Filipino actors who deceased at age 75

Here are 4 famous actors from Philippines died at 75:

Néstor de Villa

Néstor de Villa (July 6, 1928 Cabanatuan-February 21, 2004 Muntinlupa) also known as Nestor de Villa, Gines Francisco Soriano or Gines was a Filipino actor. His children are Jeric Soriano, Gicky Mariano, Joby Soriano and Karel Soriano.

He died as a result of prostate cancer.

Néstor de Villa began his acting career in the 1950s and appeared in more than 150 movies throughout his career. He was known for playing villainous roles in films such as "Anting-anting" and "Kidlat sa Silangan." Despite his reputation as a versatile character actor, Néstor was also noted for his comedic timing and appeared in several comedy films.

Aside from acting, Néstor de Villa was also a singer and released several albums throughout his career. He was also a member of the Philippine Constabulary and later joined the Philippine Army where he served as a 2nd Lieutenant.

Throughout his life, Néstor de Villa received several awards and recognitions for his contributions to the Philippine entertainment industry. His legacy continues to influence aspiring actors and filmmakers in the Philippines.

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Palito (September 4, 1934 Calamba, Laguna-April 12, 2010 Manila) also known as Reynaldo Alfredo R. Hipolito, Sr., Reynaldo Alfredo Hipolito or Naldo was a Filipino actor and comedian. His children are called Cristy Hipolito, Gerardo Hipolito, Danilo Hipolito and Reynaldo Alfredo Hipolito Jr..

Palito began his career in the entertainment industry as a singer and comedian on a radio show called "Kaming Mga Talyada" in the 1950s. He then moved on to work in several comedy films, TV shows and theater productions. Palito was famous for his quirky demeanor, his signature toothpick and his comedic timing. He starred in several hit movies such as "Tacio,” “Home Along Da Riles,” and “Buddy en Sol." He was often cast as a sidekick or a comic relief in movies and was known for his hilarious punchlines and antics. Later in his career, he also ventured into politics and served as a barangay councilor of Sampaloc, Manila. Palito passed away in 2010 due to lung cancer. His legacy as a king of comedy and a beloved figure in Philippine entertainment still lives on.

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Charlie Davao

Charlie Davao (October 7, 1934 Iloilo City-August 8, 2010 Manila) also known as Charles Dabao, Charles Valdez-Davao, Charlie Danao or Charles Davis was a Filipino actor. He had five children, Bing Davao, Ricky Davao, Mymy Davao, Mylene Davao and Charlon Davao.

He died in colorectal cancer.

Charlie Davao started his acting career in the late 1950s and became one of Philippine cinema's known character actors. He appeared in more than 500 movies, TV shows and stage plays throughout his career. Some of his notable films include "Anak" (2000), "Dekada ‘70" (2002), "Maging Sino Ka Man" (1991) and "Moral" (1982). Apart from acting, he also ventured into directing and producing films.

Aside from his work in the entertainment industry, Charlie Davao was also an advocate for the rights of actors and workers in the film industry. He was actively involved in the Actors' Guild of the Philippines and was a member of the Film Academy of the Philippines.

Charlie Davao's contributions to the Philippine entertainment industry were recognized with numerous awards and accolades. In 2003, he was bestowed the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Film Academy of the Philippines. His legacy continues to inspire aspiring actors and filmmakers in the Philippines.

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Berting Labra

Berting Labra (April 17, 1933 Manila-February 10, 2009 Pateros, Metro Manila) also known as Roberto Labra was a Filipino actor. He had one child, Nanette Labra.

He died caused by emphysema.

Berting Labra was well known for his comedic roles in various Filipino movies. He started his acting career in the 1950s and appeared in over 500 films in his lifetime. Some of his notable movies include "Kaming mga Talyada", "Nakakahiya", and "Bilibid Gays". Labra often played supporting roles and was known for his ability to bring laughter to the audience. Despite being a comedian, he was also respected for his dramatic performances in films such as "Anak ng Bulkan". Apart from acting, Labra was also a successful businessman and owned several businesses in the Philippines. In recognition of his contributions to the entertainment industry, he was awarded a posthumous star in the Eastwood City Walk of Fame in 2009.

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