Famous music stars died as a result of Gas poisoning

Here are 1 famous musicians from the world died in Gas poisoning:

Peter Warlock

Peter Warlock (October 30, 1894 Savoy Hotel-December 17, 1930 London) also known as Philip Arnold Heseltine or Philip Heseltine was an English , . His child is called Brian Sewell.

His discography includes: British Music Collection, Frostbound Wood (Allegri Singers), A Warlock Centenary Album, , Warlock Songs, , English String Miniatures, Volume 2, The English Song Series, Volume 4: The Curlew / Lillygay / Peterisms, Sets 1 & 2 / Saudades, Bacchanales: Peter Warlock, Francois Couperin, Malcom Arnold, Francois Couperin & Bela Bartok (Equale Brass) and Fantasia on Greensleeves.

Peter Warlock was an English composer and music critic who lived in the early 20th century. He was a prolific composer of songs and instrumental music, and his work was heavily influenced by English folk music. Warlock was also a talented writer, and he contributed to several publications throughout his career. In addition, he was known as a scholar on the subject of early music, particularly the works of the Italian composer Gesualdo. Unfortunately, Warlock struggled with alcoholism and depression throughout his life, and he ultimately committed suicide at the age of 36. Despite his short life, Warlock left behind a significant body of work that continues to be admired for its originality and beauty.

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