Famous movie actresses died in the year 2004

Here are 50 famous actresses from the world died in 2004:

Nirupa Roy

Nirupa Roy (January 4, 1931 Valsad-October 13, 2004 Mumbai) a.k.a. Kokila Kishorechandra Balsara, Nirupa, Kokila Kishorechandra Bulsara, Kokila, Roy, the greatest "Maa", Queen of misery or Mother of Bollywood was an Indian actor. Her children are called Kiran Roy and Yogesh Roy.

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Sumita Devi

Sumita Devi (February 2, 1936 Dhaka-January 6, 2004 Dhaka) also known as Hena Bhattacharya was a Bangladeshi actor and film director.

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Nafisa Joseph

Nafisa Joseph (March 28, 1978 Bangalore-July 29, 2004 Mumbai) was an Indian actor, model and presenter.

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Gong Qiuxia

Gong Qiuxia (December 4, 1918 Jiangsu-September 7, 2004 Hong Kong) also known as Gong Chio Xia, 龔秋霞 or 龚秋霞 was a Chinese singer and actor.

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Henny Backus

Henny Backus (March 21, 1911 Philadelphia-December 9, 2004 Los Angeles) also known as Henrietta Kaye was an American actor, showgirl and author.

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Phoebe Brand

Phoebe Brand (November 27, 1904 Ilion-July 3, 2004 New York City) a.k.a. Phoebe Brand Carnovsky or Phoebe Carnovsky was an American actor. Her child is called Stephen Carnovsky.

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Caitlin Clarke

Caitlin Clarke (May 3, 1952 Pittsburgh-September 9, 2004 Sewickley) a.k.a. Catherine Ann Clarke, Caitlin Clark, Celia McGuire or Katherine Anne Clarke was an American actor and instructor.

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Dorothy Hart

Dorothy Hart (April 4, 1922 Cleveland-July 11, 2004 Asheville) a.k.a. Dorothy J. Hart or Dorothy Brady was an American actor. She had one child, Douglas Hart Pittera.

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Suzanne Kaaren

Suzanne Kaaren (March 21, 1912 Brooklyn-August 27, 2004 Englewood) also known as Suzanne Blackmer, Suzanne Karen or Suzanne Kaaren Blackmer was an American actor. She had two children, Brewster Blackmer and Jonathan Blackmer.

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Liddy Holloway

Liddy Holloway (March 27, 1947 Wellington-December 29, 2004 Auckland) also known as Elizabeth Holloway, Elizabeth Brenda "Liddy" Holloway or Elizabeth Brenda Holloway was a New Zealand actor, screenwriter and journalist. She had three children, Joel Tobeck, Francesca Holibar and Mark Harlen.

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Marion Shilling

Marion Shilling (December 3, 1910 Denver-November 6, 2004 Torrance) also known as Marian Shilling or Marion Schilling was an American actor. She had two children, Edward Cook and Frances Cook.

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Etta Moten Barnett

Etta Moten Barnett (November 5, 1901 Weimar-January 2, 2004 Chicago) also known as Etta Moten was an American singer and actor. She had three children, Sue Brooks, Gladys Brooks and Etta Vee Brooks.

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Laura Branigan

Laura Branigan (July 3, 1957 Brewster-August 26, 2004 East Quogue) also known as Laura Brannigan, LAURA BRANIGAN or Branigan, Laura was an American singer, actor, musician and songwriter.

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Silvana Jachino

Silvana Jachino (February 2, 1916 Milan-August 28, 2004 Morciano di Romagna) also known as Susan Terry was an Italian actor.

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Simone Renant

Simone Renant (March 19, 1911 Amiens-March 29, 2004 Garches) also known as Georgette Simone Alexine Buigny, Simonne Renant or Georgette Simone Buigny was a French actor.

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Sophie Daumier

Sophie Daumier (November 24, 1934 Boulogne-sur-Mer-January 1, 2004 Paris) otherwise known as Elisabeth Hugon, Betty Daumier, Élisabeth Simonne Juliette Clémence Hugon or Betty Hugon was a French actor. Her children are called Mélanie Bedos and Philippe Bedos.

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Kate Mundt

Kate Mundt (January 9, 1930 Denmark-May 5, 2004 Denmark) was a Danish actor.

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Maria Fiore

Maria Fiore (October 1, 1935 Rome-October 27, 2004 Rome) a.k.a. Joan Simons, Jolanda Di Fiore or Iolanda Di Fiori was an Italian actor and voice actor.

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Soundarya (July 18, 1972 Mulbagal-April 17, 2004 Bangalore) also known as Sowmya, Saundarya, Soumya or Soundarya Sandeep was an Indian actor and film producer.

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Virginia Capers

Virginia Capers (September 22, 1925 Sumter-May 6, 2004 Los Angeles) a.k.a. Eliza Virginia Capers was an American actor. She had one child, Glenn Capers.

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Isabel Sanford

Isabel Sanford (August 29, 1917 Harlem-July 9, 2004 Los Angeles) a.k.a. Eloise Gwendolyn Sanford was an American actor. She had three children, Sanford K. Sanford, Pamela Ruff and William Eric Richmond.

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Nelly Borgeaud

Nelly Borgeaud (November 29, 1931 Geneva-July 14, 2004 Bénévent-l'Abbaye) a.k.a. Nelly Borgéaud or Nellie Borgeaud was a French actor. Her child is called Isabelle Vincent.

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Fay Wray

Fay Wray (September 15, 1907 Cardston-August 8, 2004 New York City) also known as Vina Fay Wray, Queen of the Bs, The Queen of Scream or Miss Fay Wray was a Canadian actor. She had three children, Robert Riskin Jr., Susan Saunders and Victoria Riskin.

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Janet Leigh

Janet Leigh (July 6, 1927 Merced-October 3, 2004 Los Angeles) also known as Jeanette Helen Morrison, Janet Helen Morrison, Jeanette Morrison or Jeanette Reames was an American actor and author. Her children are called Jamie Lee Curtis and Kelly Curtis.

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Maureen Potter

Maureen Potter (January 3, 1925 Dublin-April 7, 2004 Clontarf, Dublin) also known as Maria Philomena Potter was an Irish singer, comedian and actor.

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Anna Lee

Anna Lee (January 2, 1913 Ightham-May 14, 2004 Beverly Hills) also known as Joan Boniface Winnifrith, Queen of the Quota Quickies or Anna Lee, MBE was an English actor. Her children are called Venetia Stevenson, Jeffrey Byron, Steve Stafford, Caroline Stevenson and John Stafford.

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Barbara Whiting Smith

Barbara Whiting Smith (May 19, 1931 Los Angeles-June 9, 2004 Pontiac) also known as Barbara Whiting was an American actor. She had one child, Richard Whiting Smith.

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Inge Meysel

Inge Meysel (May 30, 1910 Neukölln-July 10, 2004 Seevetal) also known as Inge Meisel, Ingeborg Charlotte Hansen or Mutter der Nation was a German actor.

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Margo McLennan

Margo McLennan (February 8, 1938 Peckham-July 28, 2004 Colgate, West Sussex) also known as Eileen Marguerite McMenemy, Margo Mayne, Margo McMenemy or Margo Lady McLennan was a British actor.

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Virginia Grey

Virginia Grey (March 22, 1917 Los Angeles-July 31, 2004 Woodland Hills) was an American actor.

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Laura Betti

Laura Betti (May 1, 1927 Casalecchio di Reno-July 31, 2004 Rome) a.k.a. Laura Trombetti or Betti was an Italian actor, singer, voice actor, film director and screenwriter.

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Molly Weir

Molly Weir (March 17, 1910 Glasgow-November 28, 2004 Pinner) also known as Mary Weir or Mollie Weir was a Scottish actor.

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Delia Scala

Delia Scala (September 25, 1929 Bracciano-January 15, 2004 Livorno) also known as Odette Bedogni was an Italian actor and ballet dancer.

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Elizabeth Rogers

Elizabeth Rogers (May 18, 1934 Austin-November 6, 2004 Tarzana) also known as Betty Jayne Rogers was an American actor.

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Helena Růžičková

Helena Růžičková (June 13, 1936 Prague-January 4, 2004 Pilsen) a.k.a. Helena Ruzickova or H. Ruzicková was a Czech actor. She had one child, Jiří Růžička.

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Donna Michelle

Donna Michelle (December 8, 1945 Los Angeles-April 9, 2004) also known as Donna M. Ronne was an American nude glamour model, photographer and actor.

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Beatrice Winde

Beatrice Winde (January 5, 1924 Chicago-January 3, 2004 Manhattan) also known as Beatrice Lucille Williams or Bea Winde was an American actor and singer.

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Lillian Zuckerman

Lillian Zuckerman (September 16, 1916 Baltimore-October 11, 2004 Miami) also known as Lillian Fara Stein was an American actor.

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Jennifer Nitsch

Jennifer Nitsch (December 10, 1966 Cologne-June 13, 2004 Munich) also known as Jeniffer Nitsch, Jenny or Jennifer Claudia Barbara Nitsch was a German actor.

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Anna Keaveney

Anna Keaveney (October 5, 1949 Runcorn-November 20, 2004 London) was an English actor.

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Eleni Zafeiriou

Eleni Zafeiriou (November 27, 2014 Larissa-September 2, 2004 Athens) also known as Eleni Zafiriou, Eleni Zafirou, Nitsa Zafeiriou or Nitsa Zafiriou was a Greek actor.

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Connie Cezon

Connie Cezon (March 28, 1925 Oakland-February 26, 2004 Glendale) otherwise known as Consuelo Cezon was an American actor.

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Kathryn Eames

Kathryn Eames (July 25, 1908-December 12, 2004) was an American actor.

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Grethe Holmer

Grethe Holmer (January 12, 1924 Aarhus-October 13, 2004) was a Danish actor. She had one child, Kasper Wilton.

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Grethe Thordahl

Grethe Thordahl (December 11, 1926 Denmark-June 29, 2004 Denmark) also known as Grethe Marie Thordahl was a Danish actor.

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Britta Holmberg

Britta Holmberg (December 21, 1921 Fors-June 3, 2004 Falsterbo) also known as Britta Alice Holmberg, Britta Olin-Holmberg, Brita Olin, Britta Olin, Britta Holmberg-Olin or Britta Alice Olin was a Swedish actor and singer. Her children are called Lena Olin and Mats Olin.

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Patience Cleveland

Patience Cleveland (May 23, 1931 New York City-May 27, 2004 Santa Monica) a.k.a. Patience M. Cleveland was an American actor and writer.

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María Antonieta Pons

María Antonieta Pons (June 11, 1922 Havana-August 20, 2004 Mexico City) a.k.a. Maria Antonieta Pons, Ma. Antonieta Pons or Mª Antonieta Pons was a Cuban actor and dancer.

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Lu Leonard

Lu Leonard (June 5, 1926 Long Beach-May 14, 2004 Woodland Hills) also known as Lou Leonard or May Lou Price was an American actor, singer and voice actor.

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Nuria Torray

Nuria Torray (September 24, 1934 Barcelona-June 8, 2004 Madrid) also known as Liza Moreno, Núria Torrà Resplandi or Nuria Torra Resplandi was a Spanish actor. Her child is called Alejandra Torray.

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