Famous musicians died when they were 51

Here are 6 famous musicians from the world died at 51:

George Basevi

George Basevi (April 1, 1794 London-October 16, 1845) was an English architect.

He died as a result of accidental fall.

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Francis Johnson

Francis Johnson (June 16, 1792 Martinique-April 6, 1844) was an American musician, teacher and composer.

His albums: The Music of Francis Johnson.

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Barbara Boggs Sigmund

Barbara Boggs Sigmund (May 27, 1939 New Orleans-October 10, 1990) also known as Mayor Barbara Boggs Sigmund was an American politician.

She died in cancer.

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Jennifer Kendal

Jennifer Kendal (February 28, 1933 Southport-September 7, 1984 London) otherwise known as Jennifer Kapoor or Mrs. Jennifer Kapoor was an Indian actor and costume designer. She had three children, Sanjana Kapoor, Karan Kapoor and Kunal Kapoor.

She died as a result of colorectal cancer.

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Infante Francisco, Duke of Beja

Infante Francisco, Duke of Beja (May 25, 1691 Lisbon-July 21, 1742 Ă“bidos, Portugal) was a Portuguese personality.

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William Nordeen

William Nordeen (October 9, 1936 Wisconsin-June 28, 1988) was an American personality.

He died as a result of assassination.

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