Famous music stars died as a result of Surgery

Here are 8 famous musicians from the world died in Surgery:

Doc Watson

Doc Watson (March 3, 1923 Deep Gap, North Carolina-May 29, 2012 Winston-Salem) also known as Arthel "Doc" Watson or Arthel Lane Watson was an American singer, musician, songwriter, guitarist and singer-songwriter. His children are called Nancy Watson and Merle Watson.

Discography: On Praying Ground, Doc Watson on Stage (feat. Merle Watson), Docabilly, Elementary Doctor Watson, Foundation: The Doc Watson Guitar Instrumental Collection, 1964-1998, Old Timey Concert, Riding the Midnight Train, Southbound, The Essential Doc Watson and Doc Watson Sings Songs for Little Pickers (Live Recordings). Genres he performed: Folk music, Gospel music, Blues, Country and Bluegrass.

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Mark Bell

Mark Bell also known as MArk Bell, Fawn, Clark, Speed Jack, Counterpoint, Bell, Mark, Speedjack or Clark & Lofthouse was a British musician and record producer.

Discography: Lofthouse, Storm, Jigsaw, Surge, and Wish U Love.

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William Finley

William Finley (September 20, 1940 Manhattan-April 14, 2012 Manhattan) also known as Bill Finley, W. Franklin Finley, W.F. Finley, William Franklin Finley III or William Franklin Finley was an American actor. He had one child, Dashiell Finley.

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Müslüm Gürses

Müslüm Gürses (May 7, 1953 Halfeti-March 3, 2013 Istanbul) otherwise known as Muslum Gurses, Gürses, Müslüm, Müslüm Akbas, Müslüm Baba, Müslüm Akbaş or Papa Müslüm was a Turkish singer and actor.

His albums include Aşk Tesadüfleri Sever, Kaçamam ki Kaderimden / Yanlış Yaptın, Küskünüm, Ayrılık Acı Bir Şey, Açık Hava Konserleri 1, Usta / Ne Yazar, Yıkıla Yıkıla, İnsaf / Kahire Resitali, Esrarlı Gözler and Sultanım. Genres he performed include Arabesque, Pop-folk, Folk music, Rock music and Pop-folk.

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Frankie Fraser

Frankie Fraser (November 19, 1923 Lambeth-November 26, 2014) also known as Mad Frankie Fraser was a British actor and tour guide.

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Rita MacNeil

Rita MacNeil (May 28, 1944 Big Pond, Nova Scotia-April 16, 2013 Sydney) otherwise known as MacNeil, Rita or Rita MacNeil, CM, ONS was a Canadian singer and presenter.

Her most important albums: Flying on Your Own, Home I'll Be, Joyful Sounds, The Christmas EP, Thinking of You, Volume One, Songs From the Collection, Reason to Believe, Now the Bells Ring, Rita and Late December. Her related genres: Folk music and Country.

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Jewel Akens

Jewel Akens (September 12, 1940 Houston-March 1, 2013 Inglewood) also known as Jewel Atkins or Akens, Jewel was an American singer and record producer.

Discography: The Birds and the Bees.

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The Child of Lov

The Child of Lov (March 31, 1987 Lendelede-December 10, 2013) was a Belgian musician.

His albums include Give Me, Heal, The Child of Lov, and Give it to the People. Genres he performed: Soul music and Pop music.

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