English movie stars died at 75

Here are 7 famous actresses from England died at 75:

Maggie Jones

Maggie Jones (June 21, 1934 London-December 2, 2009 Pendleton, Greater Manchester) also known as Margaret Jones, Margaret "Maggie" Jones or Margaret Stansfield was an English actor.

She is best known for her role as Blanche Hunt in the British soap opera Coronation Street, which she played from 1974 until her death in 2009. Jones began her career as a stage actress and also had roles in various British television series and films. In addition to her work as an actor, Jones was also active in politics and was a staunch supporter of the Labour Party. She served as a local councillor in Manchester and was made a Member of the Order of the British Empire in 1999 for her services to local government and the arts. Jones died in 2009 at the age of 75 after battling a long illness.

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Pat Coombs

Pat Coombs (August 27, 1926 Camberwell-May 25, 2002 Northwood, London) otherwise known as Patricia Doreen Coombs, Pat Coombes or Patricia Doreen "Pat" Coombs was an English professional boxer and actor.

She died as a result of emphysema.

Sorry, there was a mistake in the original prompt. Pat Coombs was not a professional boxer but rather an actress.

Patricia Doreen Coombs, known professionally as Pat Coombs, was an English actress born in Camberwell in 1926. She began her career as a dancer and variety entertainer, but eventually transitioned to film and television. Coombs appeared in numerous British television shows and films throughout the 1950s, 60s and 70s, including "The Benny Hill Show," "Up Pompeii!", and "Coronation Street." She was also a regular performer on the radio show "The Clitheroe Kid." Coombs was known for her comedic roles and beloved for her warmth and charm. She eventually retired from acting in the 1990s and passed away in 2002 as a result of emphysema.

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Ellen Ternan

Ellen Ternan (March 3, 1839 Rochester-April 25, 1914) a.k.a. Ellen Lawless Ternan, Nelly Robinson or Nelly Ternan was an English actor.

Ellen Ternan is mostly known for her secretive affair with the famous novelist Charles Dickens. She was the daughter of a clergyman and began acting at a young age, starting with minor roles in London's theatre scene. It was during one of her performances that she met Dickens, who was already a married man with ten children. Despite the scandal that ensued, their affair lasted for over a decade until Dickens' death in 1870. After Dickens passed away, Ternan married George Wharton Robinson, a much younger man who was a fellow actor. Following her acting career, Ternan largely withdrew from public life and lived in seclusion until her death in 1914.

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Bridget Turner

Bridget Turner (February 22, 1939 Cleethorpes-December 27, 2014) was an English actor.

She is best known for her roles on British television, including "Coronation Street," "Emmerdale," and "Doctors." Turner also had a successful stage career, appearing in numerous productions in London's West End and regional theaters throughout the UK. In addition to her acting work, Turner was a dedicated advocate for mental health awareness and served as a patron for several mental health charities.

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Lillie Langtry

Lillie Langtry (October 13, 1853 Jersey-February 12, 1929 Monaco) was an English actor. Her child is called Jeanne Marie Langtry Malcolm.

Lillie Langtry gained fame in the late 19th century for her stunning beauty and acting talents. She was known as the "Jersey Lily" and became a popular subject for painters and photographers. Langtry began her career as an actress in the 1870s and was quickly noticed for her charm and charisma on stage. In 1877, she made her debut in London's West End, in a production of She Stoops to Conquer. She was a friend of many prominent figures of her time, including Oscar Wilde and King Edward VII, who was rumored to have had an affair with her. Langtry was also a successful entrepreneur, opening her own hotel, The Grand Jersey, in 1890. After retiring from the stage, she moved to Monaco, where she lived until her death in 1929.

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Diane Hart

Diane Hart (July 20, 1926 Bedford-February 7, 2002 London) also known as Diane Lavinia Hart was an English actor.

Hart began her career in the 1950s, appearing in a variety of British films including "The Crimson Pirate" and "The Lost Continent". She also appeared on stage in productions of "A Streetcar Named Desire" and "The Importance of Being Earnest". In the 1960s, she had a recurring role on the British television series "The Flying Doctor" and later appeared in the popular drama series "The Onedin Line". Outside of acting, Hart was an active member of the London theatre community and served as the chairman of the Society of London Theatre. She was also involved with various charitable organizations and was appointed an Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) for her services to drama and charity work.

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Peggy Thorpe-Bates

Peggy Thorpe-Bates (August 11, 1914 London-December 26, 1989 Stratford-upon-Avon) was an English actor.

After studying at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London, Peggy Thorpe-Bates joined the Old Vic Theatre Company in 1937. She became a prominent stage actress, performing in numerous productions over the course of her career, including in plays by William Shakespeare, George Bernard Shaw, and Oscar Wilde.

Thorpe-Bates also appeared in several films, including "Great Expectations" (1946), "The Way Ahead" (1944), and "The Counterfeit Plan" (1957). In addition to her work on stage and screen, she also made appearances on BBC radio productions.

Throughout her career, Peggy Thorpe-Bates was particularly known for her interpretation of Shakespearean roles. She performed in many productions of Shakespeare's plays, including "Macbeth," "The Tempest," and "As You Like It." Despite her success, she remained humble and dedicated to her craft, and was widely respected by colleagues and audiences alike.

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