English movie stars died in 1963

Here are 1 famous actresses from England died in 1963:

Vida Hope

Vida Hope (December 16, 1918 Liverpool-December 23, 1963 Chelmsford) was an English actor.

Vida Hope was best known for her roles in "The Happy Family" (1952), "The House in Marsh Road" (1960), and "Department S" (1969). She began her acting career in the early 1940s and made her film debut in "The Great Mr. Handel" (1942). She went on to appear in over 30 films during her career, including "The Saint in London" (1939) and "The Day Will Dawn" (1942), before transitioning to television in the late 1950s. Her television credits included "The Adventures of Robin Hood" (1958), "The Ed Sullivan Show" (1960), and "Z Cars" (1962-1963). Despite her success as an actor, Vida Hope struggled with alcoholism and died at the age of 45 from cirrhosis of the liver.

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