Famous actors died as a result of Pulmonary edema

Here are 8 famous actors from the world died in Pulmonary edema:

Johnny Weissmuller

Johnny Weissmuller (June 2, 1904 Freidorf-January 20, 1984 Acapulco) also known as Peter John Weissmuller, Johann Peter Weißmüller, Janos Weissmuller, Janos Weißmüller, Johnny Weissmüller, Big John, János Weißmüller, Peter Johann Weissmüller or Johnny Weismuller was an American swimmer and actor. He had three children, Johnny Weissmuller, Jr., Wendy Anne Weissmuller and Heidi Elizabeth Weissmuller.

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Vinicius de Moraes

Vinicius de Moraes (October 19, 1913 Gávea, Rio de Janeiro-July 9, 1980 Rio de Janeiro) also known as Vinicius De Mores , Vinicius de Morales, Vinmcius de Moraes, Vinicius Moraes, Poetinha, Marcus Vinicius da Cruz de Mello Moraes, O Poetinha, Vinitius de Moraes, Marcus Vinicius da Cruz e Mello Moraes, Vinícius de Moraes or Marcus Vinícius de Moraes was a Brazilian singer, writer, poet, essayist, lyricist, playwright, film score composer, screenwriter, composer and actor. He had five children, Georgiana de Moraes, Luciana de Moraes, Susana de Moraes, Pedro de Moraes and Maria de Moraes.

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Yokozuna (October 2, 1966 San Francisco-October 23, 2000 Liverpool) a.k.a. Kokina Maximus, Wild Samoan Kokina, Great Kokina, Rodney Agatupu Anoaʻi, Rodney Anoai or The Great Kokina was an American wrestler and actor. He had two children, Justin Anoa'i and Keilani Anoa'i.

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Steve Cochran

Steve Cochran (May 25, 1917 Eureka-June 15, 1965 Guatemala) also known as Robert Alexander Cochran was an American actor. He had one child, Xandra Cochran.

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Jacques Marin

Jacques Marin (September 9, 1919 Paris-January 10, 2001 Cannes) was a French actor and voice actor.

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William Lundigan

William Lundigan (June 12, 1914 Syracuse-December 20, 1975 Duarte) a.k.a. Larry Parker or Bill Lundigan was an American actor and soldier.

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Giorgos Gavriilidis

Giorgos Gavriilidis (November 27, 2014 Nikaia-July 23, 1982 Athens) was a Greek actor.

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Luciano Martino

Luciano Martino (December 22, 1933 Naples-August 14, 2013 Malindi) also known as Dan Lopert, Mario Donan, Martin Hardy, Frank Cook or Louis Martin was an Italian film producer, film director, screenwriter, television producer, actor and writer. He had two children, Lea Martino and Dania Martino.

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