classic.

After "Dracula's Daughter," Holden continued to act in Hollywood, but struggled to find roles that were as successful as her breakout role. She appeared in several B-movies and television series throughout the 1940s and 50s. In the 1960s, Holden returned to the stage, performing in productions of "A Hatful of Rain" and "The Sound of Music."

Holden retired from acting in the late 1960s and spent her remaining years living a quiet life in California. She died in 1991 at the age of 87. Despite her relatively short career, Holden's performance in "Dracula's Daughter" has made her a beloved figure in horror movie history.

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Betty Balfour

Betty Balfour (March 27, 1903 London-November 4, 1977 Weybridge) also known as Britain's Queen of Happiness or British Mary Pickford was an English actor.

She was particularly known for her roles in British silent films during the 1920s, where she rose to fame for her captivating on-screen charm and vivacious personality. Balfour was considered one of the most popular actresses of her era and became a major box office draw.

Some of her most famous films include "Squibs," "Champagne," and "Love, Life and Laughter". Balfour's performances in these and many other films won her critical acclaim and cemented her place in cinema history.

Balfour continued to act in films until the mid-1930s when the arrival of sound cinema led to a decline in her popularity. She also briefly worked as a producer for her own film company, but ultimately retired from the film industry in the late 1930s.

Despite her relatively short career, Betty Balfour is considered one of the most influential British actors of the early 20th century and continues to be celebrated for her contributions to the art of film.

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Joan Barry

Joan Barry (November 5, 1903 London-April 10, 1989 Marbella) a.k.a. Ina Florence Marshman Bell was an English actor. Her children are called Henrietta Joan Tiarks and Edward Henry Tiarks.

Barry is perhaps best known for her affair with Charlie Chaplin, which led to a highly publicized paternity suit in which Barry claimed that Chaplin fathered her child. The suit was ultimately dismissed, but it damaged Chaplin's reputation and led to his exile from the United States. Despite this controversy, Barry continued to act in films and on stage throughout her career, appearing in over 20 films and numerous stage productions. In addition to her acting work, Barry was also a prominent figure in London society, known for her beauty and charm. Later in life, she retired to Marbella, Spain, where she died in 1989.

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Everley Gregg

Everley Gregg (October 26, 1903 Stoke Bishop-June 9, 1959 Beaconsfield) also known as Everly Gregg was an English actor.

She began her career in the 1920s with small roles in British films before moving to Hollywood in the 1930s. Gregg appeared in several Hollywood productions, including "The Lone Wolf Spy Hunt" (1939) and "Charlie Chan in London" (1934).

In addition to her acting work, Gregg was also an accomplished playwright and screenwriter. She wrote several plays, including "The Five-Guinea Girl" and "The Glass Slipper," which were both produced in London's West End.

Gregg continued to act in films and on stage throughout the 1940s and into the 1950s. She appeared in films such as "The Man Who Wouldn't Talk" (1958) and "The Wages of Fear" (1953).

Sadly, Gregg's life was cut short when she passed away from cancer at the age of 55. Despite her relatively short career, she made a lasting impact on the entertainment industry and is remembered as a talented and versatile performer.

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Gladys O'Connor

Gladys O'Connor (November 28, 1903 East London-February 21, 2012 Toronto) was an English actor.

She appeared in a variety of films and television shows throughout her career, including "The Captive Heart" (1946), "Ivanhoe" (1952), and "The Saint" (1962). O'Connor was also known for her stage work, having performed in numerous productions in England and Canada. In 1974, she was awarded the Canadian Film Award for Best Performance by a Lead Actress for her role in the film "The House by the Lake." O'Connor lived in Canada for many years and was an active member of the Toronto theatre community until her death at the age of 108. She is remembered as a talented actress and a beloved member of the performing arts community.

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Beatrix Lehmann

Beatrix Lehmann (July 1, 1903 Bourne End-July 31, 1979 London Borough of Camden) a.k.a. Beatrix Alice Lehmann was an English theatre director, author, actor and theatrical producer.

Her parents were both notable writers, which influenced her to become interested in literature and the arts from a young age. She attended the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and began her acting career in the 1920s. Lehmann quickly gained recognition for her talent as a stage actress and went on to perform in a variety of plays, including works by Shakespeare and other classic playwrights.

In addition to her work as an actress, Beatrix Lehmann was also a prolific author and director. She wrote several novels and plays, and directed productions for a number of different theatre companies. Her contributions to the theatrical arts were widely recognized, and she was awarded the CBE in 1974 for her services to drama.

Lehmann continued to work in theatre throughout her life, even after being diagnosed with cancer. She passed away in 1979 at the age of 76. Her legacy lives on through her numerous contributions to the world of theatre and literature.

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