Filipino actors who deceased in 1978

Here are 3 famous actors from Philippines died in 1978:

Lauro Delgado

Lauro Delgado (December 10, 1932 Bocaue-January 15, 1978 Philippines) was a Filipino actor.

He started his career in the entertainment industry in the 1950s and appeared in various films and television shows. Some of his notable films include "Iginuhit ng Tadhana," "Dambanang Putik," and "Kung Bakit Dugo Ang Kulay ng Gabi." Delgado was also known for his roles in action films and was often cast as a villain. He received numerous awards and nominations including the Best Actor award from the Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences (FAMAS) for his performance in the film "Ganito Kami Noon, Paano Kayo Ngayon?" Delgado was married to actress Daisy Romualdez, and they had two children together. He passed away at the age of 45 due to a heart attack.

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José Padilla, Jr.

José Padilla, Jr. (July 16, 1911 Philippines-June 18, 1978) a.k.a. Pempe Padilla, Jose Padilla or Pempe was a Filipino actor. His children are called Og Padilla, Joena Padilla, Zenaida Padilla, Maria Edith Padilla, Pempe Padilla Jr. and Jovy Padilla.

Padilla initially worked as a radio announcer and newsreader before becoming an actor. He appeared in dozens of films throughout his career, often playing supporting roles. Padilla was known for his versatility as an actor and his ability to portray characters from a wide range of backgrounds and socioeconomic status. He also appeared in several television shows, including the popular series "Gulong ng Palad". Padilla was also a talented writer, and penned several screenplays and television scripts over the course of his career. He passed away in 1978 at the age of 66.

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Pugo (November 27, 2014-November 27, 1978) a.k.a. Mariano Contreras, Mang Nano, original King of Philippine Comedy or Puging was a Filipino actor, comedian and film director.

He appeared in over 80 films during his career, often playing the role of the jester or clown in movies. Despite his success in the film industry, Pugo also had a passion for directing and worked behind the scenes on a number of films. He is considered one of the pioneers of Philippine comedy and inspired many comedians who came after him. Pugo passed away on his 64th birthday due to a heart attack, but his legacy lives on in Philippine cinema.

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