Famous musicians died when they were 26

Here are 4 famous musicians from the world died at 26:

Frank P. Ramsey

Frank P. Ramsey (February 22, 1903 Cambridge-January 19, 1930) also known as Frank Ramsey or Frank Plumpton Ramsey was a British economist, philosopher, mathematician and scientist.

He died caused by jaundice.

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Jonatan Johansson

Jonatan Johansson (March 7, 1980 Sollentuna Municipality-March 12, 2006 Lake Placid) was a Swedish personality.

He died as a result of skiing accident.

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Marie Uguay

Marie Uguay (April 22, 1955-October 26, 1981) was a Canadian writer.

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John Stansbury

John Stansbury (March 28, 1788 Maryland-September 11, 1814) was an American personality.

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