Filipino actors who were born in 1974

Here are 10 famous actors from Philippines were born in 1974:

Chuckie Dreyfus

Chuckie Dreyfus (August 7, 1974 Manila-) also known as Charles Dreyfus, Chuckie, Chuckie Dreyfus, Charles 'Chuckie' Dreyfuss or Chuckie 'Boy' Dreyfuss is a Filipino actor and film score composer. He has two children, Ralph Dreyfuss and Isabella Dreyfuss.

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Diether Ocampo

Diether Ocampo (July 19, 1974 Bacoor-) also known as diether_ocampo, Diether Ocampo Pascual, Diet or Diether Pascual Ocampo is a Filipino singer, model and actor. His child is called Dream Ocampo.

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Paolo Bediones

Paolo Bediones (March 17, 1974 Manila-) a.k.a. Paolo Antonio Barba Bediones is a Filipino entrepreneur, presenter, actor, journalist, radio personality and newscaster.

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RJ Rosales

RJ Rosales (March 24, 1974 Manila-December 4, 2011 Sydney) also known as Roseo José Rosales, Roseo José "RJ" Rosales, Roseo José "RJ" Dagdag Rosales or Roseo José Dagdag Rosales was a Filipino singer and actor.

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Dominic Ochoa

Dominic Ochoa (August 4, 1974 Philippines-) a.k.a. Jose Dominic Madrigal Ochoa or Jose Madrigal Ochoa is a Filipino actor.

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Pooh (December 18, 1974 Catbalogan-) also known as Reynold Garcia, Pooh Garcia or Reynaldo 'Pooh' Garcia is a Filipino comedian, actor, singer, businessperson and impersonator.

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Tado (March 24, 1974 Baybay-February 7, 2014 Bontoc, Mountain Province) a.k.a. Arvin Jimenez, Arvin 'Tado' Jimenez, Tado, "Bigtime" Tado or Tado Jimenez was a Filipino actor. His children are called Leidulataja Jimenez, Katrina May Jimenez, Indi Jimenez and Tila Jimenez.

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DJ Durano

DJ Durano (May 23, 1974 Manila-) also known as Deejay Durano, Dee Jay Durano, Thaddeus Durano Jr. or Deron James Mogol Durano is a Filipino actor, comedian, model, musician, presenter and singer.

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Mansueto Velasco

Mansueto Velasco (January 10, 1974 Bago, Negros Occidental-) also known as Onyok, Mansueto Velasco, Jr., Onyok Velasco or Mansueto "Onyok" Velasco, Jr. is a Filipino actor, professional boxer and comedian.

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Jiggy Manicad

Jiggy Manicad (November 15, 1974 Quezon City-) otherwise known as Rodrigo Jiggy Defeo Manicad Jr. is a Filipino actor, film producer and newscaster.

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