Filipino actors who deceased in 1998

Here are 3 famous actors from Philippines died in 1998:

Leopoldo Salcedo

Leopoldo Salcedo (March 13, 1912 Cavite City-June 11, 1998 Pasig) also known as Pol, The Great Profile of Philippine Movies, Leopoldo Gron Salcedo or The Great Profile was a Filipino actor and film director. His children are called Cecilia Salcedo, Edgardo Salcedo, Cesar Salcedo, Leopoldo Salcedo Jr., Ellen Salcedo and Yvonne Salcedo.

Salcedo began his career in show business in the 1930s and appeared in nearly 300 films throughout his career. He was known for his onscreen versatility, and played a wide range of roles from heroic leads to villainous characters. He was particularly known for his roles in action and adventure films.

In addition to acting, Salcedo also worked as a film director and producer. He directed several films, including "Ang ilaw at ang lupa," which won the Best Picture award at the Manila Film Festival in 1959.

Salcedo was also a skilled athlete and competed in the 1936 Berlin Olympics as a member of the Philippine national basketball team. He was inducted into the Philippine Sports Hall of Fame in 1986.

Throughout his career, Salcedo received numerous awards and accolades for his contributions to Philippine cinema. He passed away in 1998 at the age of 86, leaving behind a legacy as one of the most iconic figures in Filipino entertainment history.

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Pancho Magalona

Pancho Magalona (November 27, 2014 Negros Occidental-April 1, 1998 Philippines) otherwise known as Enrique Gayoso Magalona Jr., Enrique Magalona, Enrique "Pancho" Gayoso Magalona, Jr or Enrique Gayaso Magalona was a Filipino actor. He had nine children, Francis Magalona, Susan M. Contreras, Vicky Magalona, Victor Magalona, Henry Magalona, Popeye "Pye" Magalona, Malot Magalona, Maricar M. Martinez and Martin Magalona.

Pancho Magalona began his acting career in 1946 and quickly became one of the most popular leading men of his time. He appeared in over 100 movies and was known for his romantic roles. In addition to acting, he was also a talented singer and songwriter. He wrote several hit songs, including "Kung Kaya Mo, Kaya Ko Rin" and "Tuloy Pa Rin".

Magalona was also an accomplished athlete, excelling in basketball and boxing. He was a member of the Philippine national basketball team and represented the country in the 1951 Asian Games. Later, he became a boxing promoter and helped organize some of the biggest boxing events in the country.

Magalona's legacy continues to live on through his children, most notably his son Francis Magalona, who became a famous rapper, songwriter, and producer. Francis, who passed away in 2009, is often credited with popularizing rap music in the Philippines. Pancho Magalona's contributions to Philippine entertainment and sports continue to be celebrated to this day.

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Babalu (June 29, 1942 Sampaloc, Manila-August 27, 1998 Manila) also known as Pablito Sarmiento, Jr., Pablito Sarmiento, Don Robert "Mang Berto/Babsy" Makunatan or Richy was a Filipino actor and comedian.

Babalu was known for his comedic performances in Philippine cinema and TV during the 1980s and 1990s. He started his acting career in the 1960s, and his big break came in the 1980s when he starred in the TV series "Iskul Bukol." He also appeared in a number of films with comedy legends Dolphy and Panchito, making him one of the most sought-after comedians of his time. Babalu was also a talented singer and released several albums throughout his career. Despite battling health issues towards the end of his life, Babalu continued to work in the entertainment industry until his passing in 1998.

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