Filipino actors who deceased at age 65

Here are 4 famous actors from Philippines died at 65:

Fernando Poe, Jr.

Fernando Poe, Jr. (August 20, 1939 Manila-December 14, 2004 Quezon City) a.k.a. Da King, Ronwaldo Reyes, Ronnie, FPJ, Panday, Ronald Allan Kelley Poe, D'Lanor, R. Reyes, Ronald Allan Poe, King of Philippine Movies, F.P.J. or Ronald Allan Poe y Kelley was a Filipino politician, actor, film producer, film director and screenwriter. He had three children, Lovi Poe, Ronnian Poe and Grace Poe.

He died caused by stroke.

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Lito Calzado

Lito Calzado (January 20, 1946 Manila-November 11, 2011 Quezon City) also known as Feliciano Dilo Calzado, Feliciano D. Calzado, Lito Calsado, Mang Lito or Feliciano Dilo "Lito" Calzado was a Filipino choreographer, actor, television director and television producer. He had two children, Iza Calzado and Dash Calzado.

He died in liver cancer.

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Roldan Aquino

Roldan Aquino (May 2, 1948 Alabat, Quezon-March 10, 2014 Metro Manila) otherwise known as Rolando Aquino or Rolando Desembrana Aquino was a Filipino actor.

He died in stroke.

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Chiquito (March 12, 1932 Manila-July 2, 1997 Makati) also known as Augusto Valdez Pangan, A.V.P., Augusto V. Pangan, Augusto Pangan, To-Chi-Qui, Papang, Agusto Valdez Pangan Sr. or Augusto Valdez Pangan, Sr. was a Filipino politician, actor, film director, screenwriter and film producer. His children are Medy Valdes, Eliza Pangan, Bukol Pangan, Princess Pangan, Tiny Pangan, Augusto Pangan, Jr. and Archie Pangan.

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