Filipino actors who were born in 1937

Here are 5 famous actors from Philippines were born in 1937:

Joseph Estrada

Joseph Estrada (April 19, 1937 Tondo-) also known as Jose Marcelo Ejercito, Jose Ejercito, Erap, Filipino Ronald Reagan, Joseph "Erap" Ejercito Estrada or Joseph Ejercito Estrada is a Filipino politician, actor, businessperson and film producer. He has eight children, Jinggoy Estrada, Jackie Ejercito, Jude Ejercito, Jojo Ejercito, Jake Ejercito, Jerika Ejercito, JV Ejercito and Jacob Ejercito.

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Paquito Diaz

Paquito Diaz (May 28, 1937 Arayat-March 3, 2011 Daraga, Albay) a.k.a. Francisco Bustillos Diaz, The King of Kontrabida or The Father of Kontrabida of Blockbuster Hit was a Filipino film director, actor and basketball player. He had two children, Cheska Diaz and Joko Diaz.

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Zaldy Zshornack

Zaldy Zshornack (December 30, 1937 Manila-November 18, 2002 Muntinlupa) also known as José Rizaldy Zshornack, Zaldy Zshornach, Zaldy Zshornak or Zaldy Zschornack was a Filipino actor. He had two children, Cristine Zshornack and Geno Zshornack.

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Rolando Tinio

Rolando Tinio (March 5, 1937 Tondo-July 7, 1997 Manila) also known as Rolando S. Tinio or Rolando Santos Tinio was a Filipino writer, actor and screenwriter. His children are called Antonio Tinio and Victoria Tinio.

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Larry Silva

Larry Silva (October 21, 1937 Manila-April 27, 2004 Manila) also known as Larry 'Pipoy' Silva, Hilarion Silva, Pipoy or Hilarion "Larry" Silva was a Filipino actor.

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