Famous actresses died as a result of Burn

Here are 6 famous actresses from the world died in Burn:

Linda Darnell

Linda Darnell (October 16, 1923 Dallas-April 10, 1965 Glenview) also known as Monetta Eloyse Darnell or Tweedles was an American actor and pin-up girl. Her child is called Charlotte Mildred Marley.

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Butterfly McQueen

Butterfly McQueen (January 7, 1911 Tampa-December 22, 1995 Augusta) also known as Thelma McQueen was an American actor.

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Gwili Andre

Gwili Andre (February 4, 1908 Copenhagen-February 5, 1959 Venice) also known as Gurli Andresen was a Danish actor. Her child is called Peter Lance Cross.

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Kay Walsh

Kay Walsh (November 15, 1911 Chelsea-April 16, 2005 Chelsea) also known as Kathleen Walsh, Kathleen "Kay" Walsh or Kay was a British actor, dancer and screenwriter. Her child is called Gemma Jaques.

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Kate Lester

Kate Lester (June 12, 1857 Shouldham Thorpe-October 12, 1924 Hollywood) also known as Sarah Cody or Mrs. Sarah Cody was a British actor.

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Martha Mansfield

Martha Mansfield (July 14, 1899 New York City-November 30, 1923 San Antonio) a.k.a. Martha Ehrlich, Martha Early or Martha Erlich was an American actor, dancer and model.

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