Famous actors died as a result of Nephritis

Here are 4 famous actors from the world died in Nephritis:

Ted Healy

Ted Healy (October 1, 1896 Kaufman-December 21, 1937 Los Angeles) otherwise known as Ernest Lee Nash, Lee, Ernest Lea Nash, Clarence Lee Nash or Charles Lee Nash was an American comedian, actor and vaudeville performer. He had one child, John Jacob Nash.

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Frank Rice

Frank Rice (May 13, 1892 Muskegon-January 9, 1936 Los Angeles) was an American actor.

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Eisuke Takizawa

Eisuke Takizawa (September 6, 1902 Mita, Minato, Tokyo-November 29, 1965) also known as Eiichi Nariyama, Kinpachi Kajiwara, Ken Takizawa or Takizawa Eisuke was a Japanese film director, screenwriter and actor.

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Gianfranco Giachetti

Gianfranco Giachetti (September 17, 1888 Florence-November 29, 1936 Rome) was an Italian actor.

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