English actresses who died due to Cancer

Here are 21 famous actresses from England died in Cancer:

Flora Robson

Flora Robson (March 28, 1902 South Shields-July 7, 1984 Brighton) otherwise known as Flora McKenzie Robson, Dame Flora Robson, Dame Flora McKenzie Robson, Flora, Robson or Dame Flora McKenzie Robson, DBE was an English actor.

Born in South Shields, England, Flora Robson was the daughter of a seafarer and a teacher. She attended the Academy of Dramatic Art after finishing her studies at the London Polytechnic, and made her stage debut in 1921. Known for her distinctive voice and commanding presence, Robson quickly gained recognition as a talented character actor.

During her career, she appeared in over 50 films, including the classic 1939 film Wuthering Heights, where she played the housekeeper, Ellen Dean. She is also remembered for her performance as Queen Elizabeth I in the 1937 film Fire Over England. Her other notable films include The Sea Hawk (1940), Saraband for Dead Lovers (1948), and The Green Scarf (1954).

In addition to her film work, Robson also had a successful stage career, appearing in productions of William Shakespeare's plays, as well as modern dramas. She was made a Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire in 1958, in recognition of her contributions to the performing arts. Robson continued to work in theatre, film, and television until her death in 1984.

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Pamela Brown

Pamela Brown (July 8, 1917 Hampstead-September 19, 1975 Avening) also known as Pamela Mary Brown was an English actor.

She was born in Hampstead, London, England to a theatrical family. Her parents, Frank and Margery Brown, were both actors and her brother, Richard, also pursued a career in acting. Pamela attended the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and made her professional stage debut in 1936.

Throughout her career, Pamela appeared in numerous stage productions, as well as films and television shows. Some of her notable film roles include "I Know Where I'm Going!" (1945), "An American in Paris" (1951), and "Becket" (1964). She also had recurring roles on several popular British television shows, including "The Forsyte Saga" and "The Pallisers."

Pamela was highly regarded for her talent as an actor and received many accolades throughout her career. She was nominated for a Tony Award for her performance in the Broadway production of "The Grass Harp" in 1952. She was also awarded the CBE (Commander of the Order of the British Empire) in 1969 for her contributions to the arts.

Pamela never married and passed away in Avening, Gloucestershire, England in 1975 at the age of 58.

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Joyce Blair

Joyce Blair (November 4, 1932 London-August 19, 2006 Santa Monica) also known as Joyce Ogus was an English actor.

She started her career in film but soon turned to television, where she became known for her appearances in popular British shows like Doctor Who and The Saint. Blair's versatility also saw her perform on stage, where she starred alongside Laurence Olivier in one of his productions. Throughout her career, she appeared in over 70 films, TV shows and stage productions. Blair was married to actor and writer Brian Clemens, with whom she had three children. She passed away at the age of 73 in Santa Monica, California.

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Gwen Watford

Gwen Watford (September 10, 1927 London-February 6, 1994 London) also known as Gwen Walford, Gwendoline Watford or Gwendoline "Gwen" Watford was an English actor.

She trained at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and went on to have a successful stage career, appearing in productions for the Royal Shakespeare Company and the National Theatre. Watford also appeared in a number of films and television shows, including the British series "The Avengers" and the film "The Devil's Advocate". She was known for her regal presence and effortless grace on stage and screen. Watford died in 1994 at the age of 66 from bronchopneumonia.

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May Whitty

May Whitty (June 19, 1865 Liverpool-May 29, 1948 Beverly Hills) a.k.a. Dame May Whitty, Mary Louisa Whitty, Mary Whitty, Miss May Whitty, Old Faithful, Mary Louise Whitty or Dame Mary Louise Webster DBE was an English actor. Her child is called Margaret Webster.

May Whitty was born in Liverpool, England and began her acting career on stage in 1882. She later transitioned to film in the 1930s and became a popular character actress in both British and American cinema throughout the 1940s. In 1937, she was awarded the title of Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire for her contributions to the arts. Whitty's most notable film roles include Mrs. Bramson in "Night Must Fall" (1937) and Lady Beldon in "Mrs. Miniver" (1942), which earned her an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress. She continued to act on stage and screen until her death in 1948 at the age of 82.

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Joyanne Bracewell

Joyanne Bracewell (July 5, 1934 Manchester-January 9, 2007 England) a.k.a. Judge Joyanne Bracewell, Joyanne Winifred Bracewell or Dame Joyanne Winifred Bracewell was an English barrister, judge and actor.

She was best known for her role in the British legal system, having been one of the first women to be appointed as a Circuit Judge in the United Kingdom. Born in Manchester, Bracewell studied law at the University of London before being called to the Bar in 1958. In addition to her work as a barrister and judge, she was also an accomplished stage actress, having appeared in productions with the Royal Shakespeare Company and the National Theatre. She was made a Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire in 2001 for her services to the law. Bracewell passed away in 2007 at the age of 72.

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Lou Gish

Lou Gish (May 27, 1967 London-February 20, 2006 London) also known as Louise Curram or Louise Mikel Henrietta Marie Curram was an English actor.

She was born to a family of actors and grew up in London. Gish started her acting career in theatre at the age of 15 and made her film debut in 1989 with the British drama "The Rachel Papers." She went on to appear in several TV shows and films, including "Hamlet," "The Bill," and "The Lakes."

Gish is best known for her performance in the British TV series "Peak Practice," in which she played the role of Dr. Joanna Graham for three seasons. She won critical acclaim for her portrayal of a doctor dealing with the pressures and joys of her profession.

In addition to her acting career, Gish was also a passionate animal rights activist and co-founded the animal welfare charity Animaline. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2002 and passed away in 2006 at the age of 38.

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Marti Caine

Marti Caine (January 26, 1945 Sheffield-November 4, 1995 Wycombe District) a.k.a. Lynne Shepherd, Lynne Denise Shepherd or Caine, Marti was an English comedian, actor, dancer, presenter, singer and writer. Her children are called Lee Stringer and Max Stringer.

Caine began her career as a dancer in the 1960s, performing in nightclubs and cabarets across the UK. She later transitioned to comedy, becoming a popular stand-up comedian in the 1980s. Caine also appeared in several television shows, including "New Faces," "The Kenny Everett Television Show," and "Blankety Blank."

In addition to her work in entertainment, Caine was also a writer, penning several books including her autobiography "Marti Caine: The Lady's Not For Turning Left." She was also known for her philanthropic work, supporting a number of charities including cancer research and children's hospitals.

Sadly, Caine passed away in 1995 at the age of 50 after a battle with lymphatic cancer. She is remembered as a trailblazing entertainer and a beloved figure in the UK comedy scene.

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Sheila Gish

Sheila Gish (April 23, 1942 Lincoln-March 9, 2005 London) also known as Sheila Gash, Shiela Gish, Sheila Anne Gash or Sheila Anne Syme Gash was an English actor. She had two children, Lou Gish and Kay Curram.

Gish trained at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) in London and began her career on stage in the 1960s. She appeared in various plays including the National Theatre production of "The Master Builder" and won an Olivier Award for her performance in "The Homecoming". Gish also worked extensively in film and television, with notable roles in the films "High Hopes" and "Mansfield Park". She also appeared in popular TV series such as "The Bill" and "Holby City". Gish was highly respected within the industry and was known for her talent, versatility and work ethic. She passed away in 2005 at the age of 62 after a battle with cancer.

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Adrianne Allen

Adrianne Allen (February 7, 1907 Manchester-September 14, 1993 Montreux) was an English actor. She had two children, Daniel Massey and Anna Massey.

Adrianne Allen began her career in acting during the 1920s and quickly rose to prominence in the London theatre scene. She starred in numerous productions, both in London's West End and on Broadway, including Noel Coward's "Design for Living" and "Hay Fever". Despite her success on stage, she only appeared in a handful of films, including the 1933 film "Cavalcade".

In addition to her acting career, Allen was an accomplished painter and writer. She published two novels, "All This Difference" and "The Persimmon Tree", and wrote a memoir titled "The School on the Hill".

Allen's son, Daniel Massey, followed in her footsteps and became a successful actor, while her daughter Anna Massey also pursued a career in the entertainment industry as an actress. Allen passed away in Montreux, Switzerland at the age of 86.

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Fay Holden

Fay Holden (September 26, 1893 Birmingham-June 23, 1973 Los Angeles) otherwise known as Dorothy Fay Hammerton or Gaby Fay was an English actor.

She made her film debut in the 1935 film "Transatlantic Tunnel" and went on to appear in over 40 films throughout her career, often playing motherly roles. Holden is perhaps best known for her portrayal of Mrs. Hardy, the wife of Oliver Hardy's character, in several Laurel and Hardy films. In addition to her film work, Holden also appeared in numerous television shows in the 1950s and 1960s. Holden was married to actor David Clyde from 1926 until his death in 1945 and they had one son, David Martin. She passed away in 1973 at the age of 79 from complications of a stroke.

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Janet Davies

Janet Davies (September 14, 1927 Wakefield-September 22, 1986 Bromley) was an English actor.

She was best known for her role as Mrs. Castle in the long-running British television series "Doctor Who" from 1967 to 1978. Davies began her career in the 1950s with small roles in British films and television shows. She was also a stage actor and appeared in productions throughout the 1960s and 1970s. In addition to her acting career, Davies was also a writer and published several books on cooking and entertaining. She died in 1986 at the age of 59 from cancer.

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Elisabeth Sladen

Elisabeth Sladen (February 1, 1946 Liverpool-April 19, 2011 Southall) also known as Elisabeth Claira Heath Sladen, Elizabeth Sladen, Elisabeth Miller or Elisabeth Clara Heath-Sladen was an English actor and screenwriter. She had one child, Sadie Miller.

Sladen was best known for her role as Sarah Jane Smith in the British television series Doctor Who. She first appeared as the character in 1973 and went on to play Sarah Jane in both the classic and modern iterations of the show, as well as in her own spin-off series, The Sarah Jane Adventures.

Before her work on Doctor Who, Sladen had notable guest roles on television shows such as Z-Cars, Doomwatch, and Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em. She also had a recurring role in the British sitcom Take My Wife.

In addition to her acting work, Sladen also wrote a book about her experiences on Doctor Who called "Elisabeth Sladen: The Autobiography."

Sladen passed away in 2011 at the age of 65 after battling cancer. She was remembered by fans and colleagues as a beloved actress and a cherished part of the Doctor Who franchise.

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Anna Massey

Anna Massey (August 11, 1937 Thakeham-July 3, 2011 London) also known as Anna Massey OBE, Anna Raymond Massey, Anna Massey CBE or Anna Raymond Massey, CBE was an English actor. She had one child, David Huggins.

Anna Massey was born into a well-known acting family. Her father, Raymond Massey, was a famous Canadian actor, and her mother, Adrianne Allen, was an English stage actress. She was educated at Oxford High School for Girls and later attended the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London.

Massey's acting career spanned over five decades, and she was best known for her roles in films like "Peeping Tom," "Frenzy," and "The Importance of Being Earnest." She also appeared in numerous stage productions, including "The Relapse," "The Seagull," and "The Threepenny Opera."

Throughout her career, Massey received many accolades for her acting, including an OBE in 2004 and a CBE in 2011. She was also a fellow of the British Film Institute and a patron of the Shakespeare Globe Centre.

Massey passed away in 2011 at the age of 73, leaving behind a legacy as a talented and respected actress in the UK entertainment industry.

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Noele Gordon

Noele Gordon (December 25, 1919 East Ham-April 14, 1985 Birmingham) a.k.a. Joan Noele Gordon or Nolly was an English actor.

She was best known for her role as Meg Richardson in the long-running British soap opera "Crossroads," which she played from 1964 to 1981. Gordon began her career as a stage actress, performing in various productions in the West End and with the Royal Shakespeare Company. She transitioned to television in the 1950s and appeared in several popular series such as "The Adventures of Robin Hood" and "Emergency-Ward 10." Gordon was also a singer and released several albums throughout her career, including a Christmas album in 1967. After leaving "Crossroads," she continued to work in theater and on TV, including a guest appearance on "Doctor Who" in 1984.

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Marina Berti

Marina Berti (September 29, 1924 London-October 29, 2002 Rome) a.k.a. Elena Maureen Bertolini, Maurin Melrose, Maureen Melrose or Maurin Melrose - Marina Berti was an English actor. Her children are called Carlo Giordana, Andrea Giordana, Marina Giordana, Luca Giordana and Cristina Giordana.

Marina Berti was born in London to an Italian father and a British mother. Her family moved to Italy when she was a young girl and she began her acting career in Italian films in the 1940s. She went on to act in over 70 films, working with many of Italy's most renowned directors, including Federico Fellini and Michelangelo Antonioni.

In addition to her film work, Berti also had a successful career in the theater, both in Italy and abroad. She was known for her beauty and elegance on and off screen, and was a fashion icon in her time.

Berti was married to the Italian film producer and writer Goffredo Lombardo, with whom she had five children. She continued to act well into her later years, appearing in her last film in 1990. Berti passed away in Rome in 2002, leaving behind a legacy as one of Italy's most beloved cinema icons.

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Anna Neagle

Anna Neagle (October 20, 1904 Forest Gate-June 3, 1986 West Byfleet) a.k.a. Florence Marjorie Robertson, Dame Anna Neagle or Dame Anna Neagle, DBE was an English singer, actor and film producer.

She began her career in the 1920s as a chorus girl in London's West End before becoming a leading lady in British musical films in the 1930s and 1940s. Neagle often portrayed historical figures, including Queen Victoria in "Victoria the Great" and "Sixty Glorious Years". She also produced and starred in the biopic "Elizabeth of Ladymead" and received a Damehood in 1953 for her services to the film industry. Outside of her film work, Neagle was also a talented singer and performed in stage musicals, including the hit show "The Dancing Years".

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Adrienne Hill

Adrienne Hill (July 22, 1937 Plymouth-October 6, 1997 London) was an English actor.

Best known for her role as Katarina in the BBC science fiction television series Doctor Who, Hill began her acting career on stage, performing with the Royal Shakespeare Company and other prominent theater companies. She also appeared on several popular British television shows, including The Avengers and Z-Cars. In addition to her work as an actor, Hill was also a successful voice-over artist, lending her voice to numerous commercials and animated shows. Despite her relatively short career, Hill's talent and charm made a lasting impression on many who had the pleasure of working with her. She passed away in 1997 at the age of 60.

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Chrystabel Leighton-Porter

Chrystabel Leighton-Porter (April 11, 1913 Eastleigh-December 6, 2000 Horsham) also known as Chrystabel Jane Drewry or Christabel Jane Drewry was an English actor and model. She had one child, Simon Leighton-Porter.

Chrystabel Leighton-Porter began her career as a model in the 1930s and later started acting in films and on stage. She appeared in a number of productions, including the films "The Man Who Could Work Miracles" (1936) and "Dead Men Are Dangerous" (1939). During World War II, she worked as a nurse and ambulance driver.

In the 1950s, Leighton-Porter took a break from acting to focus on raising her son but returned to the stage in the 1960s, appearing in productions such as "The Mousetrap" and "An Ideal Husband." She also continued to act in films, with roles in "The V.I.P.s" (1963) and "The Girl on the Boat" (1961).

In addition to her acting and modeling career, Leighton-Porter was an accomplished artist and her paintings were exhibited in galleries in London.

Leighton-Porter passed away in 2000 at the age of 87.

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Diana King

Diana King (August 2, 1918 Buckinghamshire-July 31, 1986 Nettlebed) otherwise known as Diane King was an English actor.

She began her career onstage in London's West End but later transitioned to film, making her debut in 1947's "Take My Life". Some of her notable film credits include "The Master of Ballantrae" (1953), "Yangtse Incident: The Story of H.M.S. Amethyst" (1957), and "Anastasia" (1956). King also appeared on television, including recurring roles on the series "The Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club" and "Detective" in the 1970s. In addition to her acting career, King was also a painter and had a passion for gardening. She passed away from cancer in 1986 at the age of 67.

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Katherine Woodville

Katherine Woodville (December 4, 1938 London-June 5, 2013 Portland) a.k.a. Catherine Woodville, Kate Woodville, Katharine Woodville or Kate was an English actor, horse trainer, horse breeder and businessperson. Her child is called Tai Carmen.

Katherine Woodville was born into a family of actors, with her father being the famous stage and film actor, Sir Guy Standing. She made her acting debut in 1958 in the television series, "Ivanhoe". Throughout her acting career, Woodville appeared in a number of prominent TV shows and films, such as "The Forsyte Saga", "The Saint", "The Baron", "The Prisoner", and "The Hound of the Baskervilles".

Apart from her acting career, Woodville was also passionate about horses and was an accomplished horse trainer and breeder. She co-owned a horse breeding farm in Oregon, USA, where she bred and raised quality Arabian horses that went on to win numerous accolades and awards.

In addition to her work in the entertainment and horse industries, Woodville was also a successful businesswoman. She founded a successful skincare line called "Kate Woodville", which is specifically designed for people with sensitive skin.

Despite facing numerous personal and professional setbacks throughout her life, including the loss of her first husband, Woodville remained resilient and continued to work hard in pursuit of her passions. She passed away in 2013 at the age of 74, leaving behind a legacy as a trailblazer in the entertainment, horse, and beauty industries.

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