Famous musicians born in the year 1957

Here are 50 famous musicians from the world were born in 1957:

Ofra Haza

Ofra Haza (November 19, 1957 Tel Aviv-February 23, 2000 Ramat Gan) a.k.a. עפרה חזה, Ophra Haza, Ofra Ḥaza, עָפְרָה חָזָה, Ofra Chaza, עופרה חזה, Ofra Nasa, Ofra Hazza, Ofra_Haza, Ofra Jaza, Haza, Ofra or Bat-Shiva Haza was an Israeli singer, songwriter and actor.

Her albums: Hai, Warm Home, Desert Wind, Shirei Moledet A-B, 12"ers, My Soul, Temptations, Shirey Moledet 3, Greatest Hits and Yemenite Songs. Genres related to her: Pop music, World music, Middle Eastern music, Ethnic electronica and Synthpop.

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Steve Taylor

Steve Taylor (December 9, 1957 Brawley-) also known as Taylor, Steve, Roland Stephen Taylor or Roland Stephen "Steve" Taylor is an American songwriter, record producer, film director, singer, film producer, actor, screenwriter and film editor.

His discography includes: I Want to Be a Clone, Meltdown, On the Fritz, I Predict 1990, The Best We Could Find + 3 That Never Escaped, Squint, Now the Truth Can Be Told, Limelight, Meltdown and Meltdown Remixes and Liver. Genres related to him: Christian music, Christian alternative rock and New Wave.

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Tim Westwood

Tim Westwood (October 3, 1957 Lowestoft-) also known as Westwood is a British presenter, disc jockey and radio personality.

His albums include Westwood 2, Westwood, Westwood Volume 3, The Invasion, X and Platinum Edition: The Greatest Hip Hop of 2003. Genres he performed include Rhythm and blues, Grime, Contemporary R&B and Hip hop music.

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Mike Watt

Mike Watt (December 20, 1957 Portsmouth-) a.k.a. Watt, Mike, Michael David Watt or Michael David "Mike" Watt is an American songwriter, singer, bassist and actor.

His albums: Ball-Hog or Tugboat?, Contemplating the Engine Room, The Secondman's Middle Stand, Hyphenated-man and Big Train. Genres related to him: Punk rock, Psychedelic rock, Art rock, Hardcore punk, Hard rock, Post-punk, Garage rock, Alternative rock, Jazz fusion, Protopunk and Experimental rock.

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Michael W. Smith

Michael W. Smith (October 7, 1957 Kenova-) also known as Michael Whitaker Smith, Smith, Michael W., michael smith, Michael W Smith or Micheal W. Smith is an American songwriter, musician, composer, actor, singer-songwriter, singer, artist and music artist. His children are Ryan Whitaker, Whitney Katherine Smith-Mooring, Tyler Michael, Anna Elizabeth and Emily Allison.

His most recognized albums: Freedom, Healing Rain, Change Your World, Christmas, Christmastime, Devotions, Go West Young Man, I'll Lead You Home, Live the Life and Live the Life. Genres related to him: Pop music, Christian rock, Contemporary Christian music, Christian music, Pop rock and Gospel music.

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Billy Bragg

Billy Bragg (December 20, 1957 Barking-) also known as Bill Bragg, Steven William Bragg, Bragg, Billy, Bard of Barking or Stephen William Bragg is a British singer, musician, songwriter, singer-songwriter and activist. His child is called Jack Bragg.

Discography: Life's a Riot With Spy vs. Spy, Brewing Up With Billy Bragg, Between the Wars, Talking With the Taxman About Poetry, Back to Basics, Workers Playtime, The Internationale, Don't Try This at Home, The Peel Session Album and Victim of Geography. Genres: Alternative rock, Folk rock, Anti-folk, Folk punk, Alternative country, Americana and Indie folk.

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Sid Vicious

Sid Vicious (May 10, 1957 Lewisham-February 2, 1979 Greenwich Village) also known as John Simon Ritchie, Vicious, Sid, John Beverley, The Sex Pistols, John Simon Richie, Simon Ritchie, Spikey John or John Simon Beverley was a British singer, musician, songwriter, composer and bassist.

His discography includes: Sid Vicious & Friends, Live at the Electric Ballroom, Never Mind the Reunion Here's Sid Vicious, Sid Dead Live, Sid Sings, Too Fast to Live..., The Vicious White Kids feat. Sid Vicious and Search & Destroy. Genres he performed: Punk rock and Rock music.

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Hirokazu Tanaka

Hirokazu Tanaka (December 13, 1957 Japan-) a.k.a. 田中宏和, たなかひろかず, Hirokazu "Hip" Tanaka, Tanaka, Hirokazu, Tanaka Hirokazu, Hip Tanaka ex., Hip Tanaka or Hirokazu 'Hip' Tanaka is a Japanese film score composer.

Discography: Game Sound Museum ~Famicom Edition~ 04 Balloon Fight, Game Sound Museum ~Famicom Edition~ 09 Block Set / Gyro Set, Hikari Shinwa: Palutena no Kagami / Metroid Original Soundtrack Orchestra Version, Game Sound Museum ~Famicom Edition~ S-2 Donkey Kong 3, Game Sound Museum ~Famicom Edition~ 07 Light Gun Series - Wild Gunman / Duck Hunt / Hogan's Alley, Game Sound Museum ~Famicom Edition~ 12 Metroid, Game Sound Museum ~Famicom Edition~ 05 Wrecking Crew, Game Sound Museum ~Famicom Edition~ 13 Palutena No Kagami, GAME BOY MUSIC -G.S.M. NINTENDO 2- and SUPER METROID "SOUND IN ACTION". Genres he performed: Chiptune, Reggae and Dub.

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Loreena McKennitt

Loreena McKennitt (February 17, 1957 Morden-) also known as Loreena McKennit, Lorena Mckennitt, Lorenna McKennitt, Loreena McKennitt (from the movie "The Mists of Avalon"), McKennitt, Loreena or Loreena Isabel Irene McKennitt is a Canadian singer, record producer, songwriter, musician, harpist, accordionist, pianist, composer, film score composer, actor and voice actor.

Her discography includes: Elemental, To Drive the Cold Winter Away, Parallel Dreams, The Visit, The Bonny Swans, The Mask and Mirror, The Book of Secrets, Marco Polo, Live in Paris and Toronto and An Ancient Muse. Genres related to her: World music, Celtic music and New-age music.

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Daniel Ash

Daniel Ash (July 31, 1957 Northampton-) also known as Ash, Daniel is an English guitarist, keyboard player, songwriter and singer.

Discography: This Love, Coming Down, Foolish Thing Desire, Daniel Ash, Daniel Ash EP, Get Out of Control, Come Alive, Spooky Cool Disc, Anthology and Stripped. Genres he performed include Gothic rock, Alternative rock, Post-punk, Electronic music and Psychedelic rock.

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Patty Smyth

Patty Smyth (June 26, 1957 New York City-) a.k.a. Smyth, Patty is an American singer, songwriter and singer-songwriter. She has three children, Ruby Meyers, Anna McEnroe and Ava McEnroe.

Her albums: Greatest Hits (feat. Scandal), Patty Smyth, Never Enough, Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough (feat. Don Henley), Look What Love Has Done, No Mistakes and I Should Be Laughing. Genres: Rock music, Pop rock, Classic rock and New Wave.

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Kevin Eubanks

Kevin Eubanks (November 15, 1957 Philadelphia-) a.k.a. Kevin Tyrone Eubanks, Eubanks, Kevin or Eubanks is an American musician, guitarist, composer, actor and film score composer.

His albums include Promise of Tomorrow, Face to Face, Live at Bradley's, Spiritalk 2: Revelations, The Heat of Heat, Turning Point, Guitarist, The Searcher, Spirit Talk and The Best Of.... His related genres: Jazz and Rock music.

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Marc Almond

Marc Almond (July 9, 1957 Southport-) a.k.a. Mark Almond, Marc Almond & the Willing Sinners, Mark-Almond, Almond, Marc, Bronski Beat and Marc Almond, Soft Cell, Peter Marc Sinclair Almond, Raoul Revere, Marc Almond and Friends, Marc Almond & Friends, Almond, Marc and Friends or Almond, Marc & Willing Sinners, The is an English singer, singer-songwriter and musician.

His most recognized albums: Stories of Johnny, A Woman's Story, Violent Silence, Mother Fist, Bitter Sweet, Tears Run Rings, Jacques, Somethings Gotten Hold of My Heart, A Lover Spurned and The Desperate Hours. Genres he performed include Pop music, Rock music, Cabaret, New Wave, Alternative rock, Art rock, Art music and Synthpop.

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Ian Stuart Donaldson

Ian Stuart Donaldson (August 11, 1957 Poulton-le-Fylde-September 24, 1993 Derbyshire) also known as Ian Stuart was a British singer, musician and songwriter.

His most well known albums: Slay The Beast, No Turning Back and Patriot. Genres related to him: Punk rock, Rock Against Communism, Nazi punk, Folk music and Rockabilly.

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Karl Wallinger

Karl Wallinger (October 19, 1957 Prestatyn-) also known as Wallinger, Karl, Karl Edmond De Vere Wallinger or World Party is a British musician, songwriter, film score composer, multi-instrumentalist and record producer.

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Juan Luis Guerra

Juan Luis Guerra (June 7, 1957 Santo Domingo-) a.k.a. Juan Luis Guerra y 4.40, Juan Luis Guerra & 440, Juan Luis Guerra 440, Juan Luis Guerra y los 4 40, Juan Luis Guerra y 440, Juan Luis Gerra, Juan Luis Guerra 4.40, Guerra, Juan Luis y 4.40 or Juan Luis Guerra Seijas is a Dominican singer, composer, songwriter, record producer, musician, guitarist, music arranger, actor, pianist and singer-songwriter.

Discography: 18 éxitos, 32 Serie, Colección Romántica, Como Abeja al Panal, EL PAIS - Col. Universo Latino, Vol. 1, Grandes Éxitos, Los Grandes Exitos de Juan Luis Guerra y 440, Grandes Exitos De Juan Luis Guerra 4.40, antología and Mudanza y Acarreo. Genres he performed include Merengue music, Bachata, Salsa music, Latin pop and Christian music.

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Pino Palladino

Pino Palladino (October 17, 1957 Cardiff-) also known as Palladino, Pino is an Italian musician, bassist and songwriter.

Genres: Neo soul, Rock music, Blues rock, Funk and Soul music.

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Jon Moss

Jon Moss (September 11, 1957 Wandsworth-) also known as Jonathan Aubrey Moss or Moss, Jon is a British drummer and musician.

Genres he performed include Pop rock, Pop music, Punk rock, Rock music, Blue-eyed soul, New Wave, New Romanticism and Soft rock.

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Mojo Nixon

Mojo Nixon (August 2, 1957 Chapel Hill-) also known as Nixon, Mojo is an American , .

His discography includes: Whereabouts Unknown, Gadzooks!!! The Homemade Bootleg, !Sock Ray Blue!, Otis, Whiskey Rebellion, Live at the Casbah 12/28/2003, Frenzy, Free, Drunk, and Horny, Prairie Home Invasion and Get Out of My Way!. Genres he performed include Psychobilly, Cowpunk and Country.

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Chris Poland

Chris Poland (December 1, 1957 Dunkirk-) otherwise known as Poland, Chris is an American musician, guitarist and composer.

Discography: Return to Metalopolis 2002, Return to Metalopolis, Return to Metalopolis: Live and Chasing the Sun. Genres related to him: Heavy metal, Jazz, Speed metal, Thrash metal, Jazz fusion, Progressive metal and Instrumental rock.

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Dave Dobbyn

Dave Dobbyn (January 3, 1957 Auckland-) also known as Dobbyn, Dave or David Joseph Dobbyn is a New Zealand singer, songwriter and film score composer.

Discography: Footrot Flats: The Dog's Tale, Loyal, Lament for the Numb, Twist, The Islander, Overnight Success, Hopetown, Available Light, The Dave Dobbyn Collection and Together in Concert: Live. Genres related to him: Pop music and Rock music.

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Marlon Jackson

Marlon Jackson (March 12, 1957 Gary-) a.k.a. Marlon David Jackson is an American record producer, songwriter, singer, musician, singer-songwriter, dancer, actor and entertainer. He has three children, Valencia Jackson, Brittny Jackson and Marlon David Jackson, Jr..

Genres he performed: Rhythm and blues, Pop music and Soul music.

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Mikel Rouse

Mikel Rouse (January 26, 1957 St. Louis-) is an American composer.

His albums: Made to Measure, Volume 3 & 6.

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Mark Atkins

Mark Atkins (January 3, 1957 Albany-) also known as Atkins, Mark is an Australian film editor, cinematographer, film director, composer, songwriter and painter.

His albums: City Circles and Voices for Didgeridoo and Organ / Organ Suite.

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Janick Gers

Janick Gers (January 27, 1957 Hartlepool-) a.k.a. Gers, Janick or Janick Robert Gers is a British musician, songwriter and guitarist. He has two children, Sian Gers and Dylan Gers.

His related genres: Heavy metal, Progressive rock, Rock music and Hard rock.

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Lyle Lovett

Lyle Lovett (November 1, 1957 Klein, Texas-) a.k.a. Lyle Pearce Lovett is an American singer, record producer, actor, musician, singer-songwriter and songwriter.

Discography: Lyle Lovett and His Large Band, Joshua Judges Ruth, You Can't Resist It, I Love Everybody, The Road to Ensenada, Step Inside This House, Dr. T & The Women, Anthology, Volume 1: Cowboy Man, Smile (Songs From the Movies) and My Baby Don't Tolerate. His related genres: Alternative country, Country, Jazz, Western swing, Country pop, Country rock, Blues, Bluegrass, Americana, Country folk, Texas country music and Outlaw country.

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Steve Lukather

Steve Lukather (October 21, 1957 San Fernando Valley-) a.k.a. Steve "Luke" Lukather, Steven Lukather, Lukather, Steve, Steven Lee Lukather, Luke, Luke Lukather or Steve Luthaker is an American guitarist, musician, record producer, songwriter, singer and music arranger. He has one child, Lily Rose Lukather.

His albums: Ever Changing Times, Luke, Lukather, Candyman, All's Well That Ends Well, Santamental, , No Substitutions: Live in Osaka, Transition and An Odd Couple Live. Genres he performed: Melodic Rock, Pop rock, Jazz fusion, Rock music, Neo-progressive rock, Hard rock and Progressive rock.

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Vince Gill

Vince Gill (April 12, 1957 Norman-) otherwise known as e Gill, Gill Vince, Vincent Grant Gill, Vincent Gill or Vincent Grant "Vince" Gill is an American singer-songwriter, musician, voice actor and multi-instrumentalist. He has two children, Jennifer Jerene Gill and Corrina Grant Gill.

His discography includes: I Never Knew Lonely, Next Big Thing, Songs From the Heart (disc 2), The Best of Vince Gill, The Things That Matter, The Way Back Home, Turn Me Loose, Vince Gill and Friends, Vintage Gill - The Encore Collection and When I Call Your Name. Genres he performed include Country, Blue-eyed soul, Bluegrass, Country pop and Southern rock.

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Mark E. Smith

Mark E. Smith (March 5, 1957 Broughton, Salford-) a.k.a. Smith, Mark E. or Mark Edward Smith is a British singer, musician, songwriter, lyricist and actor.

Discography: The Post Nearly Man, Smith and Blaney, The Train Part Three, , Transfusion, , , and . Genres: Post-punk, Alternative rock and Spoken word.

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Edmund Sylvers

Edmund Sylvers (January 25, 1957 Memphis-March 11, 2004 Richmond) a.k.a. Edmund Silvers, Edmund Theodore Sylvers, E. Sylvers or Edmund T. Sylvers was an American singer, musician and actor. He had one child, Jeremy Sylvers.

His albums include Have You Heard. Genres: Disco, Rhythm and blues, Funk, Dance music and Soul music.

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Kenji Kawai

Kenji Kawai (April 23, 1957 Shinagawa-) also known as Kenzi Kawai, Kenji Kawaii, Kawai Kenji, Kenji Kawaï or Kawai, Kenji is a Japanese musician, conductor, film score composer, composer and guitarist.

Discography: Kaosu, Avalon, Ranma ½ Hot Song Contest, WXIII Patlabor The Movie 3 O.S.T., JINKI:EXTEND, Starship Operators OST, Fate / stay night, 2002 Patlabor 2 The Movie Sound Renewal, Bloody Mallory & Samourais and Project 2501: The Real Image Collection of Ghost in the Shell. Genres he performed include Electronic music, Instrumental and Film score.

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Julian Cope

Julian Cope (October 21, 1957 Wales-) otherwise known as Juilan Cope or Cope, Julian is a British singer, author and antiquarian.

His albums include Sunshine Playroom, Fried, World Shut Your Mouth, World Shut Your Mouth, Saint Julian, Trampolene, 5 O'Clock World, My Nation Underground, China Doll and Droolian. Genres related to him: Post-punk, Alternative rock, New Wave, Indie rock and Neo-psychedelia.

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Faith Prince

Faith Prince (August 6, 1957 Augusta-) is an American singer, actor and voice actor. She has one child, Henry Lunetta.

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Stephen Morris

Stephen Morris (October 28, 1957 Macclesfield-) also known as Morris, Stephen, Stephen Paul David Morris, Joy Division, Steven Morris, Steve Morris, New Order or The Other Two is a British drummer, musician, film score composer, keyboard player and percussionist. He has two children, Tilly Morris and Grace Morris.

Genres: Electronic music, Post-punk, Alternative rock, Alternative dance, Synthpop, Electronica and New Wave.

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Kiki Gyan

Kiki Gyan (June 7, 1957-June 10, 2004) was a Ghanaian , .

Genres: Funk and Disco.

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Anna Vissi

Anna Vissi (December 20, 1957 Pyla-) a.k.a. Άννα Βίσση, Anna Vissy, Anna Bissi, anna_vissi, Vissi, Anna, Anna Vishy, Annoula or Goddess is a Cypriot singer, musician, songwriter, composer, actor, singer-songwriter, presenter, radio personality and businessperson. She has one child, Sofia Karvela.

Discography: Agapi Ipervoliki, Paraksenes Eikones, X, Kravgi, I Epomeni Kinisi, Everything I Am, As Kanoume Apopse Mian Arhi, Kitrino Galazio, Nai and Anna Vissi. Genres she performed: Pop music, Dance music, Folk music, Pop rock and Laïko.

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Robert Pollard

Robert Pollard (October 31, 1957 Dayton-) also known as Pollard, Robert or Robert Ellsworth Pollard, Jr. is an American singer, guitarist, singer-songwriter and film score composer. His children are Bryan Pollard and Erica Pollard.

His most recognized albums: Not in My Airforce, Waved Out, Love Is Stronger Than Witchcraft, Normal Happiness, From a Compound Eye, Kid Marine, Motel of Fools, Zoom, Coast to Coast Carpet of Love and Silverfish Trivia. Genres related to him: Rock music and Indie rock.

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Michael Cretu

Michael Cretu (May 18, 1957 Bucharest-) also known as Cretu, Cretu, Michael, Mihai Crețu, Curly MC, Curly, MC or Michael Crétu is a Romanian singer, record producer and musician.

His most recognized albums: Moon, Light & Flowers, Legionäre, Die Chinesische Mauer, The Invisible Man, Silver Water, All Time Hits 1980-2002, Ausgewahlte goldstucke \\ Belle epoque, Cornelius + Cretu and . Genres he performed: New-age music, Trance music, Electronic music and Disco.

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Keiichi Nanba

Keiichi Nanba (August 26, 1957 Gotsu-) a.k.a. Keiichi Nannba, K. Nanba or Nanba Keiichi is a Japanese voice actor.

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Adrian Smith

Adrian Smith (February 27, 1957 London Borough of Hackney-) a.k.a. Smith, Adrian, Adrian Frederick "H" Smith, H, Melvin, Adrian Frederik Smith or Iron Maiden is an English musician, songwriter and guitarist. He has three children, Dylan, Natasha and Brittany.

His albums: Silver and Gold. Genres: Heavy metal, Progressive rock and Hard rock.

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Keith Levene

Keith Levene (July 18, 1957 London-) a.k.a. Levene, Keith is an English guitarist, record producer, composer, musician, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.

His albums include EP, Violent Opposition, and Murder Global: Killer in the Crowd. Genres he performed: Punk rock, Rock music, Post-punk, Experimental rock, Alternative rock, Classical music, Electronic music and Ambient music.

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Jim Reilly

Jim Reilly (May 9, 1957-) a.k.a. Reilly, Jim or James G. Reilly is a Northern Irish drummer.

Genres: Punk rock and Rock music.

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Myra Melford

Myra Melford (January 5, 1957 Chicago-) also known as Melford, Myra is an American jazz pianist and pianist.

Her albums: The Image of Your Body, Heart Mountain, Even the Sounds Shine, Eleven Ghosts, Yet Can Spring, Spark!, Hex, Above Blue, The Same River, Twice and For We Have Heard. Genres she performed include Jazz and Avant-garde jazz.

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Laura Branigan

Laura Branigan (July 3, 1957 Brewster-August 26, 2004 East Quogue) also known as Laura Brannigan, LAURA BRANIGAN or Branigan, Laura was an American singer, actor, musician and songwriter.

Her albums include Branigan, Branigan 2, Self Control, Hold Me, Touch, Laura Branigan, Over My Heart, Gloria 2004 / Self Control 2004, Gloria 2004 Mixes and Remember Me. Genres she performed: Italo disco, Euro disco, Pop music, Hi-NRG, Rock music, Electronic music, Pop rock, Dance music and Disco.

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Paul Hardcastle

Paul Hardcastle (December 10, 1957 Kensington-) also known as Hardcastle, Paul is a British musician, composer, record producer and presenter. His children are Maxine Hardcastle, Paul Hardcastle Jr. and Ritchie Hardcastle.

His albums include Paul Hardcastle, Zero One, The Jazzmasters I, The Definitive Paul Hardcastle, The Jazzmasters II, The Jazzmasters III, The Very Best of 1983-2003, Jazzmasters: The Smooth Cuts, Jazzmasters V and Jazzmasters: The Greatest Hits. Genres: Freestyle music, House music, Smooth jazz, Dance music, New Wave, Dance-pop, Synthpop, Electronic dance music, Electro, Ambient music, Electro house, Electronica and Breakstep.

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Jūrōta Kosugi

Jūrōta Kosugi (December 19, 1957 Minami-ku, Yokohama-) also known as Jyurota Kosugi, Juurouta Kosugi, Jurota Kosugi, Jyurota, Kosugi, Kosugi, Jurōta, Jûrôta Kosugi, Jurouta Kosugi or Kosugi Jūrōta is a Japanese voice actor and singer.

His discography includes: , and .

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Chō (December 15, 1957 Kounosu-) a.k.a. Yuichi Nagashima, Shigeru Nagashima, Nagashima Shigeru, Cho, Yuuichi Nagashima, Yûichi Nagashima, Yūichi Nagashima or Nagashima Yūichi is a Japanese actor and voice actor.

His albums include and NEW WORLD.

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Eleftheria Arvanitaki

Eleftheria Arvanitaki (October 16, 1957 Piraeus-) also known as Eleutheria Arvanitaki, Arvanitaki, Eleftheria or Eledtheria Arvanitaki is a Greek singer.

Her albums include , , Live at Die Spinne-Ta Araxnh, I Nyhta Katevenei (Live), Broadcast, , , Eleftheria Arvanitaki, Kontrabanto and Tanirama. Genres she performed: Pop music, Dance music, Jazz, Pop-folk, Chalga, Balkan pop, Folk music, Laïko and Rebetiko.

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Vinny Appice

Vinny Appice (September 13, 1957 Brooklyn-) also known as Vinnie Appice, Vincent Appice, Appice, Vinny, Vincent Samson Appice or Vincent Samson "Vinny" Appice is an American drummer and musician.

Genres he performed include Hard rock and Heavy metal.

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John Benitez

John Benitez (November 7, 1957 South Bronx-) otherwise known as Jellybean Benitez, Jellybean, Jellybean Benítez, John A. Benitez, 'Jellybean' Benitez, John Jellybean Benitez or John 'Jellybean' Benítez is an American musician, disc jockey, film producer and actor.

His discography includes: Just Visiting This Planet, Spillin' the Beans, Sidewalk Talk and Rocks the House!. Genres related to him: Dance music, Pop music, House music, Freestyle music, Contemporary R&B and Boogie.

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