English actresses who died due to Diabetes mellitus

Here are 1 famous actresses from England died in Diabetes mellitus:

Florence Marryat

Florence Marryat (July 9, 1833 Brighton-October 27, 1899) was an English novelist, actor, author and editor.

Her father was a well-known author, Capt. Frederick Marryat, and her mother was Catherine Shairp, an actress. Florence also pursued a career in acting, making her stage debut at the age of 14. She eventually left acting to focus on writing, and went on to publish over 70 works, including novels, non-fiction, and plays. She was known for her feminist stance and her support of women's rights. Florence was also a prolific journalist and editor, and founded her own magazine, London Society, which was considered one of the leading literary periodicals of the time. Additionally, she was an advocate for Spiritualism, and wrote several books on the subject. Florence Marryat was a colorful and dynamic figure in Victorian England, and her many achievements and contributions continue to be celebrated today.

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