Famous movie actresses died when they were 45

Here are 8 famous actresses from the world died at 45:

Carmen Amaya

Carmen Amaya (November 2, 1918 Barcelona-November 19, 1963 Begur) a.k.a. Carmen Amaya Amaya was a Spanish singer, flamenco dancer and actor.

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Nicolette Larson

Nicolette Larson (July 17, 1952 Helena-December 16, 1997 Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center) also known as Nicolette Leigh Larson was an American singer and actor. She had one child, Elsie May Larson-Kunkel.

She died caused by cerebral edema.

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Rio Diaz

Rio Diaz (August 14, 1959 Manila-October 4, 2004 Daly City) also known as Rosario Diaz or Rio Diaz-Cojuangco was a Filipino actor. She had three children, Claudia Diaz Cojuangco, Jaime Diaz Cojuangco and Ali Diaz Cojuangco.

She died in colorectal cancer.

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Vicki Sue Robinson

Vicki Sue Robinson (May 31, 1954 Harlem-April 27, 2000 Wilton) also known as Vicky Sue Robinson or Vickie Sue Robinson was an American singer, actor and session musician.

She died in cancer.

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Boots Mallory

Boots Mallory (October 22, 1913 New Orleans-December 1, 1958 Santa Monica) also known as Patricia Boots Mallory, Patricia "Boots" Mallory, Patricia Mallory, 'Boots' Mallory or "Boots" Mallory was an American actor, dancer and model. She had two children, Jill Cagney and William Cagney.

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Diana Lynn

Diana Lynn (October 7, 1926 Los Angeles-December 18, 1971 New York City) a.k.a. Dolores Loehr, Dolly, diana_lynn, Dolores Marie Loehr or Dolly Loehr was an American actor and pianist. Her children are called Dolly Hall and Daisy Hall.

She died caused by stroke.

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Mary Nolan

Mary Nolan (December 18, 1902 Louisville-October 31, 1948 Hollywood) a.k.a. Imogene Robertson, Imogene Robetson, Mary Imogene Robertson, Mary Robertson, Imogen Robertson, Imogene "Bubbles" Wilson, Imogene Wilson, Bubbles or Mary Wilson was an American actor and dancer.

She died caused by barbiturate overdose.

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Natasha Richardson

Natasha Richardson (May 11, 1963 Marylebone-March 18, 2009 Lenox Hill Hospital) also known as Natasha Jane Richardson or Tasha was an American actor and film producer. She had two children, Micheál Neeson and Daniel Neeson.

She died in skiing accident.

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