English movie stars born in 1945

Here are 11 famous actresses from England were born in 1945:

Suzanna Leigh

Suzanna Leigh (July 26, 1945 Belgrave, Leicester-) otherwise known as Suzanna Smyth is an English actor.

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Lesley Joseph

Lesley Joseph (October 14, 1945 London Borough of Hackney-) also known as Lesley Diana Joseph is an English presenter and actor.

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Marti Caine

Marti Caine (January 26, 1945 Sheffield-November 4, 1995 Wycombe District) a.k.a. Lynne Shepherd, Lynne Denise Shepherd or Caine, Marti was an English comedian, actor, dancer, presenter, singer and writer. Her children are called Lee Stringer and Max Stringer.

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Hilary Dwyer

Hilary Dwyer (May 6, 1945 Liverpool-) also known as Hilary Heath or Hillary Dwyer is an English actor and businessperson. She has two children, Laura Heath and Daniel Heath.

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Diana Darvey

Diana Darvey (April 21, 1945 Cheadle-April 11, 2000 Redhill) was an English singer, actor and dancer.

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Chrissie Shrimpton

Chrissie Shrimpton (July 15, 1945 London-) is an English fashion model, model and actor.

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Sue Bond

Sue Bond (May 9, 1945 Aylesbury-) also known as Heidi Kessler or Sue Long is an English actor.

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Belinda Carroll

Belinda Carroll (July 22, 1945 Oxford-) is an English actor. She has two children, Tam Williams and Amy Williams.

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Maina Gielgud

Maina Gielgud (January 14, 1945 London-) also known as Maina Julia Gordon Gielgud is an English dancer and actor.

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Dini Petty

Dini Petty (January 15, 1945 Kingston upon Thames-) is an English radio personality, actor, presenter and tv personality. Her child is called Nicholas Petty.

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Louise Cordet

Louise Cordet (February 8, 1945 England-) otherwise known as Cordet, Louise is an English publicist, actor and singer.

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