Famous musicians born in the year 1902

Here are 50 famous musicians from the world were born in 1902:

Son House

Son House (March 21, 1902 Lyon-October 19, 1988 Detroit) otherwise known as Eddie "Son" House, Eddie James House, Sun House, House, Son, Eddie James "Son" House, Jr. or Edward James House, Jr. was an American singer, musician and guitarist.

Discography: Martin Scorsese Presents the Blues: Son House, Delta Blues, Father of the Delta Blues: The Complete 1965 Sessions, The Legendary 1941/42 Recordings in Chronological Sequence, The Original Delta Blues, Live" at Gaslight Cafe, N.Y.C., January 3, 1965, Father of Folk Blues, A Proper Introduction to Son House: Delta Blues, Heroes of the Blues: Very Best of Son House and Complete Blues: Delta Blues. Genres he performed: Delta blues, Country blues and Blues.

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Richard Rodgers

Richard Rodgers (June 28, 1902 Arverne-December 30, 1979 New York City) a.k.a. Original Carousel Cast, Richard Rogers, Richard Charles Rodgers, Rogers, Richard, Rodgers, Dick or Richard C. Rodgers was an American songwriter, composer, playwright, theatrical producer, conductor, lyricist, screenwriter, film score composer, film producer and music director. He had two children, Mary Rodgers and Linda Rogers Melnick.

His most important albums: The Sound of Music (1959 original Broadway cast), The Sound of Music (1961 original London cast), The King and I (1992 Hollywood studio cast), Oklahoma! (1964 studio cast), The Boys From Syracuse (1963 off-Broadway cast), Oklahoma!, Babes in Arms (1999 New York concert cast), Carousel, Cinderella and Cinderella. Genres he performed: Musical theatre and Ballet.

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Louis Barbarin

Louis Barbarin (October 24, 1902 New Orleans-May 12, 1997) was an American , .

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Maurice Duruflé

Maurice Duruflé (January 11, 1902 Louviers-June 16, 1986 Louveciennes) also known as Duruflé, Duruflé, Maurice or Maurice Gustave Duruflé was a French composer, musician, organist and music pedagogue.

His albums: Sacred Choral & Organ Works, Volume 1, Complete Choral Works (Choir of Trinity College, Cambridge feat. conductor: Richard Marlow), L'oeuvre pour choeur et orgue, Requiem / Messe "cum jubilo" / Motets (Anne Sofie von Otter, Thomas Hampson, Marie-Claire Alain feat. conductor: Michel Plasson), Requiem / Four Motets, Requiem, Op. 9 / Quatre motets sur des thèmes grégoriens (Orchestre colonne feat. choir: Ensemble audite nova de Paris, conductor: Michel Corboz, bass-baritone: José Van Dam, mezzo-soprano: Teresa Berganza), Requiem Op. 9 / Messe "Cum jubilo" Op. 11 / Quatre motets Op. 10, Complete Organ Music (Henri Fairs), Maurice Duruflé Complete Choral Works (Choir of St. John's College, Cambridge) and Requiems (Ambrosian Singers feat. chorus master: John McCarthy, conductor: Andrew Davis, baritone: Siegmund Nimsgern).

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Billy Mayerl

Billy Mayerl (May 31, 1902 England-March 25, 1959) also known as Mayerl, Billy or Billy Joseph Mayerl was a British pianist, composer and actor.

Discography: Billy Mayerl Plays Billy Mayerl and Aquarium Suite / Four Aces Suite / Marigold / From a Spanish Lattice / Autumn Crocus / Pastoral Sketches / Bats in the Belfry.

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Skip James

Skip James (June 9, 1902 Bentonia-October 3, 1969 Philadelphia) also known as James, Skip was an American songwriter, singer, musician and preacher.

His most well known albums: Studio Sessions: Rare and Unreleased, Blues From the Delta, Skip's Piano Blues, Today!, The Complete Early Recordings of Skip James, Greatest of the Delta Blues Singers, Hard Time Killin' Floor, I'd Rather Be the Devil: The Legendary 1931 Session, Hard Time: The Best of Skip James and 1931 Sessions. Genres he performed include Delta blues.

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George Brunies

George Brunies (February 6, 1902 New Orleans-November 19, 1974 Chicago) also known as George Brunis, Georg Brunis, George Clarence Brunies or Brunis, Georg was an American trombonist.

Genres related to him: Dixieland.

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Eddie Lang

Eddie Lang (October 25, 1902 Philadelphia-March 26, 1933 New York City) also known as Lang, Eddie, Mound City Blue Blowers or Salvatore Massaro was an American guitarist and musician.

His albums: The Chronological Classics: Eddie Lang 1927-1932 and Blue Guitars - Volumes I & II. Genres he performed: Jazz.

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Stefan Wolpe

Stefan Wolpe (August 25, 1902 Berlin-April 4, 1972 New York City) also known as Wolpe, Stefan was a German , .

Discography: Remembering the Dancemaster, Compositions for Piano (piano: David Holzman) and .

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Joseph Salemi

Joseph Salemi (September 15, 1902-January 17, 2003) was an American , .

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Jack Pepper

Jack Pepper (June 14, 1902 Palestine-April 1, 1979 Los Angeles) also known as Edward Jackson Culpepper, Jack Pepper and His Society Pets, Edward Jackson "Jack" (Cul) Pepper or Jack Culpepper was an American singer, musician, comedian, actor, vaudeville performer, businessperson and dancer. He had one child, Cynthia Pepper.

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Luis Russell

Luis Russell (August 6, 1902 Panama-December 11, 1963 New York City) a.k.a. Russell, Luis was an American jazz pianist. He had one child, Catherine Russell.

His albums include The Luis Russell Story 1929-1934.

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Omer Simeon

Omer Simeon (July 21, 1902 New Orleans-September 17, 1959 New York City) a.k.a. Simeon, Omer was an American musician.

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Meredith Willson

Meredith Willson (May 18, 1902 Mason City-June 15, 1984 Santa Monica) also known as Meredith Wilson or Robert Meredith Willson was an American songwriter, composer, playwright, film score composer and conductor.

His albums: The Music Man, Here's Love (1963 original Broadway cast), The Music Man (Original London Cast), The Music Man, The Music Man, The Unsinkable Molly Brown (1960 original Broadway cast), American Classics: Symphony No.1 in F minor ("A Symphony of San Francisco") & Symphony No. 2 in E minor ("The Missions of California") and The Unsinkable Molly Brown.

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Jimmy Kennedy

Jimmy Kennedy (July 20, 1902 County Tyrone-April 6, 1984 Somerset) also known as Kennedy, Jimmy was a British lyricist, songwriter and composer.

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Bade Ghulam Ali Khan

Bade Ghulam Ali Khan (April 2, 1902 Kasur-April 25, 1968 Hyderabad) a.k.a. Ustad Bade Gulam Ali Khan or Khan, Ustad Bade Gulam Ali was an Indian singer. He had one child, Munawar Ali Khan.

His most well known albums: The Great Heritage: Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan, Hindustani Vocal and Padma Bhooshan Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan. Genres he performed include Hindustani classical music and Indian classical music.

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Chill Wills

Chill Wills (July 18, 1902 Seagoville-December 15, 1978 Encino) a.k.a. Chill Theodore Wills or Theodore Childress Wills was an American actor and singer. He had two children, Will Wills and Jill Wills.

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Solomon Cutner

Solomon Cutner (August 6, 1902 London-February 22, 1988 London) a.k.a. Solomon was a British pianist.

His albums include Piano Concertos, Great Pianists of the 20th Century, Volume 92: Solomon, The Complete Recordings of Chopin, , , Piano Concertos Nos. 2-5 / Piano Sonata No. 14 (disc 2) and .

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Mohammed Abdel Wahab

Mohammed Abdel Wahab (March 13, 1902 Cairo-May 4, 1991 Cairo) a.k.a. Mohammed Abd el-Wahaab, Mohamed Abdel Wahab or Mohamed Abdel Wehab was an Egyptian singer, composer, actor and film score composer. He had five children, Mohamed Mohammed Abdel Wahab, Esmat Mohammed Abdel Wahab, Effat Mohammed Abdel Wahab, Ahmed Mohammed Abdel Wahab and Aysha Mohammed Abdel Wahab.

His most important albums: Instrumental, Plays Mohamed Abdel Wahab Qamar 14 and Les Archives De La Musique Arabe. His related genres: Arabic music.

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Wilbur Hatch

Wilbur Hatch (May 24, 1902 Mokena-December 22, 1969) was an American , .

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Bidu Sayão

Bidu Sayão (May 11, 1902 Rio de Janeiro-March 12, 1999) a.k.a. Bidu Sayao or Sayão, Bidu was a Brazilian singer.

Her albums: Bachiana brasiliera no.5, La Damoiselle élue, and Villa-Lobos: Bachianas Brasileiras No. 5 – Aria.

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John W. Bubbles

John W. Bubbles (February 19, 1902 Louisville-May 18, 1986 New York City) also known as John William Sublett was an American musician.

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Emanuel Feuermann

Emanuel Feuermann (November 22, 1902 Kolomyia-May 25, 1942 New York City) also known as Feuermann, Emanuel was an American cellist, music educator and music pedagogue.

His discography includes: Emanuel Feuermann (Magic Talent), Rubinstein Collection, Volume 12: Beethoven: Piano Trio, Op. 97 "Archduke" / Schubert: Piano Trio No. 1, Op. 99, Toscanini Conducts Strauss Favorites, Bloch: Schelomo, Brahms: Trio No. 1 in B Major and Cello Concertos.

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Rosalie King

Rosalie King (August 23, 1902 Jacksonville-September 11, 1997 Ocala) was an American actor and singer.

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Eddie Peabody

Eddie Peabody (February 19, 1902 Reading-November 7, 1970 Covington) was an American , .

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Ethel Smith

Ethel Smith (November 22, 1902 Pittsburgh-May 10, 1996 Palm Beach) otherwise known as Ethel Goldsmith, Ethel Mae Smith or Ethel "Tootsie" Smith was an American organist, actor and dancer.

Her albums: She's Got Rhythm and Organ Holiday.

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Garvin Bushell

Garvin Bushell (September 25, 1902 Springfield-October 31, 1991 Las Vegas) was an American oboist and musician.

Genres related to him: Classical music and Jazz.

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Antonia Brico

Antonia Brico (June 26, 1902 Rotterdam-August 3, 1989) was an American conductor.

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George S. Howard

George S. Howard (February 24, 1902 Reamstown-March 1, 1995) also known as George Howard was an American conductor.

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Charles Paul

Charles Paul (August 23, 1902 New York City-September 18, 1990 New Milford) also known as Charles F. Paul was an American organist and composer.

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Allah Jilai Bai

Allah Jilai Bai (February 1, 1902 Rajasthan-November 3, 1992) was an Indian singer.

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Pippo Barzizza

Pippo Barzizza (May 15, 1902 Genoa-April 4, 1994 Sanremo) also known as Giuseppe Pippo Barzizza, Pippo or Giuseppe Barzizza was an Italian bandleader, composer, film score composer, music arranger, conductor, musician and music director. He had two children, Isa Barzizza and Renzo Barzizza.

Genres he performed include Opera, Big Band, Swing music and Jazz.

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Erik Tuxen

Erik Tuxen (July 4, 1902 Mannheim-August 28, 1957 Denmark) also known as Erik Oluf Tuxen, Eric Olaf To~ukusen or Eric To~ukusen was a Danish conductor, composer and music arranger.

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Lubka Kolessa

Lubka Kolessa (May 19, 1902 Lviv-August 15, 1997 Toronto) was a Canadian pianist.

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Hugues Cuénod

Hugues Cuénod (June 26, 1902 Corseaux-December 6, 2010 Vevey) otherwise known as Hugues Cuenod, Hughes Cuénod, Hughes Cuenod, Hugues-Adhémar Cuénod or Cuénod, Hugues was a Swiss singer and actor.

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Nydia Westman

Nydia Westman (February 19, 1902 New York City-May 23, 1970 Burbank) a.k.a. Nydia Eileen Westman, Peg or Westman was an American singer and actor. She had one child, Kate Williamson.

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Louis Nelson

Louis Nelson (September 17, 1902 New Orleans-April 5, 1990) a.k.a. Louis Hall Nelson was an American trombonist.

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Carlo Buti

Carlo Buti (November 14, 1902 Florence-November 16, 1963 Montelupo Fiorentino) otherwise known as Buti, Carlo was an Italian singer.

His most recognized albums: Bella Ragazza.

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Brother Bones

Brother Bones (October 4, 1902 Montgomery-June 14, 1974 Long Beach) otherwise known as Freeman Davis was an American , .

His most recognized albums: Sweet Georgia Brown / Black Eyed Susan Brown.

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Jimmie Lunceford

Jimmie Lunceford (June 6, 1902 Fulton-July 12, 1947) also known as Jimmy Lunceford, Lunceford, Jimmie, Jimmy Lunford or Jimmy Luncford was an American bandleader, musician and saxophonist.

His discography includes: Jukebox Hits (1935-1947), Lunceford Special, Swingsation, Strictly Lunceford, Jazznocracy, Harlem Shout, The Perfect Big Band, Big Bands: Jimmie Lunceford, Jazz Greats, Volume 42: Jimmie Lunceford: Rhythm Is Our Business and The Classic Tracks. Genres he performed include Swing music and Traditional pop music.

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Guy Lombardo

Guy Lombardo (June 19, 1902 London-November 5, 1977 Houston) also known as Gaetano Alberto Lombardo, Lombardo, Guy, The Lombardo Brothers, Guy Lombardo and His Orchestra or Mr. New Year's Eve was a Canadian actor.

His albums: Auld Lang Syne, Christmas Through the Years, Enjoy Yourself: The Hits of Guy Lombardo, Get Out Those Old Records, Guy Lombardo & The Mills Brothers Christmas, The Best of Guy Lombardo: The Early Years, The Sweetest Music This Side of Heaven, Waltz Favorites, Musical Yesteryears and An Evening With Guy Lombardo.

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Julia Lee

Julia Lee (October 31, 1902 Boonville-December 8, 1958 San Diego) was an American singer, musician and pianist.

Discography: Kansas City Star. Genres related to her: Dirty blues and Blues.

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Heinz Rühmann

Heinz Rühmann (March 7, 1902 Essen-October 3, 1994 Berg) otherwise known as Heinz Ruhmann, Heinz Ruehmann, Heinrich Wilhelm Rühmann or Heinrich Wilhelm "Heinz" Rühmann was a German actor, film producer, film director, pilot and singer. He had one child, Peter Rühmann.

His albums include Best of..., , Hans Albers & Heinz Rühmann, Jawohl, meine Herr'n, Die großen Erfolge von gestern and .

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Langston Hughes

Langston Hughes (February 1, 1902 Joplin-May 22, 1967 New York City) also known as Lengstons Hjūzs, James Mercer Langston Hughes or Hughes, Langston was an American poet, lyricist, writer, essayist, novelist, playwright, social activist and author.

His discography includes: Black Nativity and Weary Blues.

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Ted Heath

Ted Heath (March 30, 1902 Wandsworth-November 18, 1969 London) also known as Heath, Ted, Ted Heat or Heat, Ted was a British bandleader and composer. He had one child, Nick Heath.

His albums: Strike Up the Band / Fats Waller Album, Fabulous Dorseys, Ted, From Moira With Love, Heath vs. Ros: Swing vs. Latin, Swing Is King, Volume 1 & 2, Swings in Hi-Stereo / My Very Good Friends the Bandleaders, Big Band Bash / Coast to Coast, Pow! / Big Band Spirituals, All Time Top Twelve / Shall We Dance? and Big Band Blues / The Big Band Dixie Sound. Genres he performed: Instrumental, Jazz, Big Band and Easy listening.

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Buster Bailey

Buster Bailey (July 19, 1902 Memphis-April 12, 1967 New York City) also known as Bailey, Buster or Buster Bailey's Rhythm Busters was an American musician, clarinetist and saxophonist.

Related albums: 20.3017-HI: Cuttin' Out (disc 2), Papa De Da Da / Squeeze Me and The Chronological Classics: Buster Bailey 1925-1940.

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William Walton

William Walton (March 29, 1902 Oldham-March 8, 1983 Ischia) also known as Sir William Turner Walton, Walton, Sir William Walton or Walton, Sir William was a British composer and film score composer.

His albums: Belshazzar's Feast / Symphony no. 1, Piano Quartet / String Quartet (Maggini Quartet feat. piano: Peter Donohoe), Belshazzar's Feast / Suite From Henry V (Royal Philharmonic Orchestra feat. Conductor: André Previn), Belshazzar's Feast/In Honour of the City of London (London Symphony Chorus, London Symphony Orchestra feat. conductor: Richard Hickox), Façade: An Entertainment (reciters: Fenella Fielding and Michael Flanders, Members of the Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields feat. conductor: Neville Marriner), Façade (Melologos Ensemble feat. conductor: Silveer Van den Broeck, reciter: Pamela Hunter), Belshazzar's Feast, The English Song Series, Volume 1: Anon in Love / Façade Settings / A Song for the Lord Mayor's Table, Henry V (RTE Concert Orchestra feat. conductor: Andrew Penny, narrators: Michael Sheen & Anton Lesser) and Symphony No. 2 / Viola Concerto / Johannesburg Festival Overture (English Northern Philharmonia feat. conductor: Paul Daniel). Genres he performed: Ballet, Opera and 20th-century classical music.

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Antonio José

Antonio José (December 12, 1902-October 9, 1936) a.k.a. Palacios, Antonio José Martínez, Antonio José Martínez Palacios, Antonio Jose or José, Antonio was a Spanish , .

His albums: Sinfonía castellana (Castile and León Symphony Orchestra feat. conductor: Alejandro Posada).

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Blanche Calloway

Blanche Calloway (February 9, 1902 Baltimore-December 16, 1978 Baltimore) a.k.a. Calloway, Blanche or Blanche Dorothea Jones Calloway was an American singer, bandleader, radio broadcaster and composer.

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Sammy Fain

Sammy Fain (June 17, 1902 New York City-December 6, 1989 Los Angeles) also known as Sammy Fain & Sammy Cahn, Samuel Feinberg, Fain, Sammy, Samuel E. Feinberg, Samuel Fain or Fain was an American pianist, composer, film score composer and actor. He had one child, Frank Feinberg.

His discography includes: Sammy Sings Fain, Ankles Aweigh, Calamity Jane / The Pajama Game, Calamity Jane, The Film Musicals Collection: Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Calamity Jane (1998 studio cast) and Three Sailors and a Girl.

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