Famous actors died as a result of Throat Cancer

Here are 2 famous actors from the world died in Throat Cancer:

Edgar Kennedy

Edgar Kennedy (April 26, 1890 Monterey County-November 9, 1948 Woodland Hills) a.k.a. Edgar Livingstone Kennedy, Ed Kennedy, Ed. Kennedy, Charles Haggerty, Edward Kennedy, E. Livingston Kennedy, King of the Slow Burn, Master of the Slow Burn, Edgar Livingston Kennedy or Slow Burn was an American actor, film director, professional boxer, singer, comedian and vaudeville performer. He had two children, Larry Kennedy and Colleen Kennedy.

Kennedy began his career in vaudeville and made his film debut in the early 1910s. He gained fame for his "slow burn" comedic style, in which he would react to frustrating situations with exaggerated patience before exploding in anger. He appeared in over 500 films, mostly in supporting roles, including the Marx Brothers' film "Duck Soup" and Charlie Chaplin's "A King in New York".

In addition to acting, Kennedy also directed several films and wrote screenplays. He was also a talented singer and songwriter, with several of his songs appearing in films. Prior to his career in entertainment, Kennedy was a professional boxer, and he incorporated his boxing experience into some of his film roles.

Kennedy's life was cut short when he died of throat cancer in 1948 at the age of 58. Despite his relatively short life, he left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry with his unique comedic style and versatile talents.

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Ronnie Drew

Ronnie Drew (September 16, 1934 DĂșn Laoghaire-August 16, 2008 Dublin) also known as Joseph Ronald Drew or The Dubliners was an Irish singer, songwriter, actor and guitarist. His children are called Phelim Drew and Cliodhna Drew.

Ronnie Drew was best known as the founder and lead vocalist of the popular Irish band, The Dubliners. With his powerful and distinctive voice, Drew helped popularize traditional Irish folk music both in Ireland and abroad. He wrote a number of songs during his career, many of which have become classics in the Irish folk music canon. In addition to his music, Drew also made several appearances on stage and screen as an actor, including in the film "The Commitments" and the RTE series "The Irish R.M." Despite battling cancer in his later years, Drew continued to perform and record music until shortly before his death in 2008.

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