Famous actors died as a result of B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia

Here are 2 famous actors from the world died in B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia:

George Michael

George Michael (March 24, 1939 St. Louis-December 24, 2009 Washington, D.C.) also known as George Michael Gimpel, King George or "King" George Michael was an American tv journalist, journalist, sports commentator, disc jockey, presenter and actor. He had three children, Michelle Gimpel, Cindi Gimpel and Brad Gimpel.

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Oleg Borisov

Oleg Borisov (November 8, 1929 Privolzhsk-April 28, 1994 Moscow) also known as Albert Ivanovich Borisov, A. Borisov, O. Borisov or Oleg Ivanovich Borisov was a Soviet actor. He had one child, Yuri Borisov.

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