Famous music stars died as a result of Coronary thrombosis

Here are 5 famous musicians from the world died in Coronary thrombosis:

Clark Gable

Clark Gable (February 1, 1901 Cadiz-November 16, 1960 West Hollywood) a.k.a. William Clark Gable, Gabe, The King, Pa, The King of Hollywood, Clark, William or W. C. Gable was an American actor. He had two children, Judy Lewis and John Clark Gable.

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Nino Rota

Nino Rota (December 3, 1911 Milan-April 10, 1979 Rome) otherwise known as Nino Rota Rinaldi, Giovanni Rota Rinaldi, Nino Rotta, Nina Rota, Giovanni "Nino" Rota Rinaldi, Giovanni "Nino" Rota, Giovanni Rota or Nino Roto was an Italian film score composer, composer, conductor, pianist, teacher, actor and screenwriter.

His albums: La Strada, The Godfather, Chamber Music, 8 1/2, Amarcord, Giulietta Degli Spiriti, Il Casanova di Federico Fellini, Il gattopardo, La Dolce Vita and Music for Film. Genres: 20th-century classical music, Opera and Film score.

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Gene Lockhart

Gene Lockhart (July 18, 1891 London-March 31, 1957 Santa Monica) otherwise known as Eugene "Gene" Lockhart or Eugene Lockhart was a Canadian singer, playwright, actor, songwriter, teacher and lyricist. He had one child, June Lockhart.

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Benny Hill

Benny Hill (January 21, 1924 Southampton-April 20, 1992 Teddington) also known as Alfred Hawthorn Hill or King Leer was an English comedian, actor and screenwriter.

His most important albums: Ernie (The Fastest Milkman In The West), The Ultimate Collection, The Best Of, Sings Ernie the Fastest Milkman in the West, Ernie and The Best Of Benny Hill. Genres: Comedy.

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Calvin Woolsey

Calvin Woolsey (December 26, 1883 Missouri-November 12, 1946 Braymer) also known as Dr. Calvin Woolsey or Calvin Lee Woolsey was an American physician, pianist and composer.

His related genres: Ragtime.

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