Famous movie actors died in the year 1984

Here are 50 famous actors from the world died in 1984:

Richard Burton

Richard Burton (November 10, 1925 Pontrhydyfen-August 5, 1984 Céligny) also known as Richard Walter Jenkins, Rich, Dick, Richard Burton, CBE, Richard Jenkins or Burton was a British actor. His children are called Kate Burton, Liza Todd Burton, Maria Burton and Jessica Burton.

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Leonard Rossiter

Leonard Rossiter (October 21, 1926 Wavertree-October 5, 1984 Lyric Theatre, London) also known as Len Rossiter was a British actor and writer. He had one child, Camilla Rossiter.

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Billy Sands

Billy Sands (January 6, 1911 Bergen-August 24, 1984 Los Angeles) also known as Billie Sands, William F. Sands or William E. Sands was an American actor.

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Bernard Youens

Bernard Youens (December 28, 1914 Hove-August 27, 1984 England) was an English actor.

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Clyde Cook

Clyde Cook (December 16, 1891 Port Macquarie-August 13, 1984 Carpinteria) otherwise known as Clyde Cook, Rubber Comedian, Clyde Wilford Cook, The Taxi Boys, The Kangaroo Boy, the Original Keystone Kops or Inja Rubber Idiot was an Australian actor and film director.

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Richard Deacon

Richard Deacon (May 14, 1921 Philadelphia-August 8, 1984 Los Angeles) also known as Fly was an American actor, chef, writer and presenter.

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John Marley

John Marley (October 17, 1907 New York City-May 22, 1984 Los Angeles) also known as John Marlieb was an American actor. He had four children, Ben Marley, Peter Marley, Julia Marley and Alexis Marley.

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Jack Howarth

Jack Howarth (February 19, 1896 Rochdale-March 31, 1984 Llandudno) also known as Jack Howarth MBE or John Aubrey Conway Howarth was an English actor.

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Dionysis Papagiannopoulos

Dionysis Papagiannopoulos (July 12, 1912 Diakopto-April 13, 1984 Athens) a.k.a. Dionysis Papagiannopoulos, Dionisis Papagiannopoulos or Dionyssis Papayannopoulos was a Greek actor.

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Steve Pendleton

Steve Pendleton (September 16, 1908 New York City-October 3, 1984 Pasadena) a.k.a. Gaylord Pendleton, Gaylord 'Steve' Pendleton, Jack Carson, Jack Pendleton or Gay Pendleton was an American actor.

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Francis de Wolff

Francis de Wolff (January 7, 1913 Essex-April 18, 1984 Sussex) also known as Francis De Wolffe, Francis DeWolff, Francis De Wolfe or Francis De Wolff was a British actor.

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Shen Chan

Shen Chan (March 11, 1940 Taichung-April 26, 1984 Hong Kong) also known as Chan Shen, Chan Cheng, Chan Yi-Cheng, Jim Sum, Zhan Sen, Chan Sheng, Chan Yi Sheng or Chim Sam was a Taiwanese actor.

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Roland Culver

Roland Culver (August 31, 1900 Highgate-March 1, 1984 Henley-on-Thames) a.k.a. Roland Joseph Culver or Roland Culver OBE was a British actor. He had two children, Michael Culver and Robin Culver.

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Peter Welch

Peter Welch (March 30, 1922 London-November 20, 1984 Hammersmith) was a British actor.

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Derek Francis

Derek Francis (November 7, 1923 Brighton-March 27, 1984 Wimbledon) was a British actor. He had two children, Julia Clare Francis and Tessa Jane Francis.

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Smith Ballew

Smith Ballew (January 21, 1902 Palestine-May 2, 1984 Longview) a.k.a. Ballew, Smith, Sykes Ballew, Sykes Smith Ballew, Smith Ballew and the Sons of the Sage or Buddy Blue was an American musician, actor and singer.

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Edvin Tiemroth

Edvin Tiemroth (February 18, 1915 Copenhagen-November 16, 1984 Denmark) was a Danish film director and actor. His child is called Lene Tiemroth.

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I. S. Johar

I. S. Johar (March 16, 1920 Talagang-March 10, 1984 Mumbai) a.k.a. Indra Sen Johar, Inder Sen Johar, Inderjeet Singh Johar, Inderjeet S Johar, I.S.Johar or I.S. Johar was an Indian actor, film director, film producer and screenwriter. His children are called Ambika Johar and Anil Johar.

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Leonardo Cortese

Leonardo Cortese (May 24, 1916 Rome-October 31, 1984 Rome) was an Italian actor, screenwriter, television director, voice actor and film director.

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Tino Scotti

Tino Scotti (November 16, 1905 Milan-October 16, 1984 Tarquinia) also known as Tino Scatti, Ernesto or Scotti was an Italian actor and screenwriter.

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George Rigaud

George Rigaud (August 11, 1905 Buenos Aires-January 17, 1984 Leganés) a.k.a. Jorge Rigaud, Georges Rigaud, Jorge Regaud, Giorgio Rigatto, Giorgio Rigato, Jorge Rigeaut, Pedro Jorge Rigato Delisset or Pedro Jorge Rigato Delissetche was an Argentine actor.

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Carlo Campanini

Carlo Campanini (October 5, 1906 Turin-November 20, 1984 Rome) was an Italian actor.

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Francesco Mulé

Francesco Mulé (December 3, 1926 Rome-November 4, 1984 Rome) otherwise known as Francesco Mulè was an Italian actor and voice actor.

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Aris Maliagros

Aris Maliagros (August 17, 1895 Argostoli-December 18, 1984 Athens) a.k.a. Aris Malliagros was a Greek actor.

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Kazuo Hasegawa

Kazuo Hasegawa (February 27, 1908 Fushimi-ku, Kyoto-April 6, 1984 Tokyo) also known as Chôjirô Hayashi, Chojiro Hayashi, Hasegawa Kazuo, 長谷川 一夫, Hayashi Chomaru, 林 長丸, はやし ちょうまる, はせがわ かずお, Chomaru Hayashi, はやし ちょうじろう, 林 長二郎 or Hayashi Chojiro was a Japanese actor. His children are called Naritoshi Hayashi, Michiko Ono and Kiyo Hasegawa.

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Yatarō Kurokawa

Yatarō Kurokawa (November 15, 1910 Yokohama-June 23, 1984) also known as Hirotarô Kurokawa, 黒川 弥太郎 or Kurokawa Yatarō was a Japanese actor.

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Jean-Pierre Kérien

Jean-Pierre Kérien (March 15, 1912 Le Havre-April 9, 1984 Paris) also known as J.P. Kérien, Kérien, Kerien or Jean-Pierre Kerien was a French actor.

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Crox Alvarado

Crox Alvarado (May 3, 1910 San José-January 30, 1984 Mexico City) also known as Cruz Pio del Socorro Alvarado Bolano or Croz Alvarado was a Mexican actor, screenwriter, wrestler and cartoonist.

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Count Basie

Count Basie (August 21, 1904 Red Bank-April 26, 1984 Hollywood) also known as Count Baise, Count Bassie, Count Basie Bunch, The Count Basie Bunch, William Basie, Willaim Basie, William Allen Basie, The Kid from Red Bank, Count Basie and His Orchestra, Count Basie and His Band, The Count, William James Basie or Count Basie (with Bennie Moten Orchestra) was an American bandleader, musician, composer, organist, jazz pianist, actor and songwriter.

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Avon Long

Avon Long (June 18, 1910 Baltimore-February 15, 1984 New York City) was an American actor and singer.

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Napoleon Whiting

Napoleon Whiting (September 21, 1910 Canton-October 22, 1984 Los Angeles) also known as Nappy Whiting or Nappie Whiting was an American actor.

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Eduardo De Filippo

Eduardo De Filippo (May 24, 1900 Chiaia-October 31, 1984 Rome) also known as Eduardo was an Italian screenwriter, actor, film director, writer, playwright, author, poet and film producer. He had two children, Luca De Filippo and Luisella De Filippo.

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Chet Allen

Chet Allen (May 6, 1939 Chickasha-June 17, 1984 Columbus) was an American actor.

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Lennard Pearce

Lennard Pearce (February 9, 1915 Paddington-December 15, 1984 London) also known as Leonard Pearce was an English actor.

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François Truffaut

François Truffaut (February 6, 1932 Paris-October 21, 1984 Neuilly-sur-Seine) a.k.a. Francois Truffaut, François Roland Truffaut, F. Truffaut, François, Le Petit Caporal or La Truffe was a French film director, actor, screenwriter, film producer and film critic. He had three children, Eva Truffaut, Joséphine Truffaut and Laura Truffaut.

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Johnny Weissmuller

Johnny Weissmuller (June 2, 1904 Freidorf-January 20, 1984 Acapulco) also known as Peter John Weissmuller, Johann Peter Weißmüller, Janos Weissmuller, Janos Weißmüller, Johnny Weissmüller, Big John, János Weißmüller, Peter Johann Weissmüller or Johnny Weismuller was an American swimmer and actor. He had three children, Johnny Weissmuller, Jr., Wendy Anne Weissmuller and Heidi Elizabeth Weissmuller.

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James Mason

James Mason (May 15, 1909 Huddersfield-July 27, 1984 Lausanne) otherwise known as James Neville Mason or Enoch Gates was a British actor, film producer, screenwriter and film director. He had two children, Morgan Mason and Portland Mason.

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Andy Kaufman

Andy Kaufman (January 17, 1949 New York City-May 16, 1984 West Hollywood) also known as Andrew Geoffrey Kaufman, Tony Clifton or Baji Kimran was an American comedian, actor, entertainer, artist, writer, screenwriter, wrestler and music artist. He had one child, Maria Colonna.

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Walter Pidgeon

Walter Pidgeon (September 23, 1897 Saint John-September 25, 1984 Santa Monica) also known as Walter Davis Pidgeon, Walter Davis Pigeon or Pidgeon was a Canadian actor and singer. His child is called Edna Pidgeon Atkins.

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Henry Wilcoxon

Henry Wilcoxon (September 8, 1905 Roseau-March 6, 1984 Los Angeles) also known as Henry Wilcoxen, Harry Frederick Wilcoxon, Harry Wilcoxon, Henry Wilcoxin, Harry Wilcoxin or Biff was a Dominican actor and film producer. His children are called Wendy Joan Wilcoxon, Heather Ann Wilcoxon and Cecilia Dawn Wilcoxon.

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Oskar Werner

Oskar Werner (November 13, 1922 Vienna-October 23, 1984 Marburg) also known as Oskar Josef Schliessmayer, Erasmus Nothnagel, Oscar Werner or Oskar Josef Bschließmayer was an Austrian actor, film director and screenwriter. He had two children, Felix Werner and Eleanore Werner.

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Jackie Coogan

Jackie Coogan (October 26, 1914 Los Angeles-March 1, 1984 Santa Monica) a.k.a. Jack Coogan, John L. Coogan, Jackie or John Leslie Coogan was an American actor and child actor. He had four children, Christopher Fenton Coogan, Joann Dolliver Coogan, Leslie Diane Coogan and John Anthony Coogan.

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Richard Basehart

Richard Basehart (August 31, 1914 Zanesville-September 17, 1984 Los Angeles) also known as John Richard Basehart was an American actor. His children are called Jackie Basehart and Gayla Basehart.

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Peter Lawford

Peter Lawford (September 7, 1923 London-December 24, 1984 Los Angeles) otherwise known as Peter Sydney Ernest Aylen, Brother-in-Lawford, Lawford or Peter Sydney Ernest Lawford was an American actor and film producer. He had four children, Christopher Lawford, Robin Elizabeth Lawford, Sydney Maleia Kennedy Lawford and Victoria Francis Lawford.

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Richard Hurndall

Richard Hurndall (November 3, 1910 Darlington-April 13, 1984 London) also known as Richard Gibbon Hurndall was an English actor.

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Santo (September 23, 1917 Tulancingo-February 5, 1984 Mexico City) otherwise known as Rodolfo Guzmán Huerta, The Saint or El Santo was a Mexican actor and wrestler. His children are called El Hijo del Santo, Alejandro, María de los Ángeles, Héctor Rodolfo, Blanca Lilia, Víctor Manuel, Miguel Ángel, Silvia Yolanda, María de Lourdes and Mercedes.

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Luther Adler

Luther Adler (May 4, 1903 New York City-December 8, 1984 Kutztown) also known as Lutha Adler or Lutha J. Alder was an American actor, theatre director and teacher. He had one child, Jacob Adler.

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Yılmaz Güney

Yılmaz Güney (April 1, 1937 Yenice, Karataş-September 9, 1984 Paris) otherwise known as Yılmaz Pütün, Çirkin Kral, Ugly King, Yilmaz Güney, Yilmaz Pütün, Yilmaz Guney or Guney Yilmaz was a Turkish film director, actor, screenwriter, film producer and novelist. His children are called Elif Güney and Yılmaz Güney.

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Lloyd Gough

Lloyd Gough (September 21, 1907 New York City-July 23, 1984 Los Angeles) also known as Michael Gough or Lloyd Goff was an American actor.

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Jon-Erik Hexum

Jon-Erik Hexum (November 5, 1957 Englewood-October 18, 1984 Century City) also known as Jon Eric Hexum was an American model and actor.

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