Estonian musicians died at 71

Here are 2 famous musicians from Estonia died at 71:

Alfred Neuland

Alfred Neuland (October 10, 1895 Walk, Livonia-November 16, 1966 Tallinn) was an Estonian personality.

He is best known for his achievements in weightlifting, where he won the gold medal in the featherweight category at the 1920 Summer Olympics in Antwerp. Neuland also set several world records during his career.

But Neuland was not just a weightlifter. He was also a talented musician, playing both the violin and the piano. In addition, he was a skilled painter, with his artwork exhibited in several galleries throughout Estonia. Neuland was able to balance his athletic and artistic pursuits, giving him a well-rounded reputation among his peers.

During World War II, Neuland was conscripted into the German army and fought on the Eastern Front. After the war, he returned to Estonia and settled in Tallinn, where he continued to work as a painter, musician, and sports coach.

Despite his many accomplishments, Neuland’s life was not without struggle. He faced financial and personal difficulties throughout his later years and tragically died penniless in a hospital in Tallinn. Today, he is remembered as one of Estonia’s greatest athletes and artists of the 20th century.

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August Kitzberg

August Kitzberg (December 29, 1855 Laatre, Viljandi County-October 10, 1927 Tartu) was an Estonian playwright and writer.

Kitzberg was born into a peasant family and attended a German-language school in Viljandi, Estonia. He studied law at the University of Tartu but did not graduate. Kitzberg became known for his works that depicted peasant life and culture. His most famous play, "Libahunt" (The Werewolf), is considered a classic of Estonian literature and is still performed today. Kitzberg's other notable works include "Kauka Jumal" (God of the Caucasus), "Pisuhänd" (The Hedgehog), and "Käre Jõnn" (Grumpy Johnny). In addition to his writing, Kitzberg worked as a clerk at a courthouse and later as a civil servant. Today, Kitzberg is considered one of the most important figures in Estonian literature and his work continues to be studied and performed.

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