English musicians died at 23

Here are 1 famous musicians from England died at 23:

Caroline Matilda of Great Britain

Caroline Matilda of Great Britain (July 11, 1751 Essex House-May 10, 1775 Celle) a.k.a. Caroline Matilda of Wales or Caroline Mathilde was an English personality. Her children are Frederick VI of Denmark and Princess Louise Auguste of Denmark.

Caroline Matilda was the youngest child of Frederick, Prince of Wales and Princess Augusta of Saxe-Gotha. At the age of 15, she was married off to Christian VII of Denmark in an arranged marriage. However, the marriage was unhappy and Caroline Matilda soon found herself embroiled in a scandalous affair with Johann Friedrich Struensee, a German physician who had become the king's personal physician and was exerting a powerful influence over him.

In 1772, the affair was discovered and Struensee was arrested and executed for treason. Caroline Matilda was divorced, stripped of her title as queen, and banished from Denmark. She spent the rest of her life in exile in Celle, a small town in Germany, where she died at the age of 23. It is said that she deeply regretted her actions and longed to be reunited with her children, but she never saw them again after her banishment from Denmark.

Despite her short life and scandalous affair, Caroline Matilda was known for her intelligence, wit, and charm. She was also a patron of the arts and literature, and fond of music and dancing. During her time in Denmark, she worked to improve the conditions of prisoners and the poor, and established schools for girls. After her banishment, she lived a quiet life in Celle, where she was visited by her brother, King George III of England. It is rumored that she also had a secret correspondence with her former sister-in-law, Queen Marie Antoinette of France. Caroline Matilda's tragic life has been the subject of many novels, plays, and films over the years, cementing her place in history as a complex and fascinating figure.

She died as a result of infectious disease.

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