Famous music stars died as a result of Hip fracture

Here are 1 famous musicians from the world died in Hip fracture:

Dimitri Tiomkin

Dimitri Tiomkin (May 10, 1894 Kremenchuk-November 11, 1979 London) a.k.a. Dmitri Tiomkin, Dmitri Tyomkin, Dimitri Zinovich Tiomkin, Dimi, Dimitri Zinovievich Tiomkin or Timmy was a Russian conductor, film score composer and film producer.

His most well known albums: 36 Hours, Friendly Persuasion, Film Music Classics: Red River, The Guns of Navarone, Circus World, Lost Horizon, The High and the Mighty, The Alamo, The Old Man and the Sea and The Alamo: The Essential Film Music Collection.

Born in Kremenchuk, Ukraine, Tiomkin began playing the piano at the age of five and later studied at the St. Petersburg Conservatory. He played with the Petrograd Symphony Orchestra before leaving Russia to settle in Germany, where he contributed to the music in several silent films. In 1929, he immigrated to the United States, where he quickly established himself as a prominent composer for film and television. Over the course of his career, he earned four Academy Awards for Best Original Score and one for Best Original Song. Tiomkin was also known for his collaborations with notable directors including Frank Capra, Alfred Hitchcock and Howard Hawks. In addition to his work in the film industry, Tiomkin was an accomplished concert conductor and his compositions were performed by orchestras around the world.

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