Famous music stars died as a result of heart and kidney failure

Here are 1 famous musicians from the world died in heart and kidney failure:

Su Cruickshank

Su Cruickshank (August 31, 1946 Newcastle-December 8, 2009 Newcastle) also known as Susan "Su" Cruikshank, Su Cruikshank, The Diva on the Hill or Susan Cruickshank was an Australian actor, singer and author.

Her related genres: Jazz.

Su Cruickshank began her career as an actor in the 1970s, appearing in Australian television shows and films such as The Sullivans and The Flying Doctors. Her love for jazz music led her to pursue a singing career, and she became known as "The Diva on the Hill" for her regular performances at the Unity Hall Hotel in Balmain, Sydney.

Aside from her acting and singing careers, Cruickshank was also an accomplished author, publishing several books including a memoir titled "The Diva on the Hill: How I got through a decade of stress and success". She was also an advocate for mental health awareness and worked with various organizations to raise awareness about depression and anxiety.

Cruickshank passed away in 2009 at the age of 63, leaving behind a legacy as a talented performer and a passionate mental health advocate.

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