Famous musicians born in the year 1945

Here are 50 famous musicians from the world were born in 1945:

Bruce Cockburn

Bruce Cockburn (May 27, 1945 Ottawa-) also known as Bruce Cockbrun, Cockburn, Bruce, Bruce Douglas Cockburn or Bruce Douglas Cockburn OC is a Canadian guitarist, composer, singer-songwriter and actor.

His discography includes: Circles in the Stream, Dancing in the Dragon's Jaws, The Trouble With Normal, Rumours of Glory, Big Circumstance, Live, Nothing But a Burning Light, Christmas, Dart to the Heart and The Charity of Night. Genres he performed include Folk music, Jazz and Rock music.

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Don McLean

Don McLean (October 2, 1945 New Rochelle-) a.k.a. Don Mc Lean, McLean, Don or Don McClean is an American musician and singer-songwriter.

His albums: The Best of Don McLean, Classics, American Pie & Other Hits, The Collection, Starry, Starry Night, The Very Best of Don McLean, Legendary Songs of Don McLean, Rearview Mirror, Favorites and Rarities and Greatest Hits: Then & Now. Genres related to him: Folk music, Folk rock and Rock music.

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Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton (March 30, 1945 Ripley-) also known as Clapton, Eric, Eric Claption, Eric Patrick Clapton, eric_clapton, Slow Hand, God, Derek and the Dominoes, Cream, Blind Faith, The Yardbirds or Slowhand is an English guitarist, musician, singer-songwriter, composer, artist, actor, record producer, television producer, film producer, film score composer and music artist. His children are Conor Clapton, Ruth Clapton, Ella May Clapton, Sophie Belle Clapton and Julie Rose Clapton.

His albums: The Early Clapton Collection, Eric Clapton, Eric Clapton’s Rainbow Concert, 461 Ocean Boulevard, There's One in Every Crowd, E.C. Was Here, No Reason to Cry, Slowhand, Backless and Just One Night. Genres related to him: Blues, Rock music, Blues rock, Pop rock, Hard rock, Psychedelic rock, Reggae and Soft rock.

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Robert Calvert

Robert Calvert (March 9, 1945 Pretoria-August 14, 1988 Ramsgate) a.k.a. Bob Calvert, Calvert, Robert or Robert Newton Calvert was a South African singer, poet, musician and writer.

His albums include Captain Lockheed & The Starfighters, Live at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, Lucky Leif and the Longships, Hype, Freq, Test-Tube Conceived, Centigrade 232, Repeat Performance and Cardiff 1988: Ejection.

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Micky Dolenz

Micky Dolenz (March 8, 1945 Los Angeles-) otherwise known as George Michael Dolenz, Jr., Mickey Braddock, Micky Braddock, Michael Dolenz, Mickey Dolenz, The Monkees, George Michael "Micky" Dolenz, Jr. or George Michael Dolenz Jr. is an American singer, musician, actor, drummer, keyboard player, television producer, film director, television director, radio personality, theatre director and voice actor. His children are Ami Dolenz, Charlotte Janelle Dolenz, Emily Claire Dolenz and Georgia Rose Dolenz.

His most recognized albums: Dolenz, Jones, Boyce & Hart.

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Bob Marley

Bob Marley (February 6, 1945 Nine Mile-May 11, 1981 Miami) also known as BobMarley, Marley Bob, Robert Nesta Marley, Tuff Gong, Nesta Robert Marley, Nesta Robert "Bob" Marley or Bob was a Jamaican singer, musician, guitarist and songwriter. His children are Ziggy Marley, Stephen Marley, Cedella Marley, Julian Marley, Damian Marley, Ky-Mani Marley, Rohan Marley, Sharon Marley, Stephanie Marley, Karen Marley, Robert Marley, Makeda Jahnesta, Imani Carole Marley and Fabian Marley.

His most recognized albums: One Love, Golden Legends, Gold Collection 1970-1971, Trenchtown Rock, Soul Rebel - 20 Reggae Hits, The Best of Bob Marley: 35 Greatest, The Essential Collection, Soul Shakedown Party, Keep on Moving and Soul Rebel. Genres related to him: Reggae and Ska.

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Tony Williams

Tony Williams (December 12, 1945 Chicago-February 23, 1997 Daly City) also known as Williams, Tony or Anthony Tillmon Williams was an American drummer, musician, record producer, composer and bandleader.

His albums: Million Dollar Legs, Spring, Ultimate Tony Williams, Wilderness, Native Heart, Life Time, The Joy of Flying, Mosaic Select 24: Tony Williams, Angel Street and Civilization. Genres he performed: Jazz fusion, Jazz, Hard bop and Post-bop.

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Neil Young

Neil Young (November 12, 1945 Toronto-) otherwise known as Niel Young, Neil Percival Kenneth Robert Ragland Young, Bernard Shakey, Young, Neil, Neil Percival Young, Ol' Neil, Phil Perspective, Marc Lynch, Joe Canuck, Shakey Deal, Clyde Coil, Pinecone Young, Joe Yankee, The Buffalo Springfield, Crosby Stills Nash & Young, Godfather of Grunge, Don Grungio, Buffalo Springfield, Neil Young & The Shocking Pinks, Young, Neil and Shocking Pinks, The, Neil Young-Neil And The Shocking Pinks, Neil Young And The Shocking Pinks or Neil Percival Young OC, OM is a Canadian musician, songwriter, film director, actor, film producer, film score composer, screenwriter, record producer and activist. He has three children, Zeke Young, Ben Young and Amber Jean Young.

His albums: Neil Young, After the Gold Rush, Harvest, Journey Through the Past, Time Fades Away, On the Beach, Tonight's the Night, American Stars 'n Bars, Comes a Time and Hawks & Doves. Genres he performed: Hard rock, Folk rock, Rock music, Country rock, Blues, Techno, Grunge, Southern rock and Experimental rock.

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Steve Martin

Steve Martin (August 14, 1945 Waco-) a.k.a. Stephen Glenn Martin, Stephen Glenn "Steve" Martin, Stephen Glenn Vernon Martin, Pig Eye Jackson or Pig Eye Jackson also is an American comedian, screenwriter, actor, playwright, film producer, television producer, author and musician.

His albums include Let's Get Small, The Crow, Rare Bird Alert, Love Has Come For You and Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers feat. Edie Brickell Live. Genres he performed: Bluegrass, Pop music and Country.

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Rod Stewart

Rod Stewart (January 10, 1945 Highgate-) also known as Rod Steward, Stewart, Rod, Roderick David Stewart, Rod the Mod, Phyllis or Roderick David "Rod" Stewart is an English musician and singer-songwriter. His children are Alastair Wallace Stewart, Sean Stewart, Kimberly Stewart, Renee Stewart, Liam Stewart, Aiden Stewart, Sarah Streeter and Ruby Stewart.

His most recognized albums: Gasoline Alley, Every Picture Tells a Story, Never a Dull Moment, Sing It Again Rod, Smiler, Atlantic Crossing, A Night on the Town, Blondes Have More Fun, Foot Loose & Fancy Free and Handbags & Gladrags. Genres: Pop music, Rock music, Blues rock, Blue-eyed soul, Pop rock, Hard rock, New Wave, Progressive rock, Soft rock, Folk rock, Rhythm and blues, Soul music, Traditional pop music and Mod.

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Bryan Ferry

Bryan Ferry (September 26, 1945 County Durham-) also known as Brian Ferry, B. Ferry, bryan_ferry, Ferry, Bryan, Brayan Ferri, Roxy Music or Bryan Ferry, CBE is an English singer, songwriter, musician and film score composer. He has four children, Otis Ferry, Tara Ferry, Isaac Ferry and Merlin Ferry.

His albums include These Foolish Things, Let's Stick Together, The Bride Stripped Bare, Boys and Girls, Bête Noire, As Time Goes By, Frantic, Alphaville, Compilation 1 and Goddess of Love. Genres he performed: Soul music, Glam rock, Pop music, Folk music, Progressive rock, Alternative rock, Rock music, College rock, Art rock, Pop rock, New Romanticism, New Wave and Sophisti-pop.

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Anne Murray

Anne Murray (June 20, 1945 Springhill-) a.k.a. Anne Murrey, Ann Murray, Morna Anne Murray, Murray, Anne, Morna Anne Murray CC ONS, Annie or Annie Murray is a Canadian singer, actor, author and teacher. Her children are called William Langstroth and Dawn Langstroth.

Discography: Country Hits, Love Songs, Croonin', Best of the Season, Now & Forever, The Best... So Far, My Christmas Favorites, Anne Murray, An Intimate Evening With Anne Murray...Live and The Signature Series, Volume 1: This Way Is My Way / Honey, Wheat & Laughter. Genres she performed include Pop music, Country, Adult contemporary music, Country pop and Soft rock.

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Peter Criss

Peter Criss (December 20, 1945 Brooklyn-) also known as Criss, Peter is an American drummer, songwriter, record producer and musician.

His albums include Peter Criss, Cat #1, Let Me Rock You, Out of Control and One for All. Genres he performed: Hard rock, Heavy metal, Glam metal, Pop music, Jazz, Soft rock and Pop rock.

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Ellen McIlwaine

Ellen McIlwaine (October 1, 1945 Nashville-) also known as McIlwaine, Ellen, Ellen McIlwane or McIlwane, Ellen is an American singer, singer-songwriter, composer, musician and film score composer.

Her albums: Up from the Skies: The Polydor Years, Honky Tonk Angel, We the People, The Real Ellen McIlwaine / Everyone Needs It, Everybody Needs It and The Real Ellen McIllwaine.

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Pete Townshend

Pete Townshend (May 19, 1945 Chiswick-) also known as Pete Townshend - The Who's Tommy, Peter Dennis Blandford "Pete" Townshend, Peter Dennis Blandford Townshend, Bijou Drains, Pete or Pete Townsend is a British singer, musician, songwriter, guitarist, keyboard player, author, composer, singer-songwriter, actor, film producer, screenwriter, lyricist, multi-instrumentalist and music arranger. He has three children, Emma Townshend, Joseph Townshend and Aminta Townshend.

His albums include Who Came First, All the Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes, White City, Deep End Live!, Another Scoop, Psychoderelict, English Boy, Empty Glass, The Best of Pete Townshend: CoolWalkingSmoothTalkingStraightSmokingFireStoking and Scoop. His related genres: Hard rock, Rock music, Pop rock, Art rock, Power pop, Beat music, Progressive rock and Jazz.

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Itzhak Perlman

Itzhak Perlman (August 31, 1945 Tel Aviv-) otherwise known as Yitzhak Perlman, Isaac Perlman or Perlman, Itzhak is an American conductor, teacher, violinist and actor.

His albums: Cinema Serenade, Greatest Hits, In the Fiddler's House, The Art of Itzhak Perlman, Paganini: Violin Concerto no. 1 / Sarasate: Carmen Fantasy, Virtuoso Violin, Itzhak Perlman's Greatest Hits, Violin Concertos, Saint-Saëns: Violin Concerto No. 3 / Wieniawski: Violin Concerto No. 2 and . Genres he performed: Classical music, Jazz, Klezmer and Baroque music.

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John Fogerty

John Fogerty (May 28, 1945 Berkeley-) a.k.a. John Fogarty, John Cameron Fogerty, J. C. Fogerty, J C Fogerty, Fogerty, John, John C. Fogerty or The Blue Ridge Rangers is an American songwriter, singer, musician, singer-songwriter, guitarist, keyboard player, record producer, film score composer and music artist. His children are called Shane Fogerty, Kelsy Cameron Fogerty, Tyler Fogerty and Lyndsay Fogerty.

His albums include Centerfield, The Long Road Home: The Ultimate John Fogerty - Creedence Collection, Blue Moon Swamp, Washington 1987, The Blue Ridge Rangers, John Fogerty, Revival, The Best of John Fogerty, Eye of the Zombie and Premonition. His related genres: Gospel music, Rock music, Swamp rock, Country, Blues, Roots rock, Country rock, Southern rock, Blues rock, Swamp pop, Heartland rock, Americana, Rock and roll, Alternative country and Swamp Rock.

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Jimmie Dale Gilmore

Jimmie Dale Gilmore (May 6, 1945 Amarillo-) also known as Jimmy Dale Gilmore or Gilmore, Jimmie Dale is an American record producer, singer, musician, actor and songwriter.

His most well known albums: Fair & Square, Come on Back, After Awhile, One Endless Night, Braver Newer World, Spinning Around the Sun, Heirloom Music, Two Roads and Jimmie Dale Gilmore. Genres: Country.

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Stephen Stills

Stephen Stills (January 3, 1945 Dallas-) also known as Stephen Arthur Stills, Stills, Stephen, Captain Manyhands, Stephen Still or Still, Stephen is an American songwriter, singer, musician, record producer, guitarist, political activist, actor and multi-instrumentalist. His children are Jen Stills, Chris Stills, Justin Stills, Oliver Ragland and Henry Stills.

His albums: Stephen Stills, Manassas, Man Alive!, Illegal Stills, Live, Stephen Stills 2, Stills Alone, Stills, Stills / Illegal Stills / Thoroughfare Gap and Just Roll Tape. Genres he performed include Folk rock, Rock music, Blues rock, Alternative country and Latin American music.

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Carly Simon

Carly Simon (June 25, 1945 New York City-) also known as carly_simon, Simon, Carly or Carly Elisabeth Simon is an American guitarist, singer-songwriter, musician, writer, actor, film score composer and author. Her children are called Ben Taylor and Sally Taylor.

Her albums: Anticipation, Carly Simon, No Secrets, Hotcakes, Playing Possum, Another Passenger, Boys in the Trees, Spy, Come Upstairs and Torch. Her related genres: Pop music, Rock music, Traditional pop music, Adult contemporary music, Folk music and Soft rock.

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Jandek (October 26, 1945 Houston-) is an American guitarist.

Discography: Follow Your Footsteps, Blue Corpse, You Walk Alone, Somebody in the Snow, Glasgow Monday, Chair Beside a Window, Glad to Get Away, Glasgow Sunday, Graven Image and I Threw You Away. Genres he performed include Outsider music, Folk music, Blues, Experimental music and Rock music.

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Ron "Pigpen" McKernan

Ron "Pigpen" McKernan (September 8, 1945 San Bruno-March 8, 1973 Corte Madera) also known as Ron McKernan, The Grateful Dead, Pigpen, Ronald C. McKernan, Ronald Charles McKernan or Ronald C. "Pigpen" McKernan was an American singer, musician and songwriter.

Genres he performed: Blues, Psychedelic rock and Rock music.

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Keith Jarrett

Keith Jarrett (May 8, 1945 Allentown-) also known as Keith Jarret or Keith Jarett is an American songwriter, harpsichordist, jazz pianist, organist, composer and musician. His children are Noah Jarrett and Gabe Jarret.

His albums: At the Blue Note: The Complete Recordings, Eyes of the Heart, Invocations / The Moth and the Flame, Mysteries: The Impulse Years, 1975-1976, Silence, Spheres, Works, Dark Intervals, Book of Ways and Rarum I: Selected Recordings. Genres he performed include Free improvisation, Jazz, Jazz fusion, Avant-garde jazz, Post-bop, Smooth jazz, Free jazz and Classical music.

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Jacqueline du Pré

Jacqueline du Pré (January 26, 1945 Oxford-October 19, 1987 London) a.k.a. Jacqeline du Pre, Jacqueline DuPre, Jacqueline du Pre, Jaqueline du Prè or Du Pré, Jacqueline was a British cellist and musician.

Her albums include A Lasting Inspiration, A Lasting Inspiration Volume 2, Dvořák: Cello Concerto, Op. 104 / Ibert: Concerto for Cello & Wind Instruments, Impressions, Cello Concertos, Cello Concertos, Les Introuvables de Jacqueline du Pré, Her Early BBC Recordings, Volume 1, Favourite Cello Concertos and Elgar: Cello Concerto / Bach: Cello Suites Nos. 1 & 2. Genres she performed: Classical music.

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José Feliciano

José Feliciano (September 10, 1945 Lares-) a.k.a. José Montserrate Feliciano García or Jose Felicano is a Puerto Rican singer, musician, composer, guitarist and actor. He has three children, Melissa Feliciano, Jonathan Feliciano and Michael Feliciano.

Discography: Millenium Collection, California Dreamin, Señor Bolero, A Tribute to the Beatles, Light My Fire: The Very Best of Jose Feliciano, Light My Fire, 10 to 23, Siempre Boleros, Grandes Éxitos and Escenas De Amor. Genres he performed include Latin pop, Acoustic music, Soft rock and Bolero.

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Bette Midler

Bette Midler (December 1, 1945 Honolulu-) otherwise known as Bette Davis Midler, The Divine Miss M or Bathhouse Betty is an American actor, film producer, comedian, writer, singer-songwriter, entrepreneur, author, screenwriter, voice actor and television producer. Her child is Sophie von Haselberg.

Her albums: Mud Will Be Flung Tonight, Beaches, Bette, Bette Midler Sings the Peggy Lee Songbook, Bathhouse Betty, Bette Midler, Bette of Roses, Broken Blossom, Divine Madness and I'm Beautiful. Genres she performed: Pop music, Rock music, Adult contemporary music and Comedy.

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Debbie Harry

Debbie Harry (July 1, 1945 Miami-) also known as Deborah Harry, Deborah Ann Harry, Angela Tremble, Debbie, Blondie or Deborah Ann "Debbie" Harry is an American musician, actor, film score composer and singer-songwriter.

Her albums: Collection, Debravation, Def Dumb & Blonde, KooKoo, Rockbird, In Love With Love, Necessary Evil, French Kissin' – The Collection, Deborah Harry Collection and Most of All: The Best of Deborah Harry. Genres she performed: New Wave, Punk rock, Pop music, Dance music, Rock music, Disco, Reggae, Pop rock, Ska, Alternative hip hop, Post-punk, Hard rock, Power pop and Hip hop music.

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Danny Rivera

Danny Rivera (February 27, 1945 San Juan-) also known as Rivera, Danny is a Puerto Rican singer.

His albums: Amigos del Alma and Ofrenda.

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Noel Redding

Noel Redding (December 25, 1945 Folkestone-May 11, 2003 Clonakilty) also known as Redding, Noel was an English bassist and singer.

Discography: The Experience Sessions. Genres he performed include Rock music, Psychedelic rock, Hard rock, Acid rock, Heavy metal, Blues rock, Folk rock and Funk rock.

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Angela Carrasco

Angela Carrasco (January 23, 1945 Monte Cristi Province-) also known as Ángela Carrasco or Carrasco, Ángela is a Dominican singer.

Her discography includes: A Puro Dolor, Boca Rosa, Los más grandes éxitos, Quererte a ti / Mamma, Ellas cantan asi, Jesucristo Superstar, , Con amor, Piel canela and Quererte a ti.

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Gloria Jones

Gloria Jones (October 19, 1945 Cincinnati-) a.k.a. Gloria Richetta Jones or Jones, Gloria is an American record producer, songwriter and singer. She has one child, Rolan Bolan.

Related albums: Tainted Love, Windstorm, Share My Love, Vixen, Reunited and Come Go with Me. Genres she performed: Northern soul, Gospel music and Rhythm and blues.

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Bob Seger

Bob Seger (May 6, 1945 Lincoln Park-) otherwise known as Robert Clark Seger, Robert Clark "Bob" Seger, Bob or Robyn Robbins is an American musician, singer-songwriter, guitarist, pianist and keyboard player. He has two children, Samantha Char Seger and Christopher Cole Seger.

His albums include Back in '72, Seven, Beautiful Loser, Face the Promise, Brand New Morning, Smokin' O.P.'s, The Bob Seger Collection, Early Seger Vol. 1, Best of Bob Seger and Tales of Lucy Blue - The Best of Bob Seger 1966-1975. Genres: Heartland rock, Rock music, Hard rock, Blue-eyed soul, Roots rock, Country, Country rock, Pop rock and Southern rock.

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Leo Kottke

Leo Kottke (September 11, 1945 Athens-) also known as Kottke, Leo is an American guitarist and film score composer.

His most important albums: 6- and 12-String Guitar, Mudlark, Greenhouse, Dreams and All That Stuff, Chewing Pine, Leo Kottke 1971-1976: Did You Hear Me?, Leo Kottke, Burnt Lips, Balance and Guitar Music. His related genres: American Primitivism and American folk music.

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Al Stewart

Al Stewart (September 5, 1945 Glasgow-) a.k.a. Alastair Ian Stewart is a British singer, musician, singer-songwriter, guitarist and songwriter.

His albums: Past, Present & Future, Year of the Cat, Time Passages, Rhymes in Rooms, Modern Times, Introducing... Al Stewart, A Beach Full of Shells, An Acoustic Evening With Al Stewart, Between the Wars and Centenary Collection: The Best of Al Stewart. Genres he performed include Folk music, Rock music, Folk rock, Pop music, Alternative rock, Psychedelic rock, Soft rock and Pop rock.

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Maury Yeston

Maury Yeston (October 23, 1945 Jersey City-) is an American composer, lyricist and musicologist. He has three children, Jake Yeston, Max Yeston and Emma Yeston.

His albums: Titanic: A New Musical, Nine (New Broadway Cast), Nine (1992 London concert cast), Phantom: The American Musical Sensation, Nine (1987 Australian cast), Nine (1982 original Broadway cast), December Songs (mezzo-soprano: Isabelle Georges, piano: Stan Cramer) and Titanic! Das Musical in Hamburg.

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Anthony Braxton

Anthony Braxton (June 4, 1945 Chicago-) also known as Braxton, Anthony is an American performer, jazz composer, composer, bandleader, musician and professor. He has two children, Tyondai Braxton and Donari Braxton.

His albums include Donna Lee, For Alto, Charlie Parker Project 1993, 19 [Solo] Compositions, 1988, Quartet (Birmingham) 1985, Quartet (London) 1985, Six Compositions (Quartet) 1984, Solo (Milan) 1979, Composition No. 169 + (186 + 206 + 214) and 3 Compositions of New Jazz. His related genres: Free jazz, Jazz, Avant-garde, Opera and Avant-garde jazz.

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Adrienne Barbeau

Adrienne Barbeau (June 11, 1945 Sacramento-) also known as Adrienne Jo Barbeau is an American actor, voice actor, writer and author. She has three children, Cody Carpenter, William Dalton Van Zandt and Walker Steven Van Zandt.

Her albums: Adrienne Barbeau.

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Speedy Keen

Speedy Keen (March 29, 1945 Ealing-March 12, 2002) otherwise known as John David Percy Keen, Speedy, Speedy Keene, John Keen, John \"Speedy\" Keen, Keen, John "Speedy", John "Speedy" Keen or John Keene was an English singer, musician, songwriter and record producer.

Genres: Rock music.

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Robert Wyatt

Robert Wyatt (January 28, 1945 Bristol-) also known as Robert Wyatt-Ellidge, Robert Wyatt Ellidge or Soft Machine is an English singer, musician, composer, drummer, film score composer and multi-instrumentalist.

His albums include Rock Bottom, Nothing Can Stop Us, Shipbuilding, Mid-Eighties, Flotsam Jetsam, A Short Break, Shleep, EPs, Cuckooland and Solar Flares Burn for You. Genres related to him: Jazz fusion, Progressive rock, Experimental music, Canterbury scene and Experimental rock.

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Mick Goodrick

Mick Goodrick (June 9, 1945 Sharon-) is an American , .

Related albums: In Pas(s)ing, Live at the Jazz Standard, Rare Birds and In The Same Breath.

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Roger Glover

Roger Glover (November 30, 1945 Brecon-) otherwise known as Guilty Party/Roger Glover, Butterfly Ball & Roger Glover, Roger Glover and Guests, Glover, Roger, Roger David Glover, Episode Six or Deep Purple is a British musician, songwriter, record producer, bassist and film score composer. His children are called Lucinda Glover and Gillian Glover.

His albums: Love Is All, Love Is All, Elements/The Mask, Elements, Mask, Accidentally on Purpose, Greatest Hits, If Life Was Easy, The Butterfly Ball and the Grasshopper's Feast and Snapshot. Genres: Hard rock, Heavy metal, Psychedelic rock, Jazz fusion, Pop rock, Blues rock, Progressive rock and New Wave.

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Cornelius Bumpus

Cornelius Bumpus (May 7, 1945 Santa Cruz-February 3, 2004) also known as Bumpus, Cornelius was an American , .

multi-instrumentalist, singer, and songwriter. Bumpus was best known as a member of the Doobie Brothers, where he played saxophone, guitar, and provided backing vocals. He joined the band in 1979 and appeared on their albums "One Step Closer," "Cycles," and "Brotherhood."

Before joining the Doobie Brothers, Bumpus was a member of the band Moby Grape, and also performed with Bobby McFerrin, Steely Dan, and Bonnie Raitt, among others. He released a solo album in 1983, called "A Clear Day's Journey."

Bumpus was known for his dynamic stage presence and his ability to play multiple instruments. He continued to perform and record music throughout his career, even after leaving the Doobie Brothers in the mid-1980s. He passed away in 2004 at the age of 58 due to a heart attack.

Bumpus' musical career began at an early age, as he began playing the saxophone at age nine. He later attended San Jose State University where he studied music. In addition to his work with the Doobie Brothers and other well-known artists, Bumpus also performed as a solo artist and with his own band, the Cornelius Bumpus Quartet. He was also a session musician, working on various albums for other artists.

Bumpus was highly respected among his peers and was known for his versatility as a musician. He was equally skilled on the saxophone, guitar, and keyboards, and also had a powerful singing voice. His contributions to the Doobie Brothers' music helped to steer the band in a more soulful and funk-influenced direction.

In addition to his musical talents, Bumpus was also an accomplished pilot and owned his own plane. He was known for his love of flying and often traveled between gigs in his own aircraft.

Despite his passing, Bumpus' musical legacy lives on through his work with the Doobie Brothers and his solo recordings. He is remembered as a talented and versatile musician who made a significant impact on the music industry.

Bumpus' musical career started to gain momentum in the late 1960s when he joined the San Francisco-based band Moby Grape. The band combined elements of rock, folk, and blues, and Bumpus' saxophone playing added a unique dimension to their sound. He left the band in 1969 to pursue other musical projects but later rejoined for a short period in the mid-1970s.

After leaving Moby Grape, Bumpus continued to collaborate with other musicians and bands. He played saxophone on Steely Dan's seminal album "Aja" in 1977 and also performed on Bonnie Raitt's "Sweet Forgiveness" album in the same year.

Bumpus' tenure with the Doobie Brothers began in 1979 when he was invited to join the band as a saxophonist and backing vocalist. His contribution to the band marked a significant change in their sound, as they began to incorporate more R&B and funk elements into their music. Bumpus' soulful saxophone playing was an essential part of their hit singles such as "Real Love," "One Step Closer," and "The Doctor."

After leaving the Doobie Brothers in the mid-1980s, Bumpus continued to perform and record music as a solo artist and with his band. In 1983, he released a solo album called "A Clear Day's Journey," which showcased his songwriting skills and eclectic taste in music.

Bumpus' passion for music was evident throughout his career, and he remained an active and inspiring figure in the music industry until his untimely death in 2004. He was renowned for his ability to infuse different genres of music with his unique style, and his legacy as a multi-instrumentalist, singer, and songwriter will continue to inspire future generations of musicians.

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David Sanborn

David Sanborn (July 30, 1945 Tampa-) also known as David Sanborne, Dave Sanborn, Dave Sanborne, david_sanborn or Sanborn, David is an American musician and film score composer.

His albums include Another Hand, Pearls, As We Speak, Close-Up, Closer, Hearsay, Heart to Heart, Hideaway, Sanborn Best ! : Dreaming Girl and Slam. His related genres: Jazz, Pop music, Rock music, Rhythm and blues, Smooth jazz, Funk and Jazz fusion.

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John McVie

John McVie (November 26, 1945 Ealing-) also known as McVie, John, John Graham McVie or Fleetwood Mac is a British musician and bassist. His child is called Molly McVie.

His albums include John McVie's 'Gotta Band' With Lola Thomas. Genres he performed include Rock music and Blues.

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Ja'net Du Bois

Ja'net Du Bois (August 5, 1945 Brooklyn-) also known as Ja'net DuBois, Jeannette "Ja'net" Dubois, Ja'net, Jeannette Dubois or Ja'Net Du Bois is an American actor, singer, songwriter and voice actor. Her children are called Yovanne Dubois, Burghardt Dubois and Rani DuBois.

Her albums: Hidden Treasures.

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Daniel Carter

Daniel Carter (December 28, 1945 Wilkinsburg-) also known as Carter, Daniel is an American , .

His discography includes: Principle Hope.

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Kim Carnes

Kim Carnes (July 20, 1945 Hollywood-) otherwise known as Carnes, Kim, Kim Karnes, The Female Rod Stewart, Kim Carnes Ellingson, Kim M. Carnes or K.Carnes is an American musician, singer-songwriter and actor.

Her most well known albums: Mistaken Identity, Gypsy Honeymoon: The Best of Kim Carnes, Bette Davis Eyes, The Best of Kim Carnes: Priceless Collection, Premium Gold Collection, Crazy in the Night, The Best of Kim Carnes, To Love Somebody, Romance Dance and St. Vincent's Court. Genres she performed: Pop music, Rock music, Country, Soul music and Blue-eyed soul.

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David Grisman

David Grisman (March 23, 1945 Hackensack-) a.k.a. Dave Grisman, Grisman, David or Dawg is an American musician, composer, record producer and session musician. His children are called Gillian Grisman and Monroe Grisman.

His albums include Quintet '80, Mondo Mando, Here Today, Acousticity, David Grisman's Acoustic Christmas, Dawg '90, Early Dawg, Home Is Where the Heart Is, Hot Dawg and Life of Sorrow. Genres he performed include Bluegrass, Progressive bluegrass, Folk music, Jazz and Americana.

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Jessye Norman

Jessye Norman (September 15, 1945 Augusta-) also known as Norman, Jessye is an American singer and musician.

Her discography includes: Amazing Grace, Les Chemins de l'amour, In the Spirit, I Was Born in Love With You: Jessye Norman Sings Michel Legrand, Sacred Songs, The Jessye Norman Collection, Jessye Norman: Classics, Spirituals in Concert, Symphonie No. 9 / Symphonie No. 6 "Pastorale" and Gala in Leningrad. Genres she performed include Opera, Gospel music, Spiritual and Classical music.

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Rod Argent

Rod Argent (June 14, 1945 St Albans-) otherwise known as Argent, Rod, The Zombies or Rodney Terence Argent is an English songwriter, musician, organist and keyboard player.

His discography includes: Out of the Shadows. Genres he performed: Pop music, Rock music, Psychedelic rock and Progressive rock.

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