English musicians born in 1961

Here are 42 famous musicians from England were born in 1961:

Martin Gore

Martin Gore (July 23, 1961 Dagenham-) also known as Martin L. Gore, Martin L Gore, ML Gore, Martin Lee Gore, M. Gore, Gore, Martin, Gore, Martin L. or Mart is an English guitarist, keyboard player, singer, lyricist, disc jockey, songwriter, record producer, remixer, film score composer and actor. He has three children, Kalo Gore, Viva Lee Gore and Ava Lee Gore.

His most important albums: Stardust, Piano & Acoustic Sessions, Loverman EP², Counterfeit e.p and Counterfeit². Genres: Synthpop, Alternative dance, Post-punk, Electronica, New Wave, Electronic dance music, Alternative rock and Electronic rock.

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Jack Dee

Jack Dee (September 24, 1961 Bromley-) a.k.a. The Midget with the Widget, James Andrew Innes Dee or Dee, Jack is an English comedian, actor and screenwriter. He has four children, Phoebe Jane Innes Dee, Miles Lionel Innes Dee, Charles Lionel Innes Dee and Hattie Jane Innes Dee.

His discography includes: Live at the Apollo.

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Kevin Kennedy

Kevin Kennedy (September 4, 1961 Wythenshawe-) a.k.a. Kevin Williams or Kevin Patrick Williams is an English actor, guitarist, singer, writer, record producer and television producer. His children are called Katie May Kennedy, Grace Kennedy and Ryan Williams.

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Mark Shaw

Mark Shaw (June 10, 1961 Chesterfield-) also known as Mark Robert Tiplady or Shaw, Mark is an English singer, actor, songwriter and composer.

His discography includes: Love So Bright. Genres he performed: Rock music, Britpop and Pop rock.

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Norman Giscombe

Norman Giscombe (November 10, 1961 Wandsworth-) also known as Norman Giscombe, Jr., Junior Giscombe, Junior or Junior Mama is an English singer-songwriter.

His albums: Stand Strong, The Best of Junior, 'Ji', Starving Artists of the Year, Sophisticated Street and Do You Really (Want My Love).

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Mick Head

Mick Head (November 28, 1961 Liverpool-) is an English singer, musician and songwriter.

Genres: Indie pop, Rock and roll and Alternative rock.

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John Robb

John Robb (May 4, 1961 Fleetwood-) otherwise known as Robb, John is an English journalist, author, disc jockey, songwriter, commentator and singer.

Genres: Spoken word and Punk rock.

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Dean Howard

Dean Howard (May 7, 1961 Greenwich-) is an English , .

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George Stiles

George Stiles (August 9, 1961-) a.k.a. Stiles and Drewe or George William Stiles is an English composer.

His albums: Honk! (2001 Music Theatre of Wichita cast), and The Three Musketeers: One Music for All.

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Kim Appleby

Kim Appleby (August 28, 1961 Stoke Newington-) a.k.a. Appleby, Kim is an English singer, actor and singer-songwriter. Her child is Sharma Appleby.

Her albums include Mama, G.L.A.D., If You Cared, Breakaway, Breakaway, Light of the World, Free Spirit, Kim Appleby and Don't Worry. Genres: Pop music and Dance-pop.

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Dee C. Lee

Dee C. Lee (June 6, 1961 Balham-) a.k.a. D.C. Lee or Diane Catherine Sealy is an English singer and actor. Her children are called Leah Weller and Nathaniel Weller.

Her discography includes: Shrine, See the Day and New Reality Vibe. Genres she performed: Pop music, Contemporary R&B and Soul music.

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Ranking Roger

Ranking Roger (February 21, 1961 Birmingham-) also known as Rankin' Roger, Rankin Roger of the Beat, Roger Charlery or Rankin Roger is an English singer. His child is Ranking Junior.

His albums: Radical Departure and Inside My Head. Genres he performed include Punk rock, Rock music, Ska, Rocksteady and Electronica.

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Billy Duffy

Billy Duffy (May 12, 1961 Hulme-) also known as William H Duffy, William Henry Duffy or Duffy, Billy is an English guitarist, songwriter, musician and composer.

Genres: Hard rock, Post-punk, Alternative rock, Rock music, Glam metal and Heavy metal.

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Nick Blinko

Nick Blinko (September 4, 1961 United Kingdom-) also known as Blinko, Nick is an English novelist and singer.

Genres related to him: Punk rock, Anarcho-punk and Deathrock.

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Len Arran

Len Arran (June 7, 1961 Thornaby-on-Tees-) is an English film score composer and songwriter.

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Mike Holoway

Mike Holoway (January 28, 1961 Dagenham-) also known as Mike Holloway is an English actor, singer, musician and drummer.

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Alexander Hanson

Alexander Hanson (April 28, 1961 Nottinghamshire-) also known as Alex Hanson, Al Hansen or Alexander Harald St. John Hanson is an English actor. His children are called Molly Hanson and Tom Hanson.

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Wayne Marshall

Wayne Marshall (January 13, 1961 Oldham-) also known as Marshall, Wayne is an English organist and conductor.

His most recognized albums: Organ Classics, West Side Story Symphonic Dances / Facsimile / Divertimento and I Got Rhythm: Wayne Marshall Plays George Gershwin.

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Andrew Taylor

Andrew Taylor (February 16, 1961 Cullercoats-) a.k.a. Andy Taylor, Andrew Arthur Wilson-Taylor, Taylor, Andy or Andrew Arthur Taylor is an English singer, musician, songwriter and guitarist.

Discography: Thunder, Dangerous, Stone Cold Sober and The Spanish Sessions EP. Genres he performed: New Romanticism, Rock music and New Wave.

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Boo Hewerdine

Boo Hewerdine (February 14, 1961 London-) also known as Hewerdine, Boo is an English singer and singer-songwriter.

Related albums: Thanksgiving, Harmonograph, 59 yds, A Live One, Anon, Ignorance, Baptist Hospital, God Bless the Pretty Things, Evidence and Toy Box No. 2..

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Amin Bhatia

Amin Bhatia (July 10, 1961 London-) is an English film score composer.

His discography includes: The Interstellar Suite. Genres: Film score.

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Bryn Jones

Bryn Jones (June 17, 1961 Manchester-January 14, 1999 Manchester) also known as Muslimguaze, Muslim gause, m u s l i m g a u z e, Muslim Gauze, Muslimgauze - Silknoose, E.g Oblique Graph or E.G. Obligue Graph was an English , .

His albums include Al-Zulfiquar Shaheed, Beyond the Blue Mosque, Dar es Salaam, Gulf Between Us, Gun Aramaic, Hebron Massacre, In Search of Ahmad Shah Masood, Infidel, Minaret-Speaker and Muslimgauze. Genres he performed include Ambient music, Industrial music, Noise music, Experimental music, Ethnic electronica, Asian Underground and Dark ambient.

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Jay Aston

Jay Aston (May 4, 1961 Purley, London-) also known as Aston, Jay, The Original Bucks Fizz or Jay Hilda Aston is an English singer and dancer.

Genres she performed include Pop music.

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Tim Smith

Tim Smith (July 3, 1961 England-) also known as Smith, Tim is an English singer.

His most well known albums: Tim Smith's Extra Special OceanLandWorld. Genres related to him: Psychedelic pop, Progressive rock, Art rock, Punk rock and Post-punk.

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Martin Kemp

Martin Kemp (October 10, 1961 Islington-) otherwise known as Kemp, Martin or Martin John Kemp is an English actor, bassist, musician, singer-songwriter, presenter, film producer and film director. He has two children, Roman Kemp and Harley Moon Kemp.

Genres he performed: Synthpop, Pop rock, Pop music, Swing music, Jazz, Blue-eyed soul, New Wave and Funk.

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Nick Heyward

Nick Heyward (May 20, 1961 Beckenham-) otherwise known as Nick Hayward or Nicholas Heyward is an English guitarist, songwriter and singer.

His albums: Blue Hat for a Blue Day, North of a Miracle, Take That Situation, I Love You Avenue, From Monday to Sunday, Tangled, The Apple Bed, The Man You Used to Be, Today and Postcards From Home. His related genres: Pop music and New Wave.

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Craig Gill

Craig Gill (December 5, 1961-) otherwise known as Craig Douglas Gill is an English musician.

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Martin Degville

Martin Degville (November 28, 1961 Walsall-) also known as Degville, Martin is an English singer.

Discography: World War Four.

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Nick Sanderson

Nick Sanderson (April 22, 1961 Sheffield-June 8, 2008) also known as Sanderson, Nick was an English musician and railroad engineer.

Genres related to him: Alternative rock.

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Dave Baynton-Power

Dave Baynton-Power (January 29, 1961 Kent-) also known as David Baynton-Power or Baynton-Power, Dave is an English musician and drummer.

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Robert Heaton

Robert Heaton (July 6, 1961 Knutsford-November 4, 2004) otherwise known as Heaton, Robert, Robert Charles Heaton, Rob Heaton or Heaton, Rob was an English , .

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Paul Raven

Paul Raven (January 16, 1961 Wolverhampton-October 20, 2007 Geneva) also known as Raven, Paul or Paul Vincent Raven was an English bassist.

Genres: Post-punk, Alternative metal, Thrash metal and Industrial music.

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Monty Oxymoron

Monty Oxymoron (September 27, 1961 Brighton-) also known as Montgomery Gillan is an English , .

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Ed Wynne

Ed Wynne (June 3, 1961 Wandsworth-) also known as Wynne, Ed or Edward "Ed" Wynne is an English record producer.

Genres: Progressive rock, Jazz fusion, Space rock, Dub, Electronic music, World music, Psychedelic rock, Instrumental rock and Ambient music.

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Andy Fletcher

Andy Fletcher (July 8, 1961 Nottingham-) a.k.a. Andrew John Fletcher, Fletch or Fletcher, Andrew is an English keyboard player, musician, actor, disc jockey and spokesperson.

Genres related to him: Synthpop, Dance music, New Wave, Alternative dance, Industrial rock, Alternative rock and Electronic rock.

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Lawrence Hayward

Lawrence Hayward (August 12, 1961 United Kingdom-) otherwise known as Lawrence is an English musician and songwriter.

Genres he performed: Synthpop, Rock music, Glam rock, Alternative rock, Indie pop, Gothic rock, Jangle pop and Post-punk.

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Princess (November 27, 1961-) also known as Desiree Heslop is an English singer and singer-songwriter.

Her albums include Another World, After the Love Has Gone, Say I'm Your Number One, Princess, All for Love, Lover Don't Go, Number One 2000 Mixes and Say I'm Your Number One. Genres she performed: Pop music, Electronic dance music and Dance music.

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Mark Lockheart

Mark Lockheart (March 31, 1961 Lymington-) also known as Lockheart, Mark is an English composer.

His albums include Moving Air, In Deep, and Ellington in Anticipation. Genres: Jazz.

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Mark Padmore

Mark Padmore (March 8, 1961 London-) is an English singer.

His discography includes: On Wenlock Edge / Piano Quintet in C minor / Romance and Pastorale, Lutheran Masses, Volume 1, Lutheran Masses, Volume 2, The Grainger Edition, Volume 3: Works for Chorus and Orchestra, Johannes-Passion - St John Passion - Passion selon Saint Jean, , Songs by Schubert's Friends and Contemporaries, Winterreise (feat. tenor: Mark Padmore, piano: Paul Lewis), Kantates 8, 125, 138 - Herreweghe and Weihnachtskantaten BWV 57, 110, 122.

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Des De Moor

Des De Moor (April 20, 1961-) is an English singer.

His albums include Darkness and Disgrace: The Songs of David Bowie.

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Russell Senior

Russell Senior (May 18, 1961 Sheffield-) also known as Senior, Russell is an English guitarist and violinist.

Genres related to him: Art rock, Post-punk, Alternative rock, Indie rock, Indie pop and Britpop.

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Anita Wardell

Anita Wardell (August 23, 1961 Guildford-) otherwise known as Wardell, Anita is an English , .

Her discography includes: Noted, Kinda Blue, Why Do You Cry?, If You Never Come to Me and Straight Ahead.

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