English movie stars died at 62

Here are 7 famous actresses from England died at 62:

Eliza Haywood

Eliza Haywood (April 5, 1693-February 25, 1756) was an English writer, author, poet, playwright and actor.

She was one of the most prolific writers of her time, producing over 70 works, including novels, plays, poems, and essays. Haywood's literary career was launched with the publication of her first novel, Love in Excess, in 1719. It became an instant success and was followed by many other popular novels, including The History of Miss Betsy Thoughtless and Fantomina.

In addition to her writing, Haywood was known for her work in the theater. She acted in several productions, and her plays were performed on the London stage. She was also an active member of the writer's community, and her work was influential in shaping the literary tastes of her time.

Haywood's writing was notable for its focus on women's experiences, particularly the challenges they faced in a male-dominated society. Her novels often dealt with topics such as sexual politics, marriage, and gender roles. Despite her popularity during her lifetime, her work fell out of favor in the 18th and 19th centuries and was largely forgotten until the 20th century, when it was rediscovered and reassessed by scholars. Today, Eliza Haywood is recognized as an important figure in the development of the English novel and a pioneer in women's writing.

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Mary Millar

Mary Millar (July 26, 1936 Doncaster-November 10, 1998 Brockley) otherwise known as Mary Wetton was an English actor and singer.

She died caused by ovarian cancer.

Millar grew up in a musical family and began her career in entertainment as a singer, performing on radio and television. Her breakthrough role came in the West End production of "The Boy Friend," in which she played the lead role of Polly Browne. She also appeared in numerous other stage productions, including "No, No, Nanette," "Me and My Girl," and "The Sound of Music."

Millar is perhaps best known for her role as Rose in the long-running BBC sitcom "Keeping Up Appearances." She appeared in all five seasons of the show and was beloved by audiences for her portrayal of the eccentric and lovable neighbor. In addition to her work in television and theater, Millar also recorded several albums, including a collection of songs from "The Boy Friend."

Despite her success in show business, Millar was known for her humility and kindness. She was deeply dedicated to her family, and she remained close with her siblings and their children throughout her life. After her death, a memorial fund was established in her name to support research into ovarian cancer.

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Sheila Gish

Sheila Gish (April 23, 1942 Lincoln-March 9, 2005 London) also known as Sheila Gash, Shiela Gish, Sheila Anne Gash or Sheila Anne Syme Gash was an English actor. She had two children, Lou Gish and Kay Curram.

She died in cancer.

Sheila Gish was born and raised in Lincolnshire, England, and began her acting career in the late 1960s. She appeared in numerous stage productions, including the original London production of "Sweeney Todd" and the Broadway revival of "The Threepenny Opera." Gish also had an extensive career in film and television, with notable roles in "Highlander: Endgame," "Mansfield Park," and the BBC miniseries "Hotel du Lac." She was known for her captivating stage presence and powerful performances, earning critical acclaim throughout her career. In 2000, Gish was awarded an OBE (Order of the British Empire) for her services to drama.

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Judith Furse

Judith Furse (March 4, 1912 Camberley-August 29, 1974 Canterbury) was an English actor.

She died as a result of myocardial infarction.

Judith Furse was born in Camberley, Surrey, England, and was the daughter of the actor and playwright W. W. Furse. She began her acting career in the mid-1930s and appeared in several films throughout the 1940s and 1950s. Some of her most notable film credits include "The Thief of Bagdad" (1940), "Night Train to Munich" (1940), "Green for Danger" (1946), and "Quo Vadis" (1951).

In addition to her film work, Furse also appeared on stage in both London and New York. She was praised for her performances in productions such as "The Winslow Boy" and "The Apple Cart." Furse was known for her distinctive deep voice and commanding presence on stage and screen.

Despite her success as an actor, Furse struggled with health issues throughout her life. In addition to her fatal myocardial infarction, she also battled severe asthma and was hospitalized on multiple occasions.

Furse was married three times, but had no children. She passed away in Canterbury, Kent, England at the age of 62.

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Sarah Thorne

Sarah Thorne (May 10, 1836 London-February 27, 1899) was an English actor. Her children are Elizabeth Macknight and Edmund Macknight.

Sarah Thorne began her acting career in the 1850s, and soon became known for her powerful voice and stage presence. She established her own touring theatre company in the 1870s, and gained a reputation for her innovative productions of Shakespeare plays and other classic dramas. Thorne was also a notable advocate for the rights of actors, and successfully lobbied for better working conditions and recognition for their contributions to the theatrical world. She continued to perform and produce plays until her death in 1899, and her legacy as a pioneering figure in British theatre has endured to this day.

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Lilian Harvey

Lilian Harvey (January 19, 1906 Hornsey-July 27, 1968 Juan-les-Pins) a.k.a. Harvey, Lilian or Helene Lilian Muriel Pape was an English singer, actor and dancer.

She died as a result of liver failure.

Lilian Harvey began her career in Germany as a cabaret singer in the 1920s and went on to become a popular actress in German and British films. She appeared in many successful films including "The Congress Dances" (1931) and "Der Bettelstudent" (1931). During World War II, she retired from acting and became a nurse for the German Red Cross. After the war, Harvey returned to acting and appeared in several more films before retiring in 1953. In addition to her film career, she was also a talented singer and recorded several popular songs in the 1930s. Despite her success, Harvey's career was cut short by the outbreak of World War II and she never fully recovered her popularity. Nevertheless, she remains a beloved figure in the history of German and British film.

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Kate Reid

Kate Reid (November 4, 1930 London-March 27, 1993 Stratford) a.k.a. Kate Daphne Reid, Daphne Katherine Reid, Daphne Kate Reid or Kate Ried was an English actor. Her child is called Rupert Reid.

She died caused by brain cancer.

Kate Reid was best known for her work in theatre, both in London's West End and on Broadway in New York City. In 1963, she won the Tony Award for Best Actress in a Play for her performance in "The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie". She also appeared in numerous films and television shows throughout her career, including the 1973 film adaptation of "A Delicate Balance" and an episode of "The Twilight Zone". Reid was known for her powerful and nuanced performances on stage and screen. She was a member of the Order of Canada and was posthumously inducted into Canada's Walk of Fame in 2005 for her contributions to Canadian theatre.

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