English musicians died at 34

Here are 4 famous musicians from England died at 34:

David Sharp

David Sharp (February 15, 1972 England-May 15, 2006 Mount Everest) was an English teacher, mathematician and mountaineer.

He died in hypothermia.

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T. E. Hulme

T. E. Hulme (September 16, 1883 Endon-September 28, 1917 Oostduinkerke) was an English personality.

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Sidney Gilchrist Thomas

Sidney Gilchrist Thomas (April 16, 1850 Canonbury-February 1, 1885 Paris) was an English personality.

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Alan Rouse

Alan Rouse (December 19, 1951 Wallasey-August 10, 1986 K2) was an English personality.

He died as a result of mountaineering.

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