Famous music stars died as a result of Unspecified

Here are 1 famous musicians from the world died in Unspecified:

Wayne King

Wayne King (February 16, 1901 Savanna-July 16, 1985 Paradise Valley) a.k.a. Wayne Harold King, The Waltz King, Harold Wayne King or Wayne "The Waltz King" King was an American songwriter, singer and musician.

His albums include Wayne King Plays Irving Berlin Melodies, The Sweetest Sounds, The Waltz King and The Waltz King.

King was known for his signature luxurious, smooth waltz arrangements and was considered one of the most successful orchestra leaders of his time. He began his career in the 1920s and went on to lead his own orchestra for over five decades, performing on radio, television, and in films. Some of his most popular songs include "The Waltz You Saved for Me," "The Unfinished Symphony," and "Goodnight, Sweetheart." He also composed music for films and television shows, including the score for the 1943 film "This Is the Army." King was inducted into the Big Band and Jazz Hall of Fame in 1980, just five years before his death at age 84.

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